Menstrual Cycle and Herbalife

by Blanca

Menstrual Cycle and Herbalife.
I have been taking the Herbalife protein shake and wanted to know if this has any side effects that deal with menstrual cycles. Can it delay a period?

Blanca, sorry to say the nutritional protein shakes by themselves would not delay your period. The shake mix is made up of protein, vitamins and minerals.

Herbalife ShapeWorks Formula 1 - Nutritional Shake MixThe ShapeWorks Nutritional shake Mix is designed to give you the nutrition you need to lose weight safely. If there were a cautionary notice about women's health it would be included on this label. View product label

Herbalife does have some products that are not recommended for pregnant or lactating women. These warnings are clearly stated on the nutrition labels of these specific products.

Herbalife as a leader in the science of nutrition offers the highest quality dietary supplements on the market today.

Tang Kuei PlusHerbalife has a department on the UCLA campus called the Cellular and Molecular research facility. This is where products are tested for effectiveness and safety.

Certainly if there were any connection between the menstrual cycle and Herbalife it would be known.

I researched comments and testimonials on the Web to see if there was any information available or negative side effects associated with the menstrual cycle and Herbalife. Mostly the comments were positive claiming that Herbalife products were a big help specifically the Shake Mix and the Tang Kuei Plus.

Herbalife has developed a supplement just for premenstrual and menstrual cycle problems called Tang Kuei Plus

Tang Kuei contains the chinese herb known as dong quai plus enhancing herbs. Dong Quai has been known to help regulate the female menstrual cycle.

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Comments for Menstrual Cycle and Herbalife

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Herbalife and No period!!
by: Anonymous

Tang Kuei PlusI have been on Herbalife for about 7 weeks now. I have not had a steady period this month. I normally have a period for 5-7 days. I have the bloat, cramps and have spotted off and on a few times but not a regular normal flow...Is this normal? Has anyone else experienced this..?? Should I stop the product? I only take the tea, aloe, formula 1 shake powder & cell u loss. Please advise.
Dear anonymous the decision is yours. But, yes this symptom has been reported by others. I can't say if it is normal or not, because I am not a doctor. It would be wise to consult your personal physician.

You may be interested in one of Herbalife woman's solutions called Tang Kuei Plus. TKP is a herbal blend of tang kuei root and passionflower to help ease discomfort from PMS and support the female reproductive system.

Hope this helps


mentrual cycle and Herbalife
by: Anonymous

Does Herbalife help in controlling menstrual flow and pain that occurs during menses and also which one product from herbal life do you recommend for menses?

Tang Kuei Plus
Anonymous, thanks for asking. Herbalife does have three products for women's health during PMS, menstrual period and the transition to menopause.

While these products do not help controlling flow they are intended to help relieve symptoms like pain, cramps, hot flashes and anxiety.

Each one is formulated with herbs specifically known to help with smoothing PMS, the menstrual cycle and menopause. They are.
1. Tang Kuei Plus
2. Triple Berry Complex
3. Woman's Choice

To see a synopsis of each product click on this link women's health.

Hope this helps


Menstrual Cycle and Herbalife
by: Carol

I was taking Herbalife 9 months ago (then stopped) and hadn't had a period in almost a year. I'm now 47. After 1 month of taking Herbalife (again) I had a period. I stopped taking Herbalife after 2 months and my period stopped again. I hadn't had another one until I started taking Herbalife again after 6 months with no period. I got up this morning and there it was again and after 1 month of taking Herbalife again. Is this a bad thing to happen?
Carol, thanks for your input. Unfortunately I am not qualified as a medical physician and cannot say whether it is good for you or not. You can though, it is your body!

It sounds like a good thing to me. One of the premises of healthy nutrition is that your body functions better than before. I can speculate that you may have had a nutrient deficiency that Herbalife is now satisfying.

It makes sense that protein consumption makes a difference. Since protein is one of the building blocks of life it must also be influential in the menstrual cycle as well. Herbalife contains only high quality protein, vitamins and nutrients. I think your body is acknowledging this and reacting positively to it.

Hope this helps


Herbalife and menstral cycle
by: Anonymous

I too am taking herbalife. The vitamins, shakes and prosella and my period is late as well. You dont find this weird? I thought last week I was due to get it. My breast got tender, I had heart burn and was bloated and moody. But still no period. And now I have been getting shooting pains in my breast.
I have to recommend you stop using Herbalife products.

I do not know why this happens with some women but it does. It seems the altered body chemistry during these periods maybe affected by the Herbalife products.

For more information on this you can call Herbalife International and get their professional advice. The number is toll free: 1-(866)617-4273

When calling press option 2 (order information) and ask about getting more information on the products you are using. Herbalife has gone way ahead most companies in providing information to those that ask.

Hope this helps


weight loss
by: getting started

my youngest sister suggested that i try the herbalife protein shakes because she has had sucess in losing weight. i have reached my 1 month mile stone and have lost 15 lbs. i don't know if that is the common or not. i ususally do two meal replacment and eat one meal without starving myself. I found out that since everyone is made up differently , i do eat something every day if i am hungry, such as small salad/ vegetable/popcorn. you have to find out what's best for you. i am hoping to continue to use the product until my reach my goal

It's true
by: Anonymous

I was just taking the shake and the tea, then because I was not feeling very well with the shake ( I would get dizzy a lot, and please tell me that it doesn't have anything to do, it all started when I started with the shake) I decided I should only take the tea. So I took it for around 5 months and in those 5 months I didn't got my period, heck I am irregular but not that irregular. Coincidence? Heck no. I stopped taking the tea and I got my period a couple of days later.

anonymous, thanks for your input.

Menstrual Cycle and Herbalife
by: Anonymous

My cycle is late as well. After taking pills Formula 2 & 3.

Herballife and menstrual cycle
by: Anonymous

Yes herbal life does delay the menstrual cycle! The moment u stop the pills its ok!
Anonymous, thanks for your input. However it would be nice if you could be more specific. Your statement is a little hard to believe.

We would like to know which supplements you were using and why you think stopping them helped. I could then make more precise recommendation for other visitors.

Until then my best advice is to read the nutrition labels before you purchase any Herbalife products. If you are really concerned consult your doctor first.

Hope this helps


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