Reduce Weight By Using Herbalife Products

by Neelam
(Delhi, India)

Can I Reduce Weight By Using Herbalife Products?

I am over weight by 15-18kgs. I am advised to used Aloe plus (2 times), Upfresh Tea (in morning), Shake (Formula 1)-2 times a day, Cell u Loss (3 times a day) & Activated Fiber (3 times a day).

I am using these products since Nov. 17, 2010, but not getting any effect of all the products. I take lunch in afternoon as 2chapatis, 1 bowl rice, vegetable, Dal & Curd. At night I generally take shake. Pls. advise should I continue the above program or should I need to change any schedule.


Neelam, no not yet, it is too early. Getting close but changing now might not work. There are other factors to look at like inch loss.

Did you check for inch loss? That is where you lose inches instead of pounds. Many new dieters start off this way losing size first then kgs later. They wonder when they are going to start to lose weight. Not seeing the results they expect but not looking for the unexpected inch loss.

It often happens that when starting a new diet people lose size before they lose weight. This happens because the body is rebuilding tissue equal to the amount of fat being burned. When this happens you don't lose weight right away you lose size.

Did you weigh and measure yourself before starting your diet? If not do it now. Here is a personal progress weight loss chart you can use to record these measurements

Personal Progress Chart
Benefits of drinking enough water.

Water is the best weight loss product on the market. Studies show that an increase in water intake can result in weight loss. Water intake is very important to weight loss especially for new dieters. Water is so important... see this article on


Cellulite - The Natural CureLet nature in: millions of dollars are spent each year on liposuction. Instead of expensive surgery let nature take it's course with plenty of fluid, proper nutrition and proven cellulite fighting techniques.

Cellulite - The Natural Cure explains in detail how to lose cellulite permenantly. Once you start this program you will see:

  • Your thighs and butt getting smoother.

  • Your skin looking younger and more toned.

  • Your cellulite is dramatically reduced in just 8 weeks.

Learn more about The Natural Cure for Cellulite

Hope this helps

Reduce Weight By Using Herbalife Products.

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