Weird Side Effects from Herbalife

I am experiencing weird side effects from Herbalife. This is my 5th week taking the QuickStart and I also did the internal cleansing. My face broke out with a lot of pimples. I have never had issues with my skin before. I still have pimples but they seem to be clearing up slowly.

This week I started the Total Control and Cell-U-Loss. I feel nauseous, bloated stomach, loss of appetite and pain in my right side by my kidney and very dry mouth, very thirsty. Is this normal or is my body rejecting the Cell-U-Loss and Total Control.

Please Help

ShapeWorks QuickStart weight loss programFirst a little about the Quickstart weight loss program for those that don't know. QuickStart is the basic ShapeWorks weight loss program and consists of F1 Nutritional Shake Mix, F2 Multivitamin Complex, F3 Cell Activator and the Herbal Tea Concentrate.

The premise of the ShapeWorks programs is to supply you with high grade nutrition, protein, low calories and low fat meals. While not a calorie restricted diet the concept is to provide healthy meals that are lower than your normal caloric intake.

The high nutrition and high protein gives your body the fuel it needs to rebuild, replace, rejuevenate and/or repair your cells from the inside out. As a result your body should start to burn fat as fuel and use the improved nutrition and protein to rebuild, repair or rejuevenate weak, old or damaged cells.

This in turn boosts your bodies efficiency in utilizing the food you feed it. Thereby allowing you to reduce portion size for the same energy needs your body needs to function properly.

ShapeWorks Advanced weight loss program.The ShapeWorks Advanced weight loss program consists of all the products in the QuickStart program plus the addition of Cell-U-Loss and Total Control an appetite suppressor. Cell-U-Loss is a targeted herbal supplement designed to help you shed excess fluids and removal of cellulite.

Total Control is a green tea based supplement with enhancing herbs. Green tea is well known for it's thermogenic (fat burning) properties. The idea behind Total Control is to boost metabolism and energy levels while curbing appetite.

ShapeWorks Ultimate - weight loss programThe Herbalife ShapeWorks Ultimate weight loss program consists of all the products in the Advanced program plus the addition of Snack Defense and a variety of high protein snacks. The Ultimate program is our top of the line program. It includes everything you need to get the best results.

If these weight loss programs are so great why do some people have weird side effects from Herbalife ShapeWorks?

As mentioned above the ShapeWorks programs are designed to rebuild, repair and/or rejuevenate your cells. When this happens your cells release any pollutants, irritants or toxins they may have stored back into your bloodstream. These molecules need to be circulated through the kidneys and liver for elimination. This explains the sore kidney.

It also explains the other symptoms you are experiencing. Actually these symptoms are normal for some new dieters. The more pollutants you have to release back into the blood stream the more severe the weird side effects from Herbalife you may experience. Even the dry mouth, bloating and nausea are common for new dieters.

Another way to release toxins from the body is through the skin. Your skin is the biggest organ in the body so it can store a lot of irritants. When you cleanse the body, toxins and irritants are released through the skin. These irritants are what is causing your breakouts.

Cell-U-Loss for excess fluid control.Your body will target the most needed areas for reconstruction. The skin being the biggest organ is affected the most. Most body fat is stored near the skin. It makes sense that breakouts can occur while dieting even if you have not had problems in the past. Cell-U-Loss is designed to help remove excess fluids from the body and reduce the dimpled look from cellulite.

And now the good news. Once all the pollutants, irritants and toxins are removed from your body the healthier you will be. It takes a couple of weeks to purge all the toxins, irritants and pollutants. In the mean time these weird side effects should dissipate in a short time. And then you will feel even better than before.

Once the symptoms pass your body will continue to rebuild, replace or repair your cells with healthier more vital cells. The result of that is a greater feeling of well being, quicker weight loss and more energy.

Herbalife Total Control
More good news is that your body is probably not reacting adversely to Cell-U-Loss and Total Control. I might even go so far as to say your body is reacting positively. These symptoms indicate a healing process that can only be achieved through improved nutrition.

More than likely the Total Control and Cell-U-Loss are helping rather than causing the weird side effects from Herbalife. I can say for sure that the loss of appetite may be a direct result of the Total control, it does have appetite suppressing properties.

As the great philosopher once said "everything in moderation even moderation itself." For dieters that means don't try to do everything all at once. If you feel something that is supposed to be helping really isn't then reduce the portions but don't stop taking them completely.

Hope this helps


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