Tea mix and Shake

by Victor Stephens

Tea mix and shake - Can one drink tea mix immediately after consuming the (Herbalife Nutritional) Shake?

I read in one of the distributors blog that you should not drink the tea mix immediately after taking the Shake. If you do so, some of the nutrition in the shake will be washed away. Is this true? Presently, I am taking the mix before and after the shake.
I am on my second day.

Regards, Victor Stephens


Herbal Tea ConcentrateVictor thanks for asking. I have never heard that taking the Herbal Tea mix and shake together would wash away nutrients. And I've been an Herbalife distributor for 5 years.

I have seen many shake recipes that mix the tea with the nutritional shake mix.

It doesn't make sense that the Herbal Concentrate Tea would 'wash away' any nutrients. As a matter of fact, many distributors recommend using the tea mix and shake together as an effective way to get the nutrition you need and boost metabolism at the same time.

The tea has the added benefits of powerful antioxidants, which neutralize free radicals. And is well known for it's thermogenic (fat burning) properties.

Here in the States we have a product called Total Control. (TC) This dietary supplement is recommended in combination with the regular weight loss program. TC is a green tea with herbs tablet designed to increase metabolism, boost energy and burn fat.

Green tea is the main ingredient in TC and the Herbal Tea Concentrate, but not the only one. Also included in the tea mix are orange-pekoe and black tea (other beneficial teas).

I would say go ahead and use the tea mix and shake together as a more effective weight loss tool. If anything you should actually absorb more of the nutrients from the combination.

Here's why, an increased metabolism helps you burn more calories. Increased metabolism means your body requires more than normal fuel to burn. This means the digestive tract needs to absorb more nutrients.

With a lower than normal metabolism the body tends to pass more nutrients on the colon for elimination. As I said the combination of the tea mix and shake together should increase your fat burning capability and increase nutrient absorption.

If you really want to stoke up the fat burning furnace you could add the Herbal Aloe Concentrate to your shakes.

Check out this recipe that combines the tea mix and shakes with the aloe drink. It is called LaBomba diet. Recommended for jump starting a weight loss program.

LaBomba - Lose 5-9 pounds 3 days

Hope this helps


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does we need to drnk water double the tea mix
by: Anonymous

hey , i am nadia and this is my second day . is it true that we have to take plain water double the tea mix bcos i taught that the tea mix has replace the function of plain water so i take 8 liter of tea mix everyday. does my way of taking the product is correct?
Nadia, thanks for asking. The instructions on the container say to mix 1/2 teaspoon with 8oz of water hot or cold. That is about the size of a normal coffee cup.

Herbal concentrate Tea MixThe Herbal Tea mix does not replace your normal water consumption per day. My recommendation is to have no more than 3 cups of the tea per day in addition to your normal water intake.

The principal behind the tea mix is to boost your metabolism to help you burn fat as energy. Drinking excessive amounts of the tea will probably make you hyper.

If you become hyper for too long you may use too much of your natural energy reserves and become exhausted. This is opposite of what the tea is intended for. The effects of the tea last about 4 hours, so 3 cups a day is about right.

You do not need to increase your intake of the tea in hopes of increasing its effects. The tea usually for most people gives you a sense of well being and boosts energy levels.

The energy boost works by stimulating your resting metabolic rate. When this happens the body tends to burn excess fat as fuel instead of using its normal energy reserves. In this way the Herbal Tea Mix is an excellent choice for those people wanting to lose weight.

Hope this helps


Thanks to Tim
by: Victor

Tim, that was most wonderful. You have given me a very clear understanding of the tea-mix. That was most kind of you.

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