3 Weight Loss Challenges Starting Consistency Getting Results

Weight loss challenges often can result in the failure of a diet to produce results. But by knowing what you face and how to counteract these challenges you have a much better chance of succeeding with your weight loss program.

What weight loss challenges are you facing in your diet plan? Here are three most challenging aspects to losing weight.

  • Getting started
  • Sticking to the program
  • Identifying problem areas.

Getting Started

It may seem that starting a weight loss program is easy, just eat less, right? That approach most often fails and sometimes leads to a weight gain. The body requires a certain amount of fuel just to stay alive. That means there is a minimum required daily caloric intake. Usually between 1200 and 2000 calories.

If you consume less calories than your body requires your body can go into starvation mode. That is when the stomach sends hunger signals to the brain all the time. Causing you to desire more food. So not consuming enough calories isn't the right way to start your weight loss program. Satisfying hunger is.

Another popular method for starting a weight loss plan is to count calories. If you consume less calories than you burn you'll lose weight, right? Of course you will, that's the idea. The hard part is keeping track of what you eat and how many calories you consume.

Imagine that you record everything you eat for 3 weeks only to find you haven't lost any weight. Somehow all that information just isn't getting results. So counting calories while helpful doesn't achieve anything other than a notebook full of not so usefull information.

Weight loss couple Eventually you can get discouraged and stop recording your food and caloric intake. It takes a very strong will to make this method succeed. You also spend a lot of time researching and recording the information.

So the best way to start a weight loss program is by setting a goal. Making the commitment to yourself to lose weight goes a long way to achieving results. Your goal should be something attainable like "I want to lose 10 pounds a month untill I achieve a 30 pound weight loss".

You can see that this goal does 2 things. First it sets a desired weight loss and second it sets a time frame. Which brings us to the second challenge in your weight loss program.

Sticking to the program weight loss challenges

Sometimes you start a weight loss program and everything is great for the first week or two. You may lose 10 pounds real quick but it is coming back. What happened? You think I was doing really well and then no weight loss.

What happens is your metabolism at first changes, then your body becomes acclimated to the new metabolism. If you are only using a scale to measure your weight loss, then you are missing the best part. You also need to track your inch loss too. After all the idea of losing weight is to become a smaller you. So, here's what you need to do, record your inch loss as well as your weight loss.

By recording inch loss you get a better idea of how well your program is working. So try keep a record of that too. Go ahead and download this chart to help you keep track. Personel Progress Chart. Personel Progress Chart (opens a pdf)

This is a good place to write down your goal too. Take this chart and put it up somewhere that you can see it everyday. Weigh and measure yourself every 3 to 7 days. This will help you stay on track and let you know when you reach your goal. Which leads us to the third most challenging aspect of weight loss.

Identifying problem areas, weight loss challenges

Win the challenge Along the way you may wonder if you are losing weight fast enough or not. If you find yourself losing only 1 or 2 pounds a week then your goal will take a lot longer than expected. You want to lose between 3 and 5 pounds per week to permenantly lose the weight.

You want to analyze where you can improve your diet. For instance let's say you have a sweet tooth that demands attention. Or you can't pass up a greasy cheeseburger. Then what? Once you pinpoint the problem area, you can do something about it.

In the case of snacking you can eat healthier protein snacks and satisfy the sweet tooth at the same time. In the case of the greasy cheeseburger you can take a fiber tablet with it to reduce the absorption of fat. To get more ideas on solutions to problem areas take a look at these Herbal Enhancers.

Now you know what weight loss challenges you are facing. Go ahead and download this ebook for more information on how to succeed in your weight loss challenges.

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