Herbalife Business Startup Plan for 2011

Herbalife Business Startup, Plan for 2011

The Herbalife business startup plan this new year will be the development of a new business model here at Herbal Nutrition Solutions. This year we will put more focus on helping Herbalife Independent Distributors with there online business efforts.

The  upcoming Herbalife business startup plan For over 4 years I have worked on developing my own websites. Through a product called Site Build It! (SBI). I was happily moving along when changes began to refocus the direction with the website. Because of this I was forced to develop new skills and talents to rescue my site from almost sure extinction.

The biggest change was that Herbalife (HBL) decided that all online pricing information must be password protected. To enforce this rule Distributors had only about one month to read and comply or risk losing their distributorships.

Site Build It to build your brand of one.

Without compliance by the end of the allotted time distributors would be suspended until compliance was met. If suspended you had approximately 2 weeks to respond or lose your distributorship forever. This change has resulted in many online distributors privledges to be revoked permenently.

Another huge change that happened in 2010 was a completely new method of website development by SBI! This change was huge and served to improve all the SBI online businesses. Upgrading this website to the new methods have resulted in astounding increases in website traffic and revenue. Thank You SBI!

Between these two changes Herbal Nutrition Solutions has continued to grow. Along the way I learned all about building an HBL website that works. Because the new pricing rules affected me so strongly I was virtually forced to develop a new compliant method of selling Herbalife products on the Internet.

These new talents include password protecting pricing info, developing a FREE shopping cart (to make sales) and creating better customer relations techniques. Not to mention building a better website, that really works.

For 2011 I plan to pass that knowledge along to my fellow Herbalife Distibutor friends. Do you wish to learn how to develop an online business? I have developed many websites and know exactly what you need to have in a website that is compliant with HBL's new Rules & Regulations.

My Herbalife business startup plan for 2011 is to develop custom websites for my Herbalife Distributor friends. I won't kid you there is a lot to know and it takes some time.

As the saying goes "A journey of a thousand miles starts with the first step." Get started now, read my free report "MLM Secrets to Success." Then follow through developing your own Herbalife business startup plan.

Herbalife Business Startup
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The upcoming Herbalife business startup plan for 2010 will show you how to build an Internet based online Herbalife business. During 2008 Herbal Nutrition Solutions (HNS) grew from a small, part time business into a full time online operation. This year we focus on how we did it and pass that along to you.

Through many developments and advancements, HNS was transformed into a successful Internet based business. Along the way many online marketing techniques tips and tools were used, evaluated and either adopted or discarded. The results have been phenominal, as you can see.

All this developmental work has resulted in a system that we feel is the best approach for any new online Herbalife business startup plan. Herbalife is an excellent choice for a home based business opportunity for many reasons. Especially because of the global opportunity, quality product and multiple business models to choose from. See Herbalife-Distributor for more information.

Site Build It to build your brand of one.

Online business is dependent upon attracting targeted visitors who use the internet for finding products or services. The most obvious way to attract pre-sold, willing to buy internet searchers to your online business is to have a high ranking in the search engines.

The best way to do this is with a personal, unique website (not rented) with great information, reasonable prices and most of all credibility. With the right approach and the best website tools, high search engine rankings are easily obtainable.

High search engine rankings for can result in significant traffic to your website and increased sales. This is simply not possible with a membership (or rented) website, without expensive paid for advertizing and old fashioned marketing strategies.

You simply must have your own unique website and the right marketing strategies to compete in today's market. Their is no way a membership (or rented) website can out-do a personal well built website. Believe me, you need one of your own making.

Site Build It to grow your businessIn 2008 we quietly developed a sister website to introduce new business startups to the world of online business. Best-Website-Tools.com (BWT) was created specifically to bring you the tips, tools and techniques we used to make HNS a successful Internet business.

Together HNS and BWT in 2009 is an exceptional resource for Herbalife Independent Distributors (or any online business startup for that matter). Look for the upcoming Herbalife Business Startup plan for 2009. Containing the information you need to build your online business, without spending an arm and a leg for advertizing, marketing material, product information or traditional marketing.

The techniques we developed are based around low cost and free Internet technologies that just cannot be matched in traditional network marketing. Specifically we'll show you how to build a personal, unique online Herbalife business, and what you need to include in your online business to succeed. Such as:

  1. The right website building tools, tips and techniques
  2. Online business techniques and strategies that you need to master
  3. Search engine optimization for high search engine rankings
  4. Marketing strategies that work and are free or low cost
  5. Necessary webpages to include in your website (e.g. privacy, policy, contact us and about me pages, etc.)

The Herbalife Business Startup plan shows you how to start, grow and expand your online business. These techniques can be used by any small business, but since HNS is a Herbalife business we will focus around that business opportunity.

The main philosophy of this business model is, building a website. You will learn how to build your own website and why this is the key to success on the Internet.

Herbal Nutrition is for Everyone

Tim Koen

Get started today, how to build a website that works... Site Build It

Update May 2010. With the new pricing information rules set forth by Herbalife Herbal Nutrition Solutions (HNS) had to make changes. Because the new rules specify that pricing info must be password protected new techniques were employed.

The results have been phenominal. Because Herbalife requires that prior contact be made before prices can be discussed HNS implemented a pricing info contact form.

Since implementing this strategy HNS has made at least one new pre-qualified contact everyday. Now I get to respond to new customers or prospective distributors everyday. No other technique has worked so well. And I have tried many. With this one technique I have grown my business like never before. :-) Now you can too...

Herbalife Business Startup Tools
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