Nutrient Absorption and Weight Loss

Why is nutrient absorption important to your weight loss program? In plain words, you get more out your food and require less of it. Think of it like this, your digestive system is like a filter.

As food passes through your digestive system the nutrients are absorbed and the waste is filtered out.

When a filter gets backed up it will retain more waste and provide less efficiency to the whole system. Your digestive system acts much the same way. When it gets clogged up you know it in oh so many ways.

Improve nutrient absorption You may experience a number of maladies including bloating, gas, irritable bowel syndrome, indigestion, heartburn and even exhaustion.

To get the most out of a filtration system you need to clean or replace the filter at certain intervals. When you get an oil change for your car your mechanic always changes the oil filter too. And what a gunky mess that is. Unfortunately you can't just change your filter to improve nutrient absorption.

There are ways to improve your nutrient absorption that do not require a surgeon to replace your colon, intestines, kidneys or liver. This is extremely important to dieters because you want to get more effect from the foods you do eat. Dieting isn't about eating less it's about burning more calories than you consume. So you want to get the most out of your food.

AM/PM 21 day herbal cleansing programIf you are just starting a weight loss program you should consider an internal cleansing program. My favorite jump starter is the Herbalife has just such a program. It's called AM/PM 21 Day Herbal Cleansing program. In that program you take 2 herbal supplements in the morning and 2 at bedtime.

The AM Replenishing formula helps restore a balanced colon environment by supplying "friendly bacteria" and health enhancing "probiotic" factors including beet, apple and lemon pectin, lactobacillus sporogenes and an exclusive blend of herbs. This combination helps rebuild, restore and revitalize your digestive system.

The PM Cleansing formula helps promote the body's natural cleansing action by supplying a synergistic blend of natural herbs and botanically based enzymes. It can also support better nutrient absorption for improved health and weight management.

Internal cleansing is only half the battle to winning the war against poor digestive health. A serious weight loss program means enhanced nutrient absorption. How do you do this? Certain herbs, fruits, vegetables and minerals tend to promote cellular activity. In combination they interact to increase their effectiveness and promote weight loss.

improves nutrient absorption.Wouldn't you know it Herbalife has put together an all natural herbal enhancer that does just that. It is called "Cell Activator." To ensure you have the energy you need your body has its own little powerhouses called mitochondria. Through a series of biochemical processes known as the Krebs Cycle the mitochondria create energy stores in the form of ATP. Your body then draws on the ATP for energy day and night as needed.

That means that improved nutrient absoprtion will increase your energy and decrease your desire to overeat. It also means less food can be more efficiently utilized. Side effects of internal cleansing include better overall health and well being as well as improved regularity and less occurance of the maladies mentioned above.

In summary, nutrient absorption is effective in a weight loss program because you get more nutrition from the food you eat. Internal cleansing improves nutrient absorption by removing toxins and waste from your digestive system. Improved nutrition results in greater cellular activity so you get more energy from less food. More energy from less food means you will burn more calories quicker and thus lose weight.

To jump start your weight loss program and imporve your digestive health try:

Hope this helps

Tim Koen

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