herbalife and side effect

by mike
(kota belud, sabah, malaysia)

Is there any side effect of taking the Herbalife product?
Herbalife and side effects
Herbalife has over 200 or so products. I will have to narrow it down to just one area. Let's go with the weight loss programs.

Herbalife ShapeWorks programs are designed for the individual. Everyone gains and loses weight in a unique fashion. So personalizing the program is the key to success. That means different products work differently for different people.

The core product is called "Formula 1 nutritional shake mix." F1 is a protein based shake mix designed to be used as a meal replacement. The programs also include herbal supplements and vitamins to target specific weight loss needs. Such as increasing metabolism, burning fat, eliminating fluid retention and building energy.

For instance Cell Activator includes a blend of select botanicals and herbs to support cellular activity and enhance nutrient absorption. Krebs Cycle Intermediates helps your cells generate ATP to provide the energy the body needs. Amino acids play a vital role in metabolism. The gist here is that boosting your metabolism and building energy are important to burning fat.

Okay, getting back on topic there may be side effects associated with certain ingredients in Herbalife products. Fortunately the USDA requires any such warnings be included on the product label. You should always inspect the product label for any over the counter weight loss supplement.

Here is a notice on the Herbal Concentrate green tea mix by Herbalife.

Notice: Anyone, especially children and pregnant or lactating women should consult a physician before considering any weight control program.

Herbalife Physicians Reference ManualWhere ever possible I have included the product labels on the webpages. But that is not all I've done. I also own 2 great books the "Herbal Products Reference Guide" and Herbalife's Physicians Reference Guide. Most of the medicinal information in this website comes from these 2 books.

While it would not be possible to describe every side effect from Herbalife products there are 2 very important ones that I can mention.
  1. Caffeine - some products contain caffeine as a metabolism booster. If you are allergic to caffeine you will not want to consume those products.

  2. Protein - some people are allergic to concentrated protein. The body has protein in every single cell so this doesn't make sense. The problem occurs when too much protein upsets the balance in the bodies ability to process protein.

On a positive note, while Herbalife can't guarantee you will lose weight with their products that is the most desired side effect. So as long as you don't have any medical restrictions in your diet then Herbalife products will work fine for you.

But wait there's more. Other side effects include more energy, boosted metabolism and fat loss. I can personally endorse the Herbalife products. But, it is important to know that Herbalife has a "Nutrition and Science Advisory Board" comprised of leading nutrition physicians including one Nobel Laureate. So rest assured that Herbalife products are scientifically formulated to produce desired side effects while posting warnings about any ill side effects as required.

As I said above most of the product pages in this website have a link to the nutrition label. If there are any ill effects there should be a warning on the label.

Herbalife Inc. has a team of professionals that are dedicated to following up on medical related questions. Feel free to contact them at 1-866-617-4273.

Feel free to ask more questions about Herbal Nutrition in the form below.

Tim Koen


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Total Control
by: Anonymous

I do not eat gluten or dairy due to intolerance. I purchased Total Control but then saw it has wheat in it. Do you know the levels and how severely this could effect someone? I would really like to try it.
Anonymous, sorry to say you should NOT try Total Control. I do not know the exact level of wheat included in Total Control. However I can tell you why the warning is printed on the label.

The USFDA requires food manufacturers to list any significant amounts of ingredients on nutrition labels. I think this means any ingredient that is 1% or more of 1 serving. And labels must include 'other' ingredients that are 1% down to 0.1% but not the exact amount.

With Total Control the warning "Contains Soy and Wheat" is on the nutrition label to identify those 2 ingredients that may be insignificant amounts (less than 1%) but may be significant for people who are intolerant to them.

Herbalife is very concerned about the quality of their products. The 'soy and wheat' warning is relatively new, and is probably a very insignificant amount except for those who are intolerant to them.

Herbal Tea Concentrate
You may be interested in the Herbal Tea Concentrate as an alternative. As with Total Control the active ingredient is green tea.

Green tea has been used for centuries as a weight loss tool. It has thermogenic properties. Meaning it boosts metabolism to help you burn more calories even while resting.

Hope this helps


Lightheaded, dizzy, & weak
by: Anonymous

Hi Tim. I just started drinking the Herbalife Allergen-Free Formula 1 Healthy Meal vanilla shake mix. I drink it at breakfast and lunch with either added fruit or a little peanut butter & a banana. I mix it with Almond milk. I snack on organic fruit/veggies during the day if I feel hungry. I eat a regular, healthy meal for dinner.
Soon after my first shake yesterday morning I felt lightheaded, dizzy, & weak all day long. Today I am experiencing the same symptoms. Its weird because the symptoms are the same as if I were hungry, but I'm not hungry. I'm actually very full from the shakes. Do you have any suggestions? Thanks Tim, I appreciate your help.
Anonymous yes those are common side effects for some new dieters. Recommend that you cut down to one shake a day for the next week. After that go back to 2 shakes a day.

What may be happening is your body recognizes the improved nutrition and is adjusting to it. You may have a nutrient or vitamin deficiency that is suddenly being fulfilled. Once that is satisfied you shouldn't experience those symptoms any more.

While these symptoms don't feel good they should pass pretty quickly. This reaction is not as bad as it first seems because in the long run you should feel even better than before.

The Allergen Free Formula 1 shake mix is for people with food allergies. It is Gluten, Dairy and Soy free.

Hope this helps


by: SRI

hi iam twenty three years old i had married before four months now iam pregnant its eight week ,now iam using your product herbalife afresh nearly three days but its not for use by pregnant women so I had any problem.
SRI, the reason Afresh isn't recommended for pregnant women is because of the caffeine content.

The problem is while your baby may adjust to the caffeine while in the womb it probably will have caffeine withdrawals after it is born. This can lead to a very colicky baby (cries a lot).

Doctors recommend pregnant woman lay off caffeine, alcohol, drugs and tobacco so their babies aren't addicted to these substances when born.

Hope this helps


TC Formula
by: Anonymous

Hi Tim,
I just bought the TC Formula and ate 2 pills but i had severe headaches. Has anybody complained of this and should i stop? I am also taking F1 & F3 plus Aloe & Herbal Tea for 2 months with no weight loss. Pls advise, TIA...
Anonymous, by TC Formula I am assuming you mean 'Total Control'. TC is a metabolism booster and appetite suppressor. It contains caffeine about 82mg per tablet.

Your headaches may be a reaction to the caffeine. If you are not used to caffeine then cut portion size in half to start with. Portion size is recommended to be 1 tablet, not 2. Try taking 1/2 tablet at a time for a week then a whole tablet after that.

No weight loss after 2 months is not that unusual for some people. All it means is that your metabolism has adjusted to your current diet. Changing your diet should jump start the weight loss process again. See this page for ideas, Weight Loss Plateaus

Hope this helps


TC Formula and high blood pressure
by: Meor

Hi. Just bought a bottle of TC formula. Recomended by a friend to boost weight loss. Currently taking F1 & F3 regularly for 3 months. I'm a high blood pressure individual. There's a notice for blood pressure individual to seek physician's advice before consuming. Is it safe for me?
Meor, It is wise your physician before taking Total Control.

The nutrition label does say this product is not recommended for those with high blood pressure. And does recommend that you consult your doctor first.

TC is designed to boost your energy levels with green tea and herbs. It does contain about 82mg of caffeine or about as much in 1 cup of coffee.

Hope this helps


by: Anonymous

One of the products I am currently using is cellulose and I noticed the increase in having to urinate. My question is, Is it normal to have to urinate like every 45 minutes to a hour throughout the day? I've also stopped taking them for 2 weeks now and I haven't seen a decrease in urination. Is there a way in which I can decrease this effect?
Cell-U-Loss product pageAnonymous, sounds like the product is working as expected. You see Cellulose is a diuretic. Which means it releases excess fluid build up from the body.

Cellulose contains herbs that naturally release excess fluid from cells in your body. Having to pee a lot is actually a good sign, it means you are eliminating excess fluid retention.

However, it could be a bad sign especially for men. It could mean an enlarged prostate is squeezing your bladder. If this is the case you should consult a physician.

If you do not think this is the case then discontinuing the product should stop the excessive urination in time. On the other hand discontinuing the product will also stop relieving excess fluid retention.

Cell-U-Loss is part of the Herbalife weight loss program. Its purpose is to target areas of cellulite build up. It also has the effect of releasing excess fluid build up.

Hope this helps


Sprinter and feeling tired
by: Anonymous

Hi I am a for a Division One 400 meter dash runner the U of M and I just started using Herbalife 24. I've been taking it on a daily basis for awhile, but yesterday I didnt take any of the products, and I was feeling incredibly tired. Is that a withdraw from not taking Herbalife 24? Another question is that I just want to double check to see if Herbalife 24 is made for a sprinter? I run the 200m and 400m. How does it help me become a faster sprinter?
Herbalife24 Sports Nutrition for AthletesAnonymous, Go Blue! As you know being an athlete at your level is a 24 hour a day, seven day a week lifestyle. When you take a day off your body will notice. Herbalife24 products basically supply you with nutrition and energy to perform. When you slow down the effect is more dramatic than for non-athletes.

Being really tired is not necessarily a withdrawl from the product but more likely is due to a lower metabolic rate. When you train everyday your body gets used to that high metabolism. Higher energy and more physical output become a norm for your metabolism. If you change that routine you do notice it more than usual.

You ask how can Herbalife24 help you be a faster sprinter. In many ways getting proper nutrition is all important to athletes at any level.

Herbalife24 is comprehensive sports nutrition program designed specifically for athletes. There are 7 different products that address specific needs throughout the day. To learn more check out our collection of videos and articles about Herbalife24 Sports Nutrition.

by: Kayla

Hello, i would like to tell you that I have been getting rashes all over my body (I am lactose intolerant) and I usually get this when I take dairy products. I understand that this may be the way it cleans my body but;
1) does it have to do with certain shakes for me to get rashes? Or does it have to do from the fact that once i realized I am lactose intolerant and have stopped using dairy products, just a way of cleaning my inner body?
2) does Herbalife in general get rid of cellulite?
F1 Allergen and gluten free diet shake mixKayla, you may be interested in Herbalife's Allergen Free Shake Mix. This shake mix is 'gluten free', 'dairy free' and 'soy free'.

Most shake recipes call for low-fat dairy or soy milk. With the Allergen Free shake mix it is recommended to use almond milk instead. You get all the benefits without the food allergies.

You should know that rashes are a common side effect of losing weight. One byproduct of improved nutrition is the elimination of toxins. Toxins and pollutants are trapped in fat cells and when they are released can cause rashes, acne and nausea. Being allergic to something can also cause rashes.

Cell-U-Loss for excess fluid control.In general Herbalife does get rid of cellulite. However with Cell-U-Loss you can accelerate the process.

Cell-U-Loss is a combination of herbs and vitamins with natural aquaretic (fluid mobilizing) properties. Key benefits include reduction of excess water retention and lessening of a dimpled appearance of the skin.

Cellulite is a result of excess water retention and causes a lumpy or dimpled appearance in arms, thighs and butt. Natural herbs and vitamin in CUL target cellulite from the inside.

Hope this helps


Herbalife 24
by: Edwin zuniga

I've been taking the Herbalife 24 program for over 6 months. Is it damaging my kidneys. I drink them with the required water. I like to know the proper way of consuming it because I love it, I works really well with me.
Herbalife24Edwin, glad you like the Herbalife24 products. I am still working on the product line but have most of the information you seek on this page. Sports Nutrition.

One recurring myth I see is that Herbalife causes kidney failure. I believe this is untrue but it is just my opinion. More often kidney problems already exist before the introduction of any Herbalife product. Here is the notice on the nutrition label of the H24 Formula 1 Sport nutritional shake mix:

Notice: Before using this product, or beginning any weight management program, it is advisable to consult a physician. This is especially important for individuals with chronic kidney problems or insulin-dependent diabetes. A healthy weight loss program should include modest calorie intake, balanced diet and physical activity.

Hope this helps


New in herbalife weight management
by: Sweetliza1205

Hi. I just started 2 days ago and I checked my weight I lost 2.6lbs in 2 days. I just want to ask is this a good result so far? Thanks.
Sweetliza, yes that is a very good result. Also this is not uncommon. Like you I also tend to lose weight in the first couple of days of starting the program.

Some would say you are lucky but you aren't really, you are just healthy. Your body knows exactly what to do with the improved nutrition you are giving it and is discarding excess water and fat right away.

However don't expect this kind of fast weight loss to continue. Typical weight loss is between 3-5 pounds per week. Once your body becomes more accustomed to the new diet it will rebuild itself at the cellular level at a more even pace.

Thanks for your input. This confirms the Herbalife weight loss program does work fast. Check your weight again at the end of the week. And then only check your weight once a week after that.


Can anyone help on this
by: Anonymous

Hi, i have used this for 4 months weight loss diet and i have successfully reduced 12kgs and happy for this,need to continue the same learnings now,I have stopped it, will it be better if I use only Cell u lose tablets.
shailaja, the Cell-U-Lose only works up to a certain point. It is designed to help eliminate cellulite and excess water weight. Once that is gone there is no point in continuing it.

You should continue to have one shake per day to maintain your weight. Also make sure you drink enough water. Ironically excess water weight is not a result of too much water but too little.

Hope this helps


No weight loss at all after 1.5 month
by: Clera

Hello Tim,

I have been taking Herbalife products from last 1.5 month.
I take Afresh first and after 15 mins, shake containing PPP and Formula 1 (Nutritional Shake mix) made in Cow milk.

We (me n my Husband ) take it one time in morning. Though my energy level is good after taking products.

I had some gas problem at first but it went away after 15 days.
But our problem is we both don't have any weight loss at all, even after one and half months.
Why is that?
I must mention that generally I don't gain wight fast n also don't lose it fast either.
Can u help. (My) Herbalife distributor here can't guess reasons either.
we do take 3+ liters water daily too.

Plz help...
Clera, thanks for asking. This question deserved a much more detailed answer. So, I made a new page just to answer your question.

I found an ebook that covers all aspects of your situation. First I give a specific answer just for you. Then I point out the next article where we talk about weight loss plateaus and how to get over them.

Here is the link to Win the Weight.

Hope this helps


Herbalife Tea Mix for coronary artery disease patient
by: Hisham

Hi Tim,
My name is Hisham from Malaysia. Herbalife is very popular now in my country.
I am a CAD patient with 2 x 100% blocked artery and 1 x 70% blocked artery. My heart functioned only 40% and it beats very fast 90-105 per mins.
I weight 115 kgs. My cardiologist advice me to reduce weight in order to control my diabetes, which could prevent acute coronary attack. I am due to go through myocardial perfusion scan (nuclear test) that would determine if I am viable for 3 by-pass graft which is too risky for me since I am a diabetics.
I wish to start with the (Herbalife) tea mix. I read about the tea mix side effects such as heart palpitation, faster heart beat, nausea, dyspnea (respiratory distress) and all that related to heart problems due the caffeine.
So far I am okay taking CoQ10, antioxidants, VitC, VitB complex, green tea drinks, flaxseed oil, EPA/DHA and multivitamins.
My medication regime includes nitrates, beta blockers, high blood pressure pills, ferusimide (water pills) and metformin/glibencalamide.
Maybe you can clarify this with a cardiologist? Your prompt reply would help someone like me.
You did an amazing job here.
Herbal Tea ConcentrateHisham, thanks for asking. Since I am not a doctor I am very apprehensive about making any recommendations concerning heart health. You have already stated that you are concerned about consuming caffeine. I can say that using the tea mix may or may not be beneficial depending on your history of usage.

You also mentioned that you are 'okay with green tea drinks' which is what the Tea Mix is. Green tea does contain caffeine. For people accustomed to caffiene the usual side effect is an energy boost and improved mental clarity and all the health benefits that relate to those symptoms.

For people unaccustomed to caffeine side effects can range from no effect to the ones you mentioned above. For most people green tea has many health benefits including an energy and metabolism boost. Which in turn can lead to other benefits like weight loss and circulatory system health.

I can say that I enjoy the benefits of green tea. As a Herbal Tea Mix drinker I am positive that it helps me keep my weight under control. I am sure long term usage of green tea has been helpful for my health.

Hope this helps


still feeling hungry after shakes..pls help.
by: L

Hi, I have read all your replies to the questions asked and find them quite informative. But i have my questions too. I hope that you'll be able to help. I have just started on this weight loss program 2 days back. I was informed that the shakes that were meant as meal replacement is enough to curb my hunger (i took 1 for breakfast and 1 for dinner - 3tb F1 + 1tb F3 + plain water. I even had HAD and Tea Mix for breakfast.

But I noticed that I felt hungry even right after having the shake. Maybe it's more to the feeling of not having a satisfactory meal. Because of my bad gastric experience, I dare not let myself go hungry anymore and so i took very light meal like 3 pieces of cream crackers for breakfast and a small bowl of rice vermicelli soup for dinner. Lunch is my normal meal. Is this okay? Because I'm afraid that I'll only put on weight if I have meals with my shake.

Thanks in advance.
L. I began replying to this question and came up with a detailed answer for you. Only it was too big for this page. I created it's own page for my reply. You can read it here.


by: Anonymous

i have started using herbalife shake today and a few of my friends advised me not to. their reason was that there may be problems relating to liver, heart and kidney. plus hair loss. anything may happen. so i am very confused now. what will be your take on it. can you please give me a clear cut idea on what it is.

i am confused because if this is so effective, why dont majority population consume it?
Anonymous, thanks for asking. Sorry to hear about your friends. I personally become disappointed when my friends try to convince me of something that they are not experts at. I typically do my own research to get facts and disregard any hearsay my so called friends think is true.

I am not trying to discount your friends statements. But lets be realistic here. Herbalife products are intended to improve your health not hurt it. Sure, some people experience side effects from trying to improve their health. But these usually are a result of pre-existing conditions not the ingredients.

It is true anything can happen with Herbalife. Here's why, it is food. Anything you ingest has an effect on your body. Yet, you can't stop eating because your friends say it is bad for you. What you can do is eat healthier, which is the basic principle of Herbalife!

Here is my opinion: Herbalife can help you lose weight, improve your health, may help prevent future disease and possibly extend your life. I am not alone in this belief as over 50 million people (I think) by now have used Herbalife products for those very same beliefs.

Hope this helps


Pls Help
by: Anonymous

Hi Tim

I have just started with Herbalife products and have 2 questions as under:

1. Can I substitute water with skimmed milk to prepare the shake

2. Can i add just 1 small sugar free to the afresh tea and also shake as i am finding it extremely difficult to drink them otherwise

Dear excellent questions. The answer is yes to both questions. Of course you can substitute skimmed milk for water in your shakes. You can use soy milk, low-fat milk, chocolate milk, juice and yogurt as well. Making your shake should be a positive cooking and eating experience. Have fun with it.

You may also enjoy mixing in fruit, ice cream, ice cubes and even spices. I like fruit in my shakes because it usually contains a little sugar in it. Banana is very good in the shakes it gives them a sweeter taste and makes the shake creamier.

Also strawberries and blueberries have some sugar in them. If you like your shake even sweeter then use a sugar free substitute. Making your shakes taste good will help you stay on the weight loss program.

For the tea a sugar free substitute does sound good. As with the shake mix the tea is a beverage mix that can go into a lot of drinks.

Hope this helps


un natural
by: Anonymous

I was just recently recruited to Herbalife. Shortly after I started doing research on the ingredients in the product and being an educated health coach I am flabbergasted to see the multiple harmful ingredients used in there shakes and enhancers and even the triple berry for women. Surculos, carrageenan, sodium Laural sulfate, artificial flavoring, yellow #6... My question is why do they need to add all of these harmful fake ingredients in there product?

Guess what if you want to be healthy and live a vibrant life with all the needed essential vitamins and nutrients, eat raw living foods in there natural state.* Why drink 2 out of your supposed 3 meals of the day. There if any of you need nutritional heath advice out there look up a holistic health Coach like myself and stay away from these scams.* Live natural not fake.*
un natural, thanks for pointing out these flaws. I am sure my readers would like to get more information on this. Can you provide your proof for these claims or a source for them to look up?

Be advised studies have shown that holistic living is not the same as healthy living through modern science. Same as holistic healing is not the same as modern medicine. Because of modern science the life expectancy of the average human is or above 70 years worldwide. Up from 38.2 years at birth in 1850.

Of note is that around 1850 is the time when science started to understand the nature of viruses and diseases. The life expectancy rate at that time included a lot of infant mortality. Realistically life expectancy in 1850 was around 62 years. Still that is a significant improvement due to science and nutrition improvements.

You ask why replace 2 of 3 supposed meals a day with a drink? In my opinion it may help you to lose weight, improve your health and may help you live longer.

I am not trying to discount holistic living as an alternative lifestyle. I am just trying to point out that it too has it's flaws. It is true that many cases of nutrient deficiency have been reported among people living holistic lifestyles.

By the way carrageenan is derived from red seaweed (a natural ingredient) and has been used in many, many foods for hundreds of years because of its gelling, thickening and stabilizing properties. It is not recommended for people with gastrointestinal problems, but is not fake, harmful or a scam.*

Sorry if I offend you but you use words like harmful, fake and scam as if that is the truth. So I added '*' to your statements. The reference can be found at the bottom of this page.

Hope this helps


water in take and alert night
by: Nimmi

4 liters of water (per day) is ideal for weight loss program. One 1iter of water for each 20 kg of your body (weight). So if u r 60 kg u need to consume 3 liters of water. Don't mix too much of tea mix into water. Just add it to flavor the water. Drinking 4 liter of plain water might make you feel like puking, so to each bottle (1 liter)of water u take put a little tea mix (1 measurement spoon inside to tin). It will be nice if u take lukewarm water. But after 6pm take in normal water, reduce quantity of tea mix also.
Nimmi, that is great advice. First all that water has a cleansing effect on your body. All the accumulated toxins and pollutants will start coming out of your cells. One way your body eliminates this waste is through puking. Another way is urinating a lot.

You must be careful consuming a lot of water. If you are not used to it, then work yourself up slowly to that level. Do not just start off drinking that much water a day you may overtax your liver and kidneys.

For U.S. conversion
1 liter = 33.8oz.
4 liters = 135oz,
1 gallon = 128oz.

I believe that too much of the tea mix per day will not produce the desired effect. Which is to boost metabolism. I think 1/2 teaspoon of tea mix for every 4 to 5 hours is a good ratio. That would equate to 2 teaspoons of Herbal Tea for 4 liters of water over the whole day.

Another approach would be to drink the water by itself and have 1 cup (8oz.) with 1/2 teaspoon of tea mix spaced out every 4 to 5 hours. DO NOT drink the tea mix within 4 hours of sleep time. It could keep you up at night. A good nights sleep is very important to weight loss.

Hope this helps


Need to lose weight
by: Anonymous


I had lots of issues after taking Herbalife for weight loss. It started with diarrhea, hair loss, allergic reactions, fever, pain in stomach and rashes. I stopped taking the products for a couple weeks. Then started again with only the shakes. Now i see i have not lost any weight. I still have all the above symptoms though they have reduced now.

I have a liver problem as i had to do a routine blood test for some issue. Now i am not so sure if Herbalife caused this problem or not. Or if i should even continue taking it. Please advise as my coach is AWOL.
Anonymous your symptoms are probably a result of the improved nutrition you are getting. When the body starts replacing old, dead and dying cells with new stronger ones the waste has to be eliminated some way. This can manifest itself in all the above mentioned symptoms.

The good news is that the symptoms will go away after the cleansing process is complete. When that happens you should begin to see weight loss. You even mentioned the symptoms are reduced now.

The way the Herbalife weight loss program works is through consistency. If you are consistent you will lose weight over time. Unfortunately adverse side effects are part of weight loss.

It is really up to you if you want to continue or not. If you do the symptoms should go away and the weight loss begin. If you choose to quit then you will need other approaches to losing weight if that is your desire.

Hope this helps


weight loss program
by: Evon

hi, i am a beginner of weight loss program for just 1 week now. i would like to check with you whether the method of my coach told me below is alright.

Morning to replace breakfast:
1. empty stomach in the morning mix 30ml of Herbalife Aloe with 180ml water.
2. then follow by 3 spoons of F1 Shake with 400ml of water

3. Lunch is ok to take but must at least have a gap of 4 hours from your morning F1 Shake.

4. since i have my lunch at 12pm, thus, i take the F1 Shake at 4pm.

5. My dinner at 8pm. just taking dishes without rice.

6. Last, take another 30ml Aloe Juice just before sleep.

7. Ah, one more.. drink at least 4 litres of Tea Mix during the day....and this really make me visit toilet frequently...

1.Why there must be a gap of 4 hours between F1 Shake and any meals? What would be the impact if this does not meet?

2.i stop drinking Tea Mix at 6pm for a day but i am still very alert at night. Why?

3.My friends is reducing cm but not in kg, and she was advised to drink 75ml of Aloe mix with 1 litre of water, is this OK?

Sorry for my poor grammar as English is not my main language.
Thank you.
Evon, The 4 hour gap is only a recommendation. Nothing adverse will happen if you wait longer. Except that you might get hungry. Shortening the gap should not be a problem either provided you only have 2 shakes a day.

It seems you are having 2 meals a day, lunch and dinner. The program calls for only one meal a day and 2 shakes. I like to replace lunch with a shake and have a normal dinner. Since you are eat your dinner at a late hour 8 pm. you may be allowing your body to store that energy as you sleep. That is unless if you retire after 4 from dinner.

Wow, 4 liters of the tea mix is quite a lot in one day. And is the reason you are so alert at night. I only recommend having 2 to 3 cups per day and not after 4 pm. You don't need to consume a lot of the tea for it to boost your metabolism. Also you might be overtaxing your liver with such a large dose.

Losing cms as opposed to kg at first is a good sign. The weight loss will start soon. What it means though is that you are changing fat for muscle. Muscle is actually heavier than fat because it is denser. Fat on the other hand is bigger than muscle. If you are losing size but not weight it means you are less fat and more muscular.

75ml of the aloe in a litre of water sounds like an excellent idea. Here again you don't need to overdose on the aloe. I don't think overdosing on aloe is even possible. However aloe is known for its digestive tract improvement properties. With an improved digestive system you assimilate the nutrition from the shakes better.

Hope this helps

Heart disease
by: Anonymous


I have been using herbalife past 1 week and have reduced 1kg but for the past 2 days suddenly my heart palpilation has increased and continously iam having it for hours ,and now i remembered for being diagnosed to have mild tricuspid regurgition(26+RAP) 2 yrs back. Is it safe for me to continue with Herbalife?
Heart, I am not a doctor so I can't give you any sound medical advice. However if you look on the container for the nutritional shake mix you will see the "Heart Smart" logo. And the claim

"25 grams of soy protein a day, as part of a diet low in saturated fat and cholesterol may reduce the risk of heart disease."

This is not to say that it will help with existing heart disease. Try this, show your product labels to your doctor and ask him/her for advice.

Other products contain green tea like Total Control, Herbal Concentrate Tea and Afresh. Green tea is a source of caffeine. Caffeine may be causing the heart palpitations.

Hope this helps


Start and stop of Herbal life
by: Anonymous

Hi, I just started today the Herbalife product ie with Formula1,PPP in morning replacement of Breakfast & Dinner, including Afresh drink for 4times a day , i found to be good but as i have low BP i was just about to fall down but then just recovered it,
Let me know if i can continue or stop it and as well as use Cell-U-Loss to get sooner Weight loss immediately within 2-3 weeks of 3kgs

SHA look on the side of the shake container. You are looking for the "Heart Smart" logo. At least on the U.S version of the shakes the logo is present. The Afresh on the other hand contains caffeine. Too much caffeine may be the reason for your light-headedness. I would recommend reducing the consumption to 2 times a day and space them out longer.

The Cell-U-Loss is not a metabolism booster so adding it won't introduce any more caffeine or other energy boosters. C-U-L primarily is for fluid retention reduction or losing water weight. It contains a unique blend herbs that are known diuretics. That means they help free water from your body at the cellular level. Thus you should see a size reduction overtime and with that weight loss.

Losing 3kg in 2-3 weeks is an excellent goal. And easily achievable. If you follow the weight loss program consistently without any cheating you should reach your goal no problem. However weight loss usually is not that straight forward. Some lose weight faster and some slower. A good rule of thumb is to lose between 1 and 3 kilograms per week. Although for some people they don't experience weight loss for more than the first 2-3 weeks after starting the program.

Hope this helps


by: Anonymous

I just started using Herbalife products, and I constantly feel that a lot of gas is forming in the stomach and feel very uncomfortable. Is this normal? And I couldn't sleep last night, may be because of the herbal tea..? Ugh this is hard... :(
Anonymous, unfortunately gassiness is a side affect of improved nutrition. The problem is that your stomach is not processing all of the protein it should. The herbal tea contains caffeine which also could be producing the gas, especially if you are not a regular caffeine user.

Aminogen enhanced nutrient absorptionTo improve your protein digestion (and relieve the bloating) try adding Aminogen with the shakes. Protein is one of the main ingredients that go into building muscle and other tissues in the body. You don't necessarily want more protein what you want is better usage of it.

Aminogen is a blend of herbs and vitamins designed to improve the breakdown of protein. Your body doesn't actually absorb protein in its basic form. It breaks it down into useful building blocks for your cells. Thus better assimilation of protein should help reduce bloating and gassiness.

The good news is that as your body becomes more accustomed to the new diet you should begin to fell much healthier.

Tip: getting a good nights sleep is very important to weight loss. Avoid drinking the herbal tea within 4 hours of going to sleep. The effect lasts a long time and could keep you up when you want to be asleep.

Hope this helps


by: Anonymous

Hi, my question is I just had a baby and am breast feeding. But I would like to get back on track ....is it safe to take everything for weight loss.
Anonymous, the Herbalife weight loss products nutrition labels contain recommendations and warnings if applicable about safety. Before consuming any weight loss product you should read the nutrition label first.

I have heard several breast feeding women tell me that the nutritional shakes are a great source of nutrition for their babies. But Herbalife has advised me not to recommend anything at all. That it is best if I refer people to Herbalife customer service instead.

Here is a toll free number to call for more information. 1(866)617-4273.

There are a couple of products I can recommend that you NOT take. These are ones that contain caffeine. The label does say "This product is not recommended for use by children, pregnant or lactating women."

1. Herbal Tea Concentrate - green tea with herbs. Contains caffeine which may not be good for infants.
2. Total Control - weight loss supplement contains green tea (caffeine).

Nutritional shake mixes, Cell-U-Loss and Multivitamin complex contain iron. The nutrition label recommends that you keep these products out of children's reach to prevent accidental overdose, which can be fatal to children under age 6. It doesn't say for breast-feeders not to take them. I recommend that you not take these products all at the same time.

See what others have said about Herbalife and Breast Feeding

Hope this helps


mood changes?
by: Anonymous

Hi Tim,
I lost 10 kgs within 5 months by using shakes only. My supervisor advised me to take F2,F3&F4 as well but I got really irritated when I use them. I asked many people whether they had the same reaction but none did. I felt so bad that I was either angry or sad all the time. But when I stopped using the pills I was back to normal.
Do you know any other cases like this?
I drink about 2-3 ls of water but still I have dry mouth. Since I have been using this for more than 5 months I wonder why.
Thanks for all the information you have provided
Dun, your symptoms are not unique. It happened to me.

For now discontinuing the "pills" (they really are called tablets and capsules) is a good idea. It seems that you are losing weight despite not using the herbal enhancers. More than likely you were experiencing an over abundance of herbs, minerals or vitamins.

I do know that mood swings are a common side effect of losing weight. What happens is you get your metabolism going and you feel great. Then when it slows you notice a difference in mood. Sometimes this can be pronounced. I experienced the same mood swings when I first started.

What I found is that if you take the enhancers continuously over a period of time you build up a metabolic cycle of up then down then up and down again.

After a time you simply burn out. The enhancers don't do what they are intended to. Hence your body thinks the enhancers are going to cause a down it will. So discontinuing the product is the best and only solution. That is what I did.

This doesn't mean the next time you try the enhancers you will get the same reaction. Next time you try the enhancers they should work properly again. I recommend laying off the enhancers for at least a month. Then resume a less stringent regimen.

For me this approach worked great. I was able to resume my weight maintenance program without feeling bad about it. Now I use the herbal enhancers moderately to target specific areas of weight control.

Hope this helps


P.S. For the dry mouth try adding aloe juice to your shakes. Add 3 teaspoons of Herbal Aloe Concentrate for every 8oz. of shake mix. It will make the shakes a little smoother and lubricate your palette as well. It works for me.

by: Anonymous

I used Herbalife quick start program...2 shakes /day with the cell activator and multi-vitamin capsules. I only was on this 2 days, Monday and Tuesday......I stopped on Wednesday because I am so bloated..I thought it would go away by today but it hasn't. Is this dangerous? I want to lose this weight and thought this would be the perfect program for me. Should I take it any more? My coach is sending me something for the bloating...
Bloating is not an uncommon side effect when first starting the Herbalife weight loss programs. This may be due to the superior nutrition the shakes provide.

For some new dieters suddenly increasing nutritional value of your diet shocks the body. For some bloating, gas, indigestion and pain can occur.

It may be wise to start a new weight loss program slowly. Instead of jumping right in at 2 shakes and the dietary supplement a day, start with one shake every other day for the fist week. Then have one shake a day for the next week. After that work your way up to the full program.

Use the same approach with the vitamins and Cell Activator. Take it slow for couple of weeks at the start to allow your body to get used to the improved nutritional value. Then work your way up to the full program. This approach usually works well for new dieters.

If you do have a weight loss coach stay in touch with them. Relay your concerns and experiences with the products to him/her. Most weight loss coaches are well educated and can recommend changes to the program that will help improve your results and reduce unwanted side effects.

Hope this helps



Activated fibre....
by: Anonymous

I found consuming this tablet as aggravating stomach pain and restrictions. This caution is highlighted on bottle label too. When I stop this, stomach is in order.
Do I stop using this?

Fiber has its own place in the human body, specifically as a digestive system cleanser. Fiber passes through the body without being digested and is summarily eliminated. In transit fiber tends to scrape away waste and toxins from your digestive system.

For some though this process can cause pain. It is best to discontinue the Activated Fibre and switch to another internal cleansing product.

(Sidebar: I once had a very bad boss who told me "if it hurts, don't do it." I fired that boss and got a new one. Instantly the pain was gone, and I got a much better job.)

I recommend switching to a liquid based internal cleanser. Which is the Herbal Aloe Drink or HAD. Aloe works by supplying the nutrients needed to improve the health of the digestive system. HAD also has a soothing effect as it does when used on the skin. Learn more about herbal aloe products on this page: Herbal Aloe

Hope this helps


Liver and kidney side effects
by: AA

I have posted an enquiry about possible negative side effects of Herbalife products concerning liver and kidney damage about an hour ago. I have spoken to our pharmacist in the meanwhile. She said Herbalife products are of a very high standard and she knows nothing about any hazardous ingredients.

On the contrary she told me about a colleague of hers who lived with cancer for 8 years and nobody could understand why he was still alive. She attributed it to the high nutritional contents of Herbalife products.
AA, thanks for your input. What you don't see in the news is the fabulous results some people have with the Herbalife products. For most people the side effects of Herbalife are improved health, weight loss and possibly longer life.

Unfortunately, Herbalife (and other nutritional companies) cannot promote all the health benefits its users might experience because it is illegal, unethical or misleading. However, individuals such as you can relate their experiences without penalty.

To see more Herbalife success stories (or add your own) visit this page: Weight Loss Stories


Influence on liver and kidneys.
by: AA

I have joint as a distributor but have not started yet. Still waiting for the products.
In the meanwhile I have read some negative comments on the product. Now, I realise that it is inevitable that not everybody will be satisfied, but what really worries me is that some dr's believe that Herbalife products can and are causing serious liver damage and even cancer and it is said somewhere that the products can even cause death. Another comment says that all these complaints have been taken note of by Herbalife and side effect products have been discontinued. However, I am still very cautious. I'll rather be fat that ill or dead!
There is also one complaint about kidney problems.
I know a of lady that used all kinds of weightloss products earlier. Today she has 5% kidney function. What makes Herbalifes products different?
Can Herbalife quarentee that their products won't cause these negative effects? I am not willing to either use or sell products with a probable healthrisk attached to it.
AA, thanks for asking. I too have read negative comments about Herbalife products and liver and kidney failure. Some of them are very scary, others are misleading and false. Many associate the brand name Herbalife with these problems incorrectly.

That does not mean Herbalife is not concerned. On the contrary Herbalife goes the extra mile to educate customers and distributors about Herbalife and side effects. You can learn more on this website. herbalifenutritioninstitute.com


by: christine

I started herbalife like 1 month ago only dropped 6 pounds, not very happy about that but what I'm worried about is that I'm getting diarrhea and I have stopped my period, I need to know what's going on I really can't afford to mess myself up I'm only 21 and want to have a baby thanks.

Best regards
Help, sometimes weight loss programs go slowly at first. A 6 pound weight loss in the first month means you are losing about 1-1/2 pounds per week. Which is not bad, but kind of slow.

For some people getting a weight loss program into high gear takes a little extra effort. For other the program seems to stop working after a short period of time. This is called a weight loss plateau.

Check out this article, it may help: weight Loss Plateaus

when starting a new weight loss program many people experience side effects they are not expecting, like diarrhea. Most of the time these symptoms are only temporary. But if they persist then stop using the Herbalife products. Or any other weight loss products for a while.

If you truly want to lose weight give your weight loss program a rest for 2 or 3 weeks. If the symptoms clear up try resuming your program then.

Hope this helps



New Beginnings
by: Marco

Hi Tim, I just decided to enter as a distributor of Herbalife in Italy.
The first duty will be to suggest the perfect breakfast with 3 products to people, including the Formula 1 shake.
What I liked by reading your posts is your knowledge and honesty in saying to stop taking a certain product if it results to be harmful.
My impression was that in Italy they make it a bit too "simple", like "products cannot harm anyone, sovradosage or wrong usage won't make damages", on which I hardly believed, and I kinda confirmed it with your words.
My question to you is if the breakfast program could be harmful or not.
Sorry if I put the italian name, but I don't wanna translate it bad, the 3 are:
Thanks for reading and sorry if there should be grammar mistakes around, as english is not my first language.
Take care,

Marco, sorry I took so long to answer. I have been extremely busy leading up to the holidays. I did a little research on the breakfast program you speak of. Turns out this is a not a new concept in weight loss. In America the products are:
1. Herbal Aloe Concentrate - a beverage mix.
2. Herbal Tea Concentrate - a tea mix.
3. Formula 1 Shake Mix - a meal replacement drink.

Mix 2 scoops F1 shake mix with 8oz. non-fat or soy milk and 1/8 teaspoon of Herbal Tea Concentrate and 2 tablespoons Herbal Aloe Concentrate in a shaker glass or blender. Fruit, ice, juice and/or low-fat yogurt can be added as well. The combination of these three products should give you plenty of sustained energy, a boosted metabolism and digestive cleansing all at the same time. You may also get a sense of well being as well.

You ask could this combination be harmful? Maybe! is all I should say. Personally I have not experienced any ill side effects from this program. As a matter of fact I use this combination in the LaBomba Fat Burner program and many distributors use it in their Nutrition Club programs.

LaBomba - Lose 5-9 pounds in 3 days
LaBomba Fat Burner Diet

When I did a similar program (LaBomba) I noticed a 5 pounds weight loss in three days. That was an excellerated program so that is not unusual. I can see that as a part of a sustained weight management program that the "Breakfast Program" could be very effective.

Would love to hear your comments on this program.

Weight Loss Program and Weight Gain Rebound
by: SB

Hello Tim,

How are you? I was going thru a posted questions and reply to those.

Can you brief me will there be a side effect, once stop using these products?

I came across couple cases which got good weight loss and they found to be the happiest ever they were. But the moment they stopped using these products. After 6 months, they went back to the same or worst situation than they were.

Is it the case..That after 6 month we come back to same position?
SB, there is more to losing weight (permanently) than going on a weight loss diet for a little while. Actually, permanent weight loss is measured after a 2 year period. Like this; Lets say you lost 50 pounds on your diet but after 2 years you gained back 20 pounds. Then you would say you had permanent weight loss of 30 pounds.

The trick to successful weight loss is maintaining your ideal weight once you lose it. Or keeping it off after you lost it. This part of weight loss shouldn't be hard. Just keep doing the things you learned from you diet. Like the changes you made to lose weight in the first place.

For me that means snacking on healthier foods instead of junk food. It means no soda or pop. It means drinking more water. It means choosing sensible foods and sensible portion size. It means getting the nutrition I need and staying active. It also means supplementing my diet with herbal enhancers. Basically it means I learned how to lose weight and keep it off.

To regain the weight within 6 months is not a side effect of the Herbalife product. More a side effect of not maintaining your weight. To keep the weight off after you lose it, keep doing the things you learned to lose the weight.

The opposite of that, is returning to the habits you did to gain the weight in the first place. This is the main cause of weight gain rebound.

So, to answer your question, maybe. Just remember, losing weight permanently means judging the results after 2 years not 6months. To do that you have to keep at it.

Recommendation: Read the Meal Planner Guides to learn how to lose eight permanently.

Hope this helps


Need to loose weight before getting pregnant.
by: Really need to lose weight before getting pregnant.

I plan on trying Herbalife for the first time. I am a 36 yrs old female who will be trying to concieve in December. I am over weight and would like to lose about 30lbs in the next two months. I'll be ordering the Thermobond, Total Control, Cell-U-Loss, Formula 1 shake, Aloe drink, protien and herbal tea. My question is, can I take all of these products before trying to conceive? And what should I stop in December once my husband and I start trying?
First (whomever you are), congrats on your life changing decisions. I wish you only the best of luck!

Second safe weight loss is between 3 and 5 pounds per week. So it should take between 6 and 10 weeks to lose 30 pounds. Realistically though many dieters take longer than planned as they experience periods of no weight loss. This is natural as the body adjusts to new diets the metabolism can stabalize and not shed unwanted weight. If this happens you can adjust your weight loss program to change your results.

All of the mentioned products can be used prior to your attampt to conceive. However when you get close to conceiving you should discontinue use of the caffeine containing products i.e. Herbal Tea and Total Control. You should also discontinue use of the Cell-U-Loss at that time.

I have heard from many new and expecting mothers that the F1 shake mix is a fabulous dietary supplement for pregnant mothers. However Herbalife recommends that you consult with your doctor before deciding to continue usage of the shake mix during pregnancy. The concern here is that the fetus may be allergic to soy, wheat or other ingrediants. However soy protein and wheat contain the building blocks of life, that is protein and carbohydrates. The F1 shake mix also contains many vitamins, minerals and essention amino acids that help with the formation of healthy cells.

Hope this helps


hairfall and skin rashes and irritations
by: lucky

Hi Tim, could you please clarify this for me. Myself and my family members started using herbal products from the past one month.

Currently, i am taking cellulose, Multivitamins and F1, affresh for the purpose of weight loss. Eventually I noticed a fair change in my skin tone and color complexity which impressed me. Unfortunately i am unhappy with few things.

Hair is thinning on my forehead as a result of increasing hairfall and apart from this, my mom is experiencing skin rashes, irritations etc.

we are use using F1 i.e a mix of vanila,mango or chocolate and sometimes individually.

best regards
Lucky, all new dieters react differently to the change in nutrition. For instance you mentioned improved skin tone and color. At the same time you say your mom is experiencing skin rashes. These are both side effects of the improved nutrition but in totally opposite directions.

As you begin to improve your health the body eliminates weaker cells and tissue (including hair) to make way for healthier cells to replace them. The skin is one place where the body eliminates waste. As your body begins to retrace it can release built up toxins from the environment and processed foods. These pollutants can be released through the pores in the skin. This may be what is causing the rashes. In which case it should clear up short time.

Some new dieters experience hair loss in the beginning but usually the opposite is the result. The increased hair loss should be a temporary issue. As hair is mostly made up of protein. Actually an increase in protein consumption should result in more hair growth.

Hope this helps


Need Advice

Dear Tim

I am 52 , 5'7" height.. i weigh 76 kg. waist 36.5"

I want to lose 10 kg by weight and 3-4 inches in waist...

please suggest me the herbalife products, their usage (doses daily)
Thodur, thanks for asking. For a 10kg weight loss I would recommend starting with the QuickStart weight loss program with additional Personal Protein Powder. What I call the QuickStart Protein Plus programme.

QuickStart Protein PlusShapeWorks QuickStart Protein Plus Includes the Healthy Meal Nutritional Shake Mix, F2 multivitamins, an Energy drink and Cell Activator.

This is the basic program and should take between 1 and 3 months to complete. Safe weight loss is between 1kg and 3kg per week. Some people lose weight faster than others so time duration varies. But if you are consistent with the program and don't cheat ti should work for you.

Be sure to visit the meal planner guide for usage instructions.

Hope this helps


Herbalife and liver problem
by: Anonymous

Hi, I am a Herbalife destributor who started the product at the same time as signing up as a distributor. I personally feel great using the product and have lost about 10kg being on start up programme.

However my main concern is that in the last couple of days two of my customers who mentioned that they have liver problems have stopped using the product complaining about bad pains after using the product on the first day.

This makes me really worried and plus reading all the negative comments about herbalife and people claiming it has many side effect is really putting me off at stages and worried if i am actually recomending a product that can be harmfull...not sure if i should trust herbalife or what people says about the product...can you please help with making this any clear for me.

Best regards,
GD, first congratulations on becoming a Herbalife user and distributor. For me this was a life changing decision. I am much healthier, a lot stronger and lighter than I have been for most of my life. I hope the same thing happens for you.

It is very unusual that 2 new customers would both have liver problems. However it does happen that people who start improving their nutrition intake have issues. The body does react to a change in diet, sometimes in negative ways, like liver pains. In such cases you should recommend that they consult their doctors about their liver problems.

Kidney and liver pains are a common side effect for new dieters. As the body begins to absorb the improved nutrition it discards old, weak and dead cells. This discarded tissue is released to the blood stream and eventually passes through the liver and kidneys for elimination. Sometimes the liver and kidneys are forced to work harder to eliminate the waste. This may cause some pain for a short time but should clear up as the liver and kidneys successfully eliminate the waste and become healthier themselves.

Herbalife International is very concerned about its customers health and have gone to great lengths to ensure their products are safe to use. However there is no way that Herbalife products can be designed for people who have pre-existing medical conditions. For most people and I mean the large majority an increase in quality nutrition has the desired side effects i.e. weight loss, improved health, decreased risk of disease, improved energy and stamina.

As a Herbalife distributor it should be your position to try to help people. Try to get to know their nutritional needs and make recommendations based on those needs. For instance if someone says they are sensitive to caffeine then do not recommend the "Afresh Energy Drink." If someone says they are allergic to soy protein then do not recommend the shake mix. If someone says they really need to lose weight but don't know how then recommend that they might be interested in Herbalife products.

Hope this helps



Dear Pregnant lady, many expecting moms swear by the Herbalife shakes to provide nutrition to their babies. However Herbalife recommends that you consult with your physician before deciding to take the products.

I recommend dropping the Cell-U-Loss from your program. C-U-L does carry a warning to keep it away from children. I think it would be safer to discontinue the C-U-L.

Hope this helps


by: Anonymous

Hi,Herbalife products are good and they have no side effects.
Anonymous, thanks for your comment. However, I think Herbalife products are good and designed to produce side effects. Many favorable and some undesirable ones.

The trick is to learn about the desirable side effects, improve your lifestyle and learn how to avoid the negative ones.


want to gain weight
by: Anonymous

is there any side effects I'm interested to use Herbalife products and which products to use....
Formula 1 Sport healthy meal for athletes.Anonymous, you can gain weight safely with Herbalife products. Herbalife recently introduced a new shake mix for just that purpose. It is called Herbalife24 Formula 1 Sport.

H24 F1 Sport is targeted towards athletes intending on gaining or supporting muscle mass. I am assuming that by gaining weight you mean muscle mass. Obviously to gain muscle mass means working out. The problem is working out by itself is not enough to grow muscle. You must also feed that muscle.

Muscle is mostly built from protein. So increasing your protein intake gives you the fuel you need to build muscle. Strenuous exercise will also deplete your body of vitamins and minerals. So you want to replace those as well as increasing protein intake. The Herbalife24 F1 Sport has all the protein and nutrition you need in one place.

You may experience an allergic reaction but I only say that to be on the safe side. Everybody reacts differently to new improved nutrition. Some experience mild to severe side effects but most simply lose or gain weight normally.

Hope this helps

Tim Koen - Please Advise
by: H

Hi Tim Koen,

I went through all your replies...I must say I am very impressed with your patience and the quality of anwers. I would like to present my story here

I am a 38 year old male, 6' 2" tall and overweight. Did not check recently, but should be around 120 Kilos. Most of my fat is mid-section, pot-belly and butt.

My day-to-day life has absolutely no physical activities. Moreover, due to long work hours (mostly 14 hours in front of the computer, 2-3 hours commute), I get very tired and have barely any time to exercise.

I stay away from Carbs, Fats, Oily Foods...however, I feel whatever I am eating is getting converted into fat. I must admit I do not pay attention to the balance of the food I eat.

I have heard about Herbalife from quite some time, but have not seriously given it a thought. Now I think I need to. I am feeling very uncomfortable in public due to my posture.

I don't know if Herbalife will work for me...but I want to try it. My aim is to lose 30 kilos. No medical conditions so far (knock on wood).

Please advise, which Herbalife products should I take and the dosage.

Many thanks
H, I think Herbalife will work for you. I was in the same situation when I started except my commute was only 1-2 hours per day. I started with the Herbalife QuickStart weight loss program and eventually graduated to the Ultimate weight loss program.

I wanted to lose more than 20kg so I needed about 6 months to do that. Each program is designed for a certain amount of weight loss over time. The way to figure that out quickly is with my weight loss calculator.

The weight loss calculator makes recommendations on weight loss programs based on current height and weight. Each recommendation has a link attached to it to learn more about the products and what how they are used.

All the programs work better when accompanied by moderate exercise. I cannot urge you enough to try and get more exercise. Even something as simple as walking for 30 minutes a day will help.

To maintain my current weight I still try to walk about 30 minutes a day. I do this during my lunch hour at work. Another thing I do is get away from the computer for a short time.

One thing that causes weight gain is a high level of stress. Sitting at a computer for long periods of time can raise your stress level quite significantly. So if you can start a weight loss program and interupt your computer time with a walk around the neighborhood. It worked wonders for me.

Herbalife weight loss programs.


Hope this helps


is this can alergy
by: hemalatha

Sir thanks for the advice.
I'm an independent distributor of herbalife for the past six months where i advised my friend to use this herbalife products. I 've personally felt its best way to reduce weight and i introduced herbalife products to my friend. She also took the products such as formula one shake along with ppp two times a day with afresh and cell u loss, aloe plus tablets regularly. She took it for three months and reduced five kgs anfter that her weight was not reduced and she has an alergy in her legs.

Then she went to the outsation for vacation where she did'nt use any of the product other than only shake where she felt better at that time it wasn't allergic to her then after returning to her native she started the same old process and found she was getting alergic again thats because of afresh lemon.

She said this to me i said to her just stop taking that and continue with ur shake she also as did what i've said her. Actually this afresh can cause alergic problems? actually i never felt till today. She also told me her weight never reduced after one and half months in that three months after she started using the product. When we intake shake for weight loss it will stop automatically after we reach our ideal weight or else what is the reason for not weight loss for the past one and half month can u explain me ?
Hemalatha, everybody gains and loses weight in their own unique way. Some people stop losing weight after some time, even when they try really hard. This happens because the body has adjusted to the new level of nutrition and metabolism. At this stage the body maintains the weight it is at. I call this stage "weight loss plateau"

So the solution is to start the fat burning furnace stoked up again. There are many ways to do this but mostly it involves changing your metabolism. That is what the Afresh is designed to do. But if you get an allergic reaction to it then by all means stop using it. That means you need to find another method to re-start the fat burning furnace. Following is an article on

weight loss plateaus and how to get over them.

Hope this helps


Do you really Want your HEALTH back???
by: Pankaj

Hello everyone,
As discussed above and well said- it?s just an AMAZING PRODUCT. Based on your body type, food habits, your work env, stress level & etc..., your distributer(Or whoever promises you to help you gain health through Herbalife) has to have the knowledge and trick to combine the above options which best suits you. So there is not a single rule as Everyone's body is different. This product just works fantastic WHETHER YOU WANT, OR NOT. But the trick and experience of the Distributer is key. I am from Bangalore, call me if you are comfortable and interested to FEEL LIFE WITH HEALTH!
Call me only on Weekends (Sat & Sun). Rest of the day, call my assistance Kumar.
Health is Wealth.
This is from Pankaj and is his own opinion.

Thanks for your response. It is great to hear from other enthusiastic Herbalifers. With over 200 products it is difficult to relate to which one(s) you are referring to. So we'll leave it at that.

***to the author***
I removed your personal information for your protection. I have to honor the privacy policy of this website.

lack of taste
by: Anonymous

I started on Herbalife 6 wks ago and have lost 23 lbs for which I am thankful for. However, about 2 1/2 weeks ago I lost my sense of taste. My sense of smell is still intact. I went to an ENT Dr and he told me to stop Herbalife for a couple of weeks to see if the sense of taste returns. Has anyone ever asked about this type of problem.
Anonymous, that happened to me when I first started my weight loss program. I asked my coach about it and she asked me "do you trust the Herbalife products?" I answered yes and she told me that sometimes the sense of taste and smell are diminished for a short time but should return.

She recommended that I stay away from spicey foods until my sense of taste came back. She also recommended that I make sure all the food I consumed was really fresh.

I kept with my weight loss program because with me losing weight was a higher priority. She also asked me to be on the look out for other more serious side effects.

Within a couple of weeks everything tasted and smelled better. I was astonished at how good everything tasted. Especially the shake mixes had more flavor.

I mentioned this to my weight loss coach and she said a better sense of taste and smell are common side effects losing weight. It may take time but it is due to improved nutrition.

Hope this helps


by: Anonymous

Hi i started these shakes 2 a day with a meal in the evening on wednesday and i have had the worse migrane since!

i was at the ER on Friday am as the pain was so bad, i was given some amazing painkillers and it went but then i had a shake in the afternoon and it is now back.

What should i do???
Discontinue using the product. If you are sure it is the product causing the migraines then the only logical solution is to stop using them.

I read in a medical journal that migraines can be caused by a sudden change in diet. I can't remember which one but the gist of the article was that some people may experience migraines when they suddenly increase or satisfy a nutrient deficiency.

The article mentioned potassium as a mineral that many people do not know they are deficient in. And when they consume even the minimum daily requirements they react to the change.

I am just speculating here, but if I am right then discontinuing the product should result in alleviating the symptoms.

I am not a doctor but it makes sense that your body may be reacting to an ingredient in the product. It also makes sense that you may be having an allergic reaction an ingredient in the shake mix. Some people are allergic to soy, gluten and/or dairy. If that is you then the regular shake mix is not for you.

F1 Allergen and gluten free diet shake mixAllergen Free Formula 1 Shake Mix a vanilla flavored, healthy nutritional shake mix for those with soy, dairy and gluten sensitivities.* (28.6oz/810g).

Unfortunately many dieters have allergies to soy, dairy and/or gluten. In these cases alternative ingredients are substituted for soy protein or are simply unavailable. Pea and Sesame seed protein are natural and high quality nutritional alternatives and used in F1 Allergen Free shake mix.

Hope this helps


will i regain the weight which i will loose
by: Anonymous

Hi Tim ,

This is my 1 day for this Herballife products .... I eat too much spices it was bit hard for me for the first day but hope it will be fine .....
i just wanted to ask that whether I will regain weight which I l lose with these products ........

coz we cant drink shakes and take medicinesfor whole life .....or what we can do

Mithi, sorry I took so long to respond. First congrats on your decision to lose weight. When you lose weight the Herbalife way you usually don't regain it right away. What should happen is this: you replace the fat cells with healthier ones. This is called cellular retracing.

When you lose weight your desire to consume food also decreases. So by the time you reach your ideal weight your body has adjusted its metabolism to function on less food. This doesn't mean you have to reduce your nutrition. It means you have improved you nutrition uptake to a better balance. Therefore you should be able to maintain your ideal weight with a regular diet.

As you change your diet you should also establish better eating habits. Like smaller portion sizes, less snacking and healthier food choices.

P.S. You can drink the shakes all your life. It is recommended that after you reach your ideal weight that you continue to consume at least one shake a day to maintain your weight and provide superior nutrition to your diet.

Hope this helps


is there any side effect while taking herbal life products
by: Muni

i am feeding my child who is 9 months old and i am taking milk shake in the morning and night (Morning = Formula 1 - 3 spoon + Formula 3- 1 spoon & Night= Formula 1 - 3 spoon + Formula 3- 2 spoon). Additionaly i am taking cellu loss + Alo plus tablet.

Pls advice me is there any side effect of this product since i am feeding my child.

your early response will very much help to me
Muni, yes, what you eat is passed along to your child. It is possible that your child may experience side effects from what you feed them. It is also possible that your child may benefit from the shake mix.

I have heard from many nuturing women that they love what the Herbalife products have done for their kids. However the scientists at Herbalife are cautious about recommending using their products while nuturing.

It really isn't my place to encourage or discourage you from using the products. But since the shake mix products carry many nutrients that your child needs to grow and maintain health it makes sense that the benefits you receive can be passed along as well.

You should be aware that at such an early age allergies may not be apparent yet. You should keep an eye on your child and be on the look out for Herbalife and side effects. You may also want to make note of any benefits as well.


Weight Gain and Herbalife
by: Anonymous

Hi Tim,

My wife has started taking Herbalife for weight gain on recommendation of a friend (who did it for weight loss). I don't see any comments/notes for weight gain. My wife has been told by her doctor that she will not gain weight but there is no concern.

She weighs just 35 kgs and is 41 now. But, of late, she has started feeling stressed out and her energy levels are down. So, I opted for this.

Is it a good idea? Will herbalife help her gain weight? Does she need to look out any specific side effect?

Thanks in advance.
Anonymous, yes Herbalife can help people gain weight. Ironically the same products and techniques used for weight loss are ideal for weight gain as well.

The difference is in how you use them. For instance with weight loss you use the shake mix to give you nutrition you need while reducing your caloric intake. Thus using fat as fuel to burn.

With weight gain you use the shake mix and herbal enhancers to add nutrition along with maintaining or increasing your caloric intake. Instead of burning fat as fuel, with weight gain you burn protein and convert that fuel to muscle.

You don't need to do strenuous exercise to build muscle. Moderate exercise has more benefits to weight management because you can get more out of your nutrition.

Herbalife has many products that help with weight management and muscle growth. So, yeah I think it is a good idea to give them a try. They changed my life.

And yes your wife should look out for any side effects. It is important to note how the products make you feel. Be sure to read the nutrition label of any product you eat then judge the quality for yourself.


is hebalife products can cause side effects?
by: hema latha

Hi I'm Hema myself an (Herbalife) supervisor in india. i started using the herbalife products for my weight loss and i have successfully reduced 30 kgs in 8 months. After that i stopped taking the shake three times a day and had only one time. i took all the tablets three times a day. after that i never regained weight thanks to Herbalife.
my concern is that herbalife products can cause side effects because i personally felt that after taking the herbalife products i was suffeing with a problem to pass urine with a pain. i consulted my family doctor where i explained about the products that i have used for reducing my weight. i was shocked to hear that words when she said that because of the products has caused an uterus problem pls stop using those products.
i also said that but i never realised these many days and she said that it will react later in ur body especially causing any side effects it will not show immediate as you reduced ur body weight and she advised me not use those products .
what shall i do now pls clear my doubts ....
Hema, congratulations on your successful weight loss, impressive!

I hear this advice a lot and sometimes it makes no sense to me. Why would a doctor tell you to stop eating food that has helped you lose so much weight?

Every health professional has your well being in mind. But when they jump to the conclusion that Herbalife products are the sole cause of your ailment they are not being fair with you.

Because Herbalife products are made up of many food ingredients and mixed with other ingredients like milk, water, fruits and juice it is unfair to say "Herbalife" is the root cause.

Many side effects from losing weight are temporary. Side effects like headaches and nausea usually dissipate in a couple of weeks. Serious side effects like trouble passing urine may not be due to the Herbalife products. To make a cause and effect diagnosis like that is in my opinion jumping to conclusions.

Ask your doctor what is actually causing the problem. Do not accept that the brand name of any food is the cause. You may have a more serious issue that needs to be addressed. There are many causes of poor urinary tract function. Herbalife has done some science in this area and even has a product that may help.

Triple Berry ComplexTriple Berry complex - provides an antioxidant boost and dietary support for urinary tract health, especially for women.*

Bilberry Extract (dried) - fruit an anticarcinogenic that helps retard night blindness.
Cranberries (powder) fruit - has anti-inflammatory, anti-cancer and chemotherapeutic properties due to Resveritrol.
Blueberry Powder (fruit) - a good source of antioxidants.


Article in Bloomberg news
by: Prajakta

Hi Tim,
I am going to start these products however, found some articles which concerned me...
I read an article by Bloomberg news that Herbalife ''Concern about the side effects of Herbalife weight loss products has grown, however, after the Food and Drug Administration attributed a 1998 cardiac arrest suffered by a 28- year-old woman to an Herbalife ephedrine product, Original Green''
''Six U.S. states including Florida and Texas ban or restrict sales of the products. ''
Please comment.


Prajakta, a sad story indeed. In 1998 the dangers of ephedrine were not known. It is cases like this one that alerted the FDA and Herbalife to the side effects of ephedrine.

The products Herbalife distributes are considered dietary supplements. And as such are not regulated by the FDA. However the FDA does regulate ingredients that can go into weight loss products.

At that time the FDA was not the organization it is today. It is cases like this one that prompted the FDA to do more in the weight loss industry to help protect the people. Both companies learned from that case. A lot of progress has been made.

Herbalife is a progressive company. By that I mean that they are highly concerned about the products, any side effects and ingredients that go into the products.

Science and Nutrition Center at UCLATo help advance and develop herbal nutrition Herbalife established the Cellular and Molecular Research Facility at UCLA.

The mission is to advance the science of nutrition to new levels. Using advanced technologies the researchers fingerprint herbs using a method called "multidimensional profiling."

I think it is clear why Herbalife is a leader in the weight loss and nutrition industry, they do the science.

I do know that "Original Green" has been discontinued and replaced by a more modern supplement at least here in the U.S.

Hope this helps


hello cottonmouth,
by: Anonymous

the dryness that you experience having this shake is due to reflux esophagitis caused by riflux of the consumed item.the product has guargum ,thst expands and physilium husk also has expanding capacity,which causes riflux disseae.also guargum dehydrates the body.
Hmmm, interesting hypothesis. However the amount of guar gum in the shake mix has been determined to be of insignificant quantities. It is used to help emulsify (bind together) the particles.

Guar gum in significant quantities can cause some serious side effects. However guar gum is regulated by the FDA and is only permissible in extremely small quantities in food.

It is possible that this is the cause of your dry mouth. But not all by itself I think. It may be a contributing factor but you would need to really drink a lot for that to happen.

Cotton Mouth, I would like to know if there is any new developments, please respond.


Kidney Problems with herbalife Products
by: Raj

Hi ..

This is Raj From Vizag, i Have joined as a distributor recently in Herbalife. i spoke to several people about herbalife weightloss program and also about the nutrition. People who already used and stopped said that there are kidney related problem with this products. I am using it and i did't have any symptoms by using the product. I am in a confusion now how to promote the product or for this weight loss program herbalife is best? Any recent recorded kidney problems(i.e.,last 2 Years) for the people who are started using the herbalife products. How to handle this kind of kidney related objections?Please getback to me immediately.
Raj, as a distributor you need to talk to your customers one on one to find out what their needs are. If they are concerned about something, provide them with as much information as you can.

You should ask them several questions before you recommend a weight loss program. Like, do they have a medical history? Which diets they have tried in the past? How much weight do they want to lose? Are they allergic to anything? How much do they eat now?

Find out what information is needed and make your recommendations based on individual needs. Some people have kidney problems but most don't. Knowing the answers to the above questions can help you determine what products to recommend and any objections you might encounter.

Hope this helps


cell u loss side effects
by: Anonymous

I am using Herbalife F1, F3, Activated Fiber and Afresh. I did not have any side effects.

But as i started using the Cell u loss tablets, I am feeling acidity in my stomach.... Should I stop using cell u loss...Please suggest me.
There are so many different side effects that can result from improving your nutrition that it is very hard to determine which ones are an interaction with an ingredient or the result of body cleansing.

Body cleansing is a positive side effect of improved nutrition that sometimes leads to other problems. These other problems can coincide with the start of a new diet supplement but may not be the root cause.

For now try discontinuing the C-U-L and see if that reduces your symptom. If not then something else is the culprit. If so then C-U-L is not for you.

However Cell-U-Loss is a wonderful supplement designed to enhance your weight loss experience. It is a herbal blend

Cell-U-Loss has 3 ingredients that may or may not be causing the acidity.

  1. Apple Cider Vinegar - which can be related to an acidic response. But has other qualities, like an excellent blood cleanser and digestion of heavy foods especially protein.

  2. Asorbic Acid or Vitamin C - which in a large enough dose can cause an acidic response. C-U-L has 138% DRV (Daily Recommended Value).

  3. Iron - which helps to metabolize protein.

C-U-L also contains herbs that have diuretic properties. Couch Grass and Corn Silk Extract for instance. You may be getting too much of one of these ingredients. That is along with the combination of F1, F2 and F3. Yes it is a good idea to discontinue use fo C-U-L, at least for now.

Hope this helps


before pregnancy
by: grace

I am very obese and suggestions were made for me to lose some weight before getting pregnant. I started the shapeworks program but wanted to know if all the products are safe to use before pregnancy? The moment I reach my goal weight we are going to try getting pregnant. I am currently taking formulas 1~3, NRG, instant herbal tea, cell-u-loss pills, multivitamins, chitosan pills, and niteworks. Are there things I should avoid?
Grace, good for you on your decision to lose weight. I love your reason too. I can't think of a single better reason to lose weight than to get pregnant.

Yes there are certain products to avoid. Not any of the ones you listed though. Total Control (metabolism booster) carries a warning to not be used by pregnant, lactating (or those that want to get pregnant). The Herbal Tea may also have a warning label on it. If so discontinue use immediately. If not you should be okay with it.

It is easy to tell if the product is okay for you. All Herbalife products have a nutrition label and if there is a warning, it is on there. If you do not see a warning then it should be okay.

However I cannot stress enough that you should consult your doctor about your weight loss and pregnancy plans.

Hope this helps


Examine the label People. No weight loss
by: Anonymous

I have tried a lot of the pills shakes etc.
I used the Allergen free shake mix because the other shake mixes give me such bloat, gas ,cramps. I thought it was soy, but anytime I eat sugar free anything I get this. So I researched the label very closley. I only need to loose 10lbs.

Here is what you get AFTER adding skim milk.

Cal 180
Sodium 283
Sugar 22g
Protein 17g

Times that by 2 shakes a day. WEIGHT GAIN. Way to many carbs, sugar, sodium. Also second ingredient is "Frutose". Not a clean eating Idea.

I went and bought bio-chem 100% pure protein adding skim milk. Much better to loose weight below.

170 cal
148 sodium
0 fat
12 sugar
12 carbs
28 g protein

Really the less ingredients the better for you. I would not trust "Oh it's all vitamins" It just a MONEY MAKER BUSINESS.

I'm sorry but the shakes are way to many carbs, sugar, sodium etc. You might as well have a frozen yogurt shake.
Anonymous did you suddenly become an expert is nutritional science? Certainly comparing label and ingredient amounts doesn't amount to an argument over which product is better or worse.

Does this product you recommend also contain 20 other nutrients you need to lose weight or is it just another protein shake mix? The reason Herbalife is superior IS the balance of other nutrients. Which you need to get the proper nutrition to lose weight in the first place.

If Herbalife was just a money making business it would have gone the way of all the other fad diets, gone. The fact that HBL has been in business for over 30 years alone means it must work.

You should also know that the last ten pounds are the hardest to lose. At that stage any protein shake won't be as effective as if you needed to lose a lot more weight.

You claim "fructose" is not a clean eating idea. This may be true for some but for most of us it is very helpful in balancing blood sugar levels. Which is very important to maintaining good health. Herbalife shake mixes have even been said to help diabetics who pay very close attention to their blood sugar levels.

Please don't berate the Herbalife products because you didn't have a positive experience. Instead consult a wellness expert to learn how to lose weight the right way. Because there is no magic weight loss formula you need to learn what works for you. Taking a lot of pills, shakes, etc. to lose weight sounds like a hit and miss weight loss plan at best. Please contact me or another weight loss coach to learn why and when shakes and other supplements are helpful.


weight loss
by: razik

hi i thank to Herbalife. I reduced my weight 30kgs in 5 month. Now I look so good and feel smart too. I like this product.
Razik, awesome.

Cotton mouth
by: Anonymous

Hey there. I started herbalife 4 days ago and started to have a cotton mouth. I drink lots of water (5-9 bottles a day) plus some black or fruit tea so I believe there should be no reason to feel dihadrated. Also past those 4 days I feel fuller/ bloated but still craving for food. How long does it take to get use to eatting differentlly ? And want should I do with my dry mouth?
Thank you kindly.
Anonymous, some new dieters experience adverse side effects when first starting a weight loss program. Dry mouth is one of those symptoms. I can't determine if you are experiencing this side effect from an ingredient in the product or from the result of improved nutrition.

Feeling full is a good thing, bloating is not. Try changing the portion size to reduce this feeling. Instead have more healthy snacks during the day and smaller meals. If you are using the shake mix as a meal replacement you may want to reduce portion size or frequency.

Hope this helps


Losing weight
by: Anuradha

Hi Tim,

I am from India and started taking Herbalife. I am 180 pounds and want to lose 44 pounds in 5 months. Is it possible if I take F1, F3 shake in for breakfast and dinner and continue with normal lunch everyday. I am taking green tea in the morning without milk and sugar and I make sure I use skim milk to prepare my shake. I was so impressed about your replies and your reply to my question would be appreaciated.
Anuradha, yes that sounds like a very good weight loss plan. Ideal weight loss rate is between 3 and 5 pounds per week. At this rate to lose 44 pounds you would need between 2 and 3-1/3 months. With your plan you only need to lose only 2.2 pounds per week to reach your 44 lbs weight loss in 5 months.

This doesn't mean you can slow down your weight loss plan. Consistency is the key to weight loss. People gain and lose weight in their own unique way. This means your weight loss rate will reach it's own speed. I for instance took 6 months to lose 50 pounds. But some weeks I lost more than others. And some weeks I didn't lose any weight at all. In the end 5 years later I have lost 50 and kept all but 10 of those pounds from coming back.

Every once in a while I begin dieting again to get back to my ideal weight. Now it only takes me one month to lose 10 pounds. I have to say that the Herbalife ShapeWorks weight loss program changed my life. I eat better, sleep better, have more energy and feel better. Thanks to Herbalife!


Stay on track
by: Anonymous

You need to stay on track with your herballife products and you will see results. :)
I concur. Thanks for saying so.


Note: this comment has absolutely nothing to do with the next one. They both arrived separately and were not viewed by me prior to answering.

Shame on Tim
by: Anonymous

How is it you can encourage people to stick with the program when they are having adverse reactions? Are you a LICENSED doctor and can you make medical judgements based on what you read? What happens if one of the people you advised to "stick with it" drops dead? i don't think you are in any position to give people medical advice on what they should be doing to their bodies. For gods sake people, if you are having a bad reaction to what you are putting in your body STOP TAKING IT! And if you don't want to stop go see your doctor and see what they say!
Anonymous, bet you thought I wouldn't publish this comment? No I am not a licensed doctor. I have stated that fact many times. I also have stated many times that a professional doctors advice is highly recommended when starting a weight loss program.

It is very well known that some new dieters will experience adverse side effects when starting a weight loss program. It is also well known that most if not all of these effects will subside within a few weeks. Most of these reactions are due to losing weight and not because of the ingredients in the Herbalife products.

For this reason it is unfair to assume that it is Herbalife products in general that are causing these side effects. For those that I recommend continuing their weight loss program may in the end be far healthier for them than quitting a weight reduction program, which can lead to even worse symptoms, including death.

Here is an analogy: Breathing is hazardous to your health. The air you breathe may be contaminated with toxins and pollutants. DO NOT stop breathing, instead start purging these toxins and pollutants from your system. Try to consume food ingredients that help you cleanse your body.

Beware! Cleansing your body may cause adverse side effects. Or, you could relocate to a more hospitable location. However moving to cleaner air will not rid your body of the accumulated toxins and pollutants within. Instead try cleansing your body by giving it the nutrition it needs to cleanse your system.

Herbalife (and I) do specifically disclaim that:
These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.

by: stephanie

If I am taking nature throid for my thyroid would it be ok to take herbalife?
Hi, it is advisable that you consult with your doctor before beginning any weight loss program. Especially if you are on medications. There is no way to tell if their could be an interaction and I can't recommend taking Herbalife products at this time.

Herbalife does have a product support team that you can contact at 866-617-4273 for more information. You can also learn more about the science of nutrition at this website

Herbalife does use several ingredients that may be helpful for (hypo)thyroid condition including:
Calcium, Magnesium, Omega 3 fish oil, Bioflavinoids, Chromium, Kelp, Magnesium, Protease, Zinc, Vitamins A & C. Again ask your doctor if any of these ingredients may be helpful and if Herbalife products may be right for you.

Hope this helps


by: Anonymous

Stephanie, I can't recommend taking Herbalife products right now because their is no way to tell if their could be an interaction between your medication and an ingredient in the products.

The best thing to do is present the Herbalife nutrition labels of the products you are interested in to your doctor. Herbalife has many heart health products that may be beneficial.

My advise is to write down the ingredients you wish to learn more about and show them to your doctor. Try not to lump all Herbalife products into one category when asking. This may confuse the answers you are seeking. A typically non-acceptable answer is to "not use the Herbalife products at all." You really want to know if they will help and if not, why not.

Keep in mind your doctor (when answering) may only be trying to protect their practice or promote products or medications that they can earn money from. To learn more about the ingredients in Herbalife products look for the links to the "nutrition labels" on this website. I try to include them where ever possible.

Hope this helps


Update: See the above comment for more information

Side Effects
by: Anonymous

I was just wondering. If an individual already lose or gain weight and get to their ideal weight by consuming Herbalife product, will their body sustain to that level of weight and shape without consuming it ever again?
Herbalife ShapeWorks Formula 1 - Nutritional Shake MixThe good news is, yes that is possible. The problem with weight gain is that you develop eating habits that may promote the storage of more and more weight. This is how people become overweight in the first place.

Weight loss programs are designed to help you change those habits and begin weight loss. As you go through your diet program you pick up new eating habits that encourage reaching your ideal weight.

The Herbalife ShapeWorks coaching programs teach you how to reach your ideal weight through safe gradual weight loss. By developing proper eating habits you should be able to maintain your ideal weight once you reach it without the use of Herbalife products.

However the Formula 1 Nutritional Shake Mix is recommended to help maintain ideal weight after you reach it. Losing weight and maintaining ideal weight boils down to one thing, getting proper nutrition. Herbalife F1 shake mix contains the nutrition you need to promote weight loss and give your body the nutrition it needs to keep it off.

Hope this helps


by: Bipolar

Hi Tim! I started taking herbalife products two weeks ago, the F1 and the fiber and herb. After two weeks, my distributor started to recommend the herbal tea concentrate. I am very hesitant to use this product because I was diagnosed with bipolar disorder and one of the no-no's are stimulants, and since tea contains caffeine I'm really afraid to try it (although honestly I am tempted to take it because it can boost my metabolism and i could lose weight quickly than just taking the shake and fiber&herb). So my question is, are there other herbalife products which can boost your metabolism and help you lose weight but does not contain caffeine? I really need your advice on this. I really want to lose weight but I don't want to have manic episodes. Thank you in advance.
Bipolar disorder is something I do not know a lot about. I know I took a long time getting back to my comments in this section. I apologize for that. I have been very busy with the website and had to make time concessions somewhere.

I can tell you the caffeine in green tea is different than in coffee. It is slower acting and has a less jittery quality about it. It has also been said that green tea can exude a feeling of well being. For me I usually feel a sense of happiness and more energetic from the Herbal Tea Concentrate.

If you wish to try it that is your decision. Cut the portion in half at first. Instead of a whole cup at first try a half cup. As for other Herbalife de-caffeinated metabolism boosters, I am not aware of any at this time.

Would love to hear your comments on your experience.


Start a month ago
by: Anonymous

Hi thanks for all the information...I tried the products before and I have great results.....after 10 years of not taking care of myself I am back with the weight so I started the product again.

The first month I did the shakes only....but I didn't change too much my ways...I lose 2 pounds that month

I am staring this month fresh adn I am doing the F1, total control and cell activator...I am using vitamins but not the f2 ....I am exercising 3 times a week....my dinner is well balanced but because of work i go out once a week....is this going to affect my program?

I drink 2 lts. of water and I hope this will do it

please let me know if the products I choose are correct for weight loss and if taking vitamins that are not part of the f2 will affect my weigh loss

thanks a lot
Taking vitamins as part of a weight loss program is intended to give you the nustition you need. The Herbalife vitamins are balanced for the weight loss program but there is nothing magic about them.

Taking non F2 vitamins should give you the same results. That is if they are the multivitamin variety like F2. be careful of the recommended dosage though. BE SURE you read the nutrition labels on your products to find out how to take the product.

I very much like the F1 shake mix along with the Total Control and Cell Activator as a weight loss plan. That should work well as long as you combine it with moderate exercise.

That should give you the nutrition you need to burn fat. Even light exercise will get your fat burning furnace lit. I like to go walking myself.


is this best for me?
by: want slim

Hi Tim,

Add to my previous comments

I had herbalife one week, for the 1st day right after i take the tea, aloe and then shake. I start to have diarrhoe. and at around 3pm, I start fever and cold.

I ask the aunty who sold the herbalife to me, she say its reaction.

I felt very bad about the fever and cold, at the same time i diarehoe. and my leg got some rashes and itchy.

this last me 3 days.

Think of it like this, a small discomfort now is worth a lifetime of health, isn't it? These symptoms will subside eventually regardless of your decision to continue the diet or not.

Here is what may be happening. Your body is cleansing itself of pollutants, toxins and oxidants. These particles are circulating through your system awaiting elimination. In the mean time you may experience discomfort.

Losing weight can be a goal but learning how to do it can be a pain. Literally, you need to know what the symptoms mean. See this article: Diet Symptoms

Hope this helps


Is it best for me?
by: want slim

hi Tim,

I am chinese, female, 105kg, working in office.

I start taking herbalife:
1) aloe and tea powder (morning)
2) protein powder and shake (breakfast and dinner)
3) Lunch, i will be eating normal meal without compromise to vege and fruit only.
4) sometime eating some tidbit as snack, at much lesser amount compared to before diet.

I want to have best result, can u please comment is the above suitable for me?

And I have heard somebody say, at the beggining stage of taking this diet, do not take protein powder, will affect the lose weight, is it true?

after 1 week of above diet (and behavior), I start got the craving for my normal food, is there anything can help?
Want Slim, eat more :-) Literally, eat the foods you like. DO NOT punish yourself trying to lose weight. That doesn't work! You will be much happier eating what you like when you like.

When you get hungry you should satisfy that hunger. Just eat healthier!

Okay here's how the protein works. First of all the nutritional shakes mixes and protein snacks are very filling and highly nutritious. They give you a feeling of fullness and provide the nutrition you need to live and flourish.

Keep in mind that the protein formulas are designed to provide the nutrition and energy you need to flourish but are not a substitute for eating what you like. Use them to replace meals like breakfast and lunch but not as a substitute for foods you like.

While you are thinking about the foods you like why not add the protein formulas and reduce the cravings at the same time?

What does that mean? Well those tasty morsels and tidbits get more delicious. :-)

Hope this helps


by: Anonymous

I've used herbal life product Milk shake with Multi vitamin tablet for 15-20 days.I reduced 4-5 pounds.i stopped that i found some allergic recation on my legs .
Please read on I have answered this question many times.

Redness and itchy hands and feet
by: JoJo

I have been on herbalife advance program for 3 weeks now. All of sudden, I was getting redness in my hands and feet. They were itching so badly I had to take a Benadryl when I got home from work at 5am. Also tingling sensation in the hands. I have been on herbalife F1,total control and concentrate tea before. Never experience this. So I stopped all the vitamins for 3 days. Then slowly add one back at a time,process elimination I guess? Redness stopped and itchy hands and feet. So I started back up with the total control and Multivitamins yesterday, and redness of hands and tingly sensations are there. Is this an allergic reaction? The cell u loss and cell activator is new to me. Should I continue?
JoJo, sorry I took do long to answer. My advice is to continue. By now you have made your own decisions. What did you experience?

Herbalife During Pregnancy
by: Anonymous

Hi Tim,

Thank you for your useful tips.

I went ahead with the weight loss program despite being pregnant. Much to the amazement of my gynae, I was losing 1kg a month (He told me I would be in trouble if my weight kept incresing!).

The only 'side effect' I had was a baby that could wake the neighbours up with his cry! As a toddler, he has better reflexes and was much stronger than his brother.

Thank you Herbalife!

period of validity
by: Anonymous

Hi, I've stoped using some products since a moment (about a year). And as there's no expiration date mention on the labelling of the products I'm hesitating to use them. My questions are, can I use them? and Why there's no expiration date on most herbalife's products?
Best regards
Anonymous. You need to use your best judgement. Many Herbalife products do carry expiration dates but most don't because they don't really go bad. Some items may lose flavor after setting for a while but haven't technically gone bad.

Please read the nutrition labels to determine if something in there may not smell right to you. If the product smells okay it is probably fine. 90% of taste is through smell.

Hope this helps


drank too much
by: Anonymous

Hi today is the first time i tried herbalife tea. I accidently poured too much of the powder into 8 oz of water. Right after drinking it I felt dizzy and my body felt extremely shaky and weak. Is this a dangerous side effect? What will it do to my body and what do you recommend I should do?

Anonymous you are probably sensative to caffiene. Always follow the recommend portions for any dietary supplement. Doing too much of one ingredient can cause ill side effects.

I think you have had a reaction to too much caffeine. This will not hurt you but is very uncomfortable. As you become more accustomed to caffeine you will not have these symptoms.

In the mean time try taking half a cup of tea instead of a whole cup. That is what I do. And it makes the supply last longer.

Hope thie helps


exp. date
by: Anonymous

Hi, congratulations for instructing us, you're doing it very well!!! I would like to know... why there's no expiration date on most herbalife products?
Anonymous, actually some Herbalife products do have expiration dates. Most don't because they do not significantly change or breakdown due to age. Some products do contain some natural preservatives in small amounts which are listed on the nutrition labels.

Hope this helps

Not so good results
by: Anonymous

Hi Tim,

Thanks for the clarification and valuable tips.

Total control and herbal tea are not available in India but I am taking Afresh - 3 spn with hot water in morning and 3-4 with a ltr of water (3 ltrs) in a day.

After Herbalife
by: Anonymous

I am considering getting herbalife to lose some weight, I have heard great results I only want to lose a stone. I want to know after you lose the weight and go off herbalife will the weight come back just as quick?
Anonymous, that depends on you. People gain and lose weight in their own way. Look at it like this you didn't gain all the extra weight in a short time. You won't lose it in a short time either.

If you lose the weight gradually it will stay off. If you try to lose a lot of weight all at once when you stop you will gain it all back just as quick.

The trick to losing weight and keeping it off is gradually adjust your body weight down so that your body can get used to the new weight.

I too had the same concerns when I needed to lose 50 pounds. I did lose the 50 pounds and now I have kept it off for 5 years. I still do a diet regimen twice a year to stay at my current weight.

It is not whether your weight loss rebounds when you go off Herbalife, rather whether you continue to maintain the new lower weight.

When you lose weight gradually as opposed to all at once you tend to be more successful at keeping it off. This is because your body has a chance to adapt to the new weight and metabolism.

If you try to lose weight too fast your body can go into starvation mode. That is where your body feels like it is not getting enough fuel to sustain your current weight. When that happens you begin storing fat at an accelerated pace. And is a major factor in weight gain rebound.

What I do to keep the weight off is to continue to eat healthy and take a couple of supplements. Specifically the Total Control metabolism booster. The Herbal Tea Concentrate also a metabolism and energy booster. And of course the Multivitamin Complex.

Hope this helps


Not so good results
by: Anonymous

Hi, I have been using Hebalife since last 20 days- 2 shakes(Morning & night)+ healthy lunch + multivitamins (3 times) + Cell-U-loss (3 times)+ Cell Activator (2 times) + Activated Fibres (3 times)+6-7 ltrs of water.

I have just lost 1 kg whereas I was expecting better result. Could some one please guide me why my results are so poor and what shall I do to get better results. I need to lose at least 20 kg and keep the target of 5 months.
Anonymous, thanks for asking. There are a few reasons why you aren't losing weight at a higher rate. One reason is that your muscle tissue growth rate is keeping pace with your weight loss. Therefore your weight does not appear to be coming down fast, but in fact your muscle to fat ratio is improving.

Another possible reason is just the opposite your metabolism isn't kicking into high gear. Meaning you are not using your fat stores as a fuel source. Instead your body is happy with the nutrition you are giving it. Therefore you are able to maintain your current body weight with the nutrition you are giving it.

A third reason you aren't losing weight is that you are cheating. The program needs to be done consistently over a period of time. Taking weekends off or sneaking a high calorie snack here and there can interupt the process. If that is the case then you are basically starting over every time.

Let's assume this is not the case and you are faithfully following the instructions. In this case you have reached a weight loss plateau. Your body has achieved homeostatis or the tendency to maintain a stable constant condition.

Many weight loss coaches will tell you to stay the course, just keep going and eventually it will work. WRONG!! You need to change something. The idea is to get your fat burning furnace to turn on.

Following are several articles that may help you understand what to do next.
Weight Loss Plateaus
Weight Loss Tips
Fat Loss Basics 101
Green Tea Facts

I noticed from your description of the products you listed that you haven't included any metabolism boosters in your diet. Herbalife has two excellent metabolism boosters that you may be interested in. They are:
Herbal Tea Concentrate
Total Control

Hope this helps


Leg Swelling
by: worried

Hi there,
I have been consuming Herbalife for two days and my leg has swollen really big. 6 months ago, when i started the herbal life, i had this problem which then i ignore and continue to the level where i was hospitalised for 5 days, i couldnt drink or eat that 5 days...then i started to slowly recovered. A friend of mine suggested me to try again and i am facing the same problem. Please help.
Dear worried, you may be experiencing an allergic reaction to an ingredient in one of the Herbalife products. I am not a doctor so I can't diagnose you. You may want to take the products with you the next time you see your doctor. Show him/her the product labels and ask if there is something you are reacting too.

It is possible that you may be allergic to a particular food that is in the product. For instance some people are deathly allergic to fish and others are very allergic to citrus fruits. Yet these two food groups are considered to be high quality nutrition.

In the mean time it would be best to discontinue using the product until you know what the cause of your swelling is.

Hope this helps


Skin and Nails
by: Kristen

I have been using the core products for a little over a month now, I've lost 15 lbs. so far and feel amazing!

I started the 21-day Cleanse 3 days ago and am having a couple of issues. First, I am red and tingly on my hands; Could this be an allergic reaction to the product? Second, I have been noticing an odor coming from my fingernails. It smells just like the pills, and the only place that smells are my fingernails! Do you think that the smell will seep to other parts of my body? (GROSS!!)
I would also like to mention that I am also taking Vitamins A, E, and a women's daily multiple.. Not sure if they would react with the product to cause this..?
Is all of this normal? If so, when will it stop?
Kristen you may be surprised to learn that these symptoms are normal for new dieters. What is happening is called cellular retracing. That is where the body discards weaker or poorer tissues and cells for healthier cells, due to the improved nutrition.

With the improved nutrition your body retraces itself. A side effect of that is the elimination of toxins, pollutants and fat cells that have accumulated over time.

Skin, hair and fingernails do release odor as a result of cellular retracing. For some this is more pronounced than for others. The good news is that once these toxins and pollutants are eliminated the odor will subside.

You know how really bad some people smell when they have been sweating a lot and some don't. This is the result of poor nutrition. You are what you eat. When you sweat you mostly release water which is odorless. It is what else that is being released that smells bad.

Most likely the itching and redness are also due to the skin releasing toxins and pollutants. This should also subside over time (about 2 weeks).

Both of these symptoms are normal for some people. A positive side effect of this is that it indicates that your immune system is getting stronger.

Hope this helps


Thank-you for replying, Tim
by: Sunshine

Tim, Thank-you for replying to my story. Now, on your question on; Did the doctor specify known/ or point out which ingredients was the culprit? Honest, no, the doctor was only going by the questions he was asking me. He did take some blood, and urine culture, but they came back normal. Next question; Did he tell me exactly what was happen? Not really, again, doc. just asking,"What did I changed in past." And, no the doctor didn't really say at the else. After all, he said,"It could be cause of many things". The doctor diagosis me with pruritus: itch, ("Huh! what i said".??) I hope this information helps you to the point of the investigation. I do want to restart on the program, but I dont know yet. Again, thank-you for taking the time/ Have a good one.
Sunshine please refer to my post of Feb. 12 "What sypmtoms to expect when you improve your diet." Better yet here is a link to the article.
Customer Care Packet

Hope this helps


side effects (hepatitis)
by: Vick

I have just read a report about a link between some herbalife products and hepatitis http://www.centres-antipoison.net/CCTV/Rapport_CCTV_Herbalife_2009.pdf
I do believe in the quality of the products, but I still would like to be sure about the assesments of this report. I'm using herbalife products since 2004 and I'm satisfied, I do!!!! Even if this report is not conclusive - for me - I think that it's important to weigh it. Your view count for me. Keep doing your good job.
Best regards,
Vick, thanks for the input. Unfortunately my French is poor. So I am unable to read this document. Perhaps you can enlighten us on the particulars of the document.

If anyone else can read this and has an opinion please respond. I think it is important to understand it there is a relationship between Herbalife products and hepatitis.


digestive problem
by: Anonymous

Hi Tim, hope u well. Most of my friends using F1 complained after 2 weeks they couldn't go to toilet for days. Some said is very hard to pass a bowel. I asked if them to use fibre and herbs. They all using but same problems. 1 of them stopped using f1 for a while and it got better. What do u think is the problem.
Anonymous it is difficult to group a bunch of people together with the same problems and assess the reason.

My guess would be that these friends either have the same pre-existing condition (not likely) or they are experiencing side effects associated with starting a weight loss program.

Here is an excerpt from a document called:
by: Dr. Stanley Bass, ND, DC, PhC

If I were asked which is the area of greatest
misunderstanding and confusion in the field of
nutrition, I would definitely be forced to reply, it is the failure to properly understand and
interpret the symptoms and changes, which follow the beginning of a better program.

A better nutritional program is introduction of foods of higher quality in place of lower quality ones. The quality of a nutritional program is also
improved by omitting toxic substances such as coffee, tea, chocolate, tobacco, salt, pepper, etc. Remarkable things begin to happen to the body as well as the mind. When the quality of the food coming into the body is of higher quality than the tissues, which the body is made of, the body begins to discard the lower grade materials and tissues to make room for the superior, which it uses to make the newer and healthier tissues.

They do not understand that the body is ?retracing?. The skin is becoming more alive and
active. The toxins being discarded are saving you from much more serious diseases which will result if you keep them in your body too much longer. Possibility: hepatitis, kidney disorders, blood
disease, heart disease, arthritis, nerve degeneration, or even cancer. Be happy that you are ?paying your bills? now in an easy payment plan. With some: colds or even fever may occur. THIS IS NATURES WAY OF HOUSECLEANING.
Understand that those actions are CONSTRUCTIVE, even though unpleasant at the moment, DO NOT try to stop these symptoms by the use of certain drugs. These symptoms are a part of the curing process.
Read full article: Customer Success Guide

Hope this helps


Could a person get a allergic reaction on herbelife?
by: Sunshine

I was introduced to herbalife two, and half weeks ago by my little sister. I started to take it two times a day. In the morning, and in the evening. Then, on a friday, I came home, and starting running on my treadmill. I had this burning sensation on both of my hands, and they were itching really bad. I didnt think anything of it, at the time. Then the burning and itching with red patches of rash started to go up to my elbows. I stopped and was very curious about it. I thought i got in to something. I just had a like lunch that noon. That night, it got worse the itching, and the burning could (not be) stopped. So, I didn't sleep at all. Thinking the next day I will be fine, but no, on Saturday, I felt like my skin on my legs, and arms were on fire. I had a bad day, when my clothes, or when I walked it hurt. That night: again, I didn't sleep at all. So, the next Sunday, I went to ER, and the doctor was asking me questions? Like; have you changed anything lately? I said, "I been taking herbalife weight loss program for two, and half weeks."
The doctor ran some tests, doctor said, "Looks, like cause of the itching, rash and burning is from the shake that your taking."
So for now, I've stopped taking it, and the itch, and the rash is gone. Also, I'm on prednisone (medication) for inflammation. I dont get it. I'm I just too sensitive. I did like the product, and I did lose some pounds, but this had to happen.
Sunshine, thank you for your input. The answer is yes, almost. It would be unfair to say that the shake mix has caused your itching and rash. That is like saying I got ill because I'm allergic to food.

More than likely it may be one particular ingredient or too much of it that caused this. Also it is more than likely that the medication you are taking is interacting with an ingredient in the shake mix, but not the whole product.

Have you considered that it is possible that the rash is caused by the medication. I certainly am not recommending that you stop taking your medication. But have you considered this combination may be the cause of your allergic reaction.

I do recommend that you stop taking the Herbalife products. Your health is very important and anything even remotely connected to an adverse reaction should be discontinued.

However as dietary supplements Herbalife products are intended to provide you with superior nutrition to help improve your health. Certainly no company on earth would knowingly sell products that caused allergic reactions.

May I ask you a few questions? Did your doctor specify which ingredient was the culprit? Did s/he tell you exactly what was happening? Or did s/he say "it looks like" the condition is caused by the shakes?

I would appreciate your input so that I can pass your info to other readers.



I became a distributor in January 2010, I faithfully used all the products and felt great for some time, in May I had my annual physical and was healthy. I started feeling tired around the end of May so I ordered the 21 Day Herbal Cleanse. I started the 21 Day cleanse the first week of June, following all label instructions to the letter as I did with all my Herbalife products. I woke up June 20, 2010 with chills and a high fever of 104.8 and severe abdominal pain. My wife wanted me to go to the emergency room but I told her it was probobly a bug and would pass, it did not and after three days of excruciating pain I went to the hospital. My colon was almost completely clogged and ruptured, I had emergency surgery to remove 90% of my colon and appendix. I woke up with a colostomy bag and spent almost a week in the hospital. I spent three months recovering from surgery, and then I had the remaining six inches on either end of my colon reconnected. I quit using Herbalife products after my first surgery as the shakes would bind me up, no matter how much water I drank, I would not have any bowel movement for days. I contacted Herbalife and was asked what products I had been taking, I gave a list of all products and lot numbers and expressed concerns that labels should state that products may not be safe for everybody and I could no longer sell a product that I felt was unsafe, Heralife offered to repurchase most of my products. I had a very bad experience with Herbalife products and could not recommend them to anyone. While I cannot prove the Herbalife products caused my colon to clog and rupture, I can say for a fact that I had a colonoscopy 18 months earlier and my colon was healthy.
Jeffrey Raum, Sharpsburg, Ga.
Jeffery, I owe you an apology. I must admit that I felt it was not a good idea (for me) to post this comment. And decided to ignore it, until now.

But after re-reading it several times I realized that this side effect can happen to some people, and should be made known.


hips and thighs
by: Anonymous

Cell-U-Loss for excess fluid control.Anonymous, Herbalife does have a product that targets those obstinate pounds that don't want to leave the butt, hips and thigh regions. It is called Cell-U-Loss.

CUL may help reduce fluid retention and the appearance of cellulite. Much of the excess weight in the lower abdominal and thigh areas is the result of water retention and cellulite. CUL contains several diuretic herbs that may help.

You may also wish to consume more than your usual amount of water per day. Water retention occurs because the body stores it to prevent dehydration. By consuming excess water the body will reverse this action and start to shed the excess water it had stored.

Hope this Helps


im not sure about them pls help
by: Anonymous

Hi I suffered from thyroid cancer about 2 years ago so I did full surgery to remove thyroid and took radio active pills and now im taking eltroxin tablets as a replacement. My question is, can I take Herbalife products to lose weight? thanks.
Anonymous, while most Herbalife products are generally safe for most people they may not be safe for everyone. Especially for those that are on prescribed medication or have existing medical conditions.

My best advice would be to consult with your doctor before starting any weight loss program. Your doctor should know if there would be any interaction between the medications you are taking and ingredients in the Herbalife Products.

The best thing you can do is take a copy of the nutrition labels of the product to your doctor and ask him/her if they are safe for you to use.

I publish the nutrition labels where ever possible on this site. You can download them. If you are concerned about the safety of an ingredient, please consult with your doctor before taking the product.

Herbalife does have a help line you can call for advice. The number is 1(866) 617-4273 You can also see information on the science behind Herbalife at this website HerbalifeScience.com

Hope this helps


urine acid
by: michelle

My husband has high cholesterol and urine acid. He takes shake and protein twice day. His cholesterol reduce to normal but urine acid more highier than before. Please assist.
Michelle sorry I took so long to answer this one. I started researching to see if there may be a cause and effect from ingredients in Shake mix that may be contributing to the high urine acid.

High uric acid in urine is the result of the normal breakdown of cells in our body. Most uric acid is eliminated from the body through the kidneys (urine).

The Shake mix may help be contributing to the high uric acid in urine. Because the Shake Mix supplies abundant nutrition that may help repair, rejuvenate or rebuild old, weak, dead or dying cells in lieu of new healthier cells. This action may be releasing higher than normal uric acid into the blood stream. The Shake Mix may also be helping with lowering cholesterol for these same reasons.

Hope this helps


Can Herbalife help for spot fat reduction?
by: lynn

Can Herbalife help in losing fat round my large sections but not from the rest of me? I have a small build & my upper body is thin but my hips, thighs & seat are big and have been getting bigger. I spend hours at my workdesk. I am not overweight. A Herbalife consultant said that I was 2kg underweight but could still benefit from F1 & herbal teas. I do not want to lose weight from my upper body which would then look scrawny.
Cell-U-Loss for excess fluid control.Lynn, yes indeed Herbalife has a product that targets mid-section flabbiness. This type of excess weight is usually due to the accumulation of cellulite and excess fluids.

To target cellulite and excess fluid accumulation try Cell-U-Loss. This unique vitamin, mineral and herbal formula is designed to assist in the elimination of cellulite, waste and excess fluids from your body.

Key Benefits:
1. A combination of calcium and potassium helps regulate fluids.
2. A blend of herbs, including buchu, uva ursi and corn silk, have natural aquaretic (fluid mobilizing) properties.
3. Includes lecithin, apple cider vinegar and vitamin C.

Excess fluid accumulation is usually the result of too low an intake of fluids. Weird as this sounds it's true. The body will do anything it can to prevent dehydration including storing excess water. In women this excess fluid is typically stored in the lower abdomen and thigh areas. In men excess fluid accumulates mostly around the stomach. For more information on water retension read this article The Benefits of Water

It is true you can benefit from using the F1 shake mix and herbal tea to gain weight. But, instead of using them as meal replacement to lose weight you use them in addition to a regular diet to gain weight.

Hope this helps


Contain Guar Gum in Herbalife Product F1 Shakes
by: Linda

Hi, I noticed that the F1 shake mix contains 'Guar Gum' which was banned in 1990 by USFDA. Can you explain why the F1 shakes contain this?
Linda, this question kind of took me by surprise. :) A lot of ideas went through my head, for a quick response, but the one that seemed most appropriate was; Gosh I haven't researched this, yet.

Herbalife ShapeWorks Formula 1 - Nutritional Shake Mix
F1 Nutritional Shake Mix

I did some research and found out that Guar Gum is the ground endosperm (or inner liner) of the Guar been. Grown primarily in Pakistan and India and smaller crops in the U.S. Austrailia, China and Africa. Th Guar been is high in protein and oil and used in many recipes and other applications.

In food Guar gum is used as an emulsifier. Simply speaking an emulsifier adds thickness and cohesion to the recipe. This allows for various shapes, sizes and textures to be achieved. Think shakes, cakes, bakes, soups and snacks. Guar gum is widely used worldwide in many beverages, foods and supplements.

So, why was Guar Gum banned by the USFDA in 1990?

Turns out the FDA only banned one diet pill, Cal-Ban 3000, for causing swelling of the esophagus. This particular pill's main ingredient was Guar Gum. 17 cases of esophageal swelling were reported, 10 required hospitalization and one later died from a blood clot after surgery.

This resulted in the FDA setting restrictions of usage of Guar gum in foods in the U.S. These restrictions are still in force today.

I can't speak to why Herbalife uses Guar Gum in the Formula 1 Shake mix. But it is listed as an "other ingredient" which means that is not in significant amounts to be listed in the main nutrition label. Concentrations of other ingredients are typically less than 1% of the whole recipe.

Hope this helps


flutters and palpations
by: Anonymous

Hi,I've been trying herbalife aloe vera, herbal energy tea and also the shake for almost 3 weeks and I love it. However I'm experiencing flutters and palpations again. This happen before when I was taking phenomine diet pills. Anyway should I stop taking the herbalife products, well the tea?
Herbal Concentrate - Green Tea Mix with select botanicals.Sorry I took so long answering this. I actually did but for some reason it didn't stick. The flutters and palpations may be from a caffeine sensitivity. The tea does have caffeine in it. You could either stop using the tea or keep using it. Eventually you will get used to caffeine and the flutters and palpations should recede.

However, the energy boost from the Herbal Tea is well worth it. Green tea is well known for it's thermojetic (fat burning) properties. I use the tea everyday to give me an energy boost and to fight off the afternoon slow-downs.

Hope this helps.


Love Herbalife
by: Janet

Well I am a breastfeeding mother and have been taking the product for 5 months now and I love it, my baby has been great nothing wrong with her shes healthy. I have lost 40 pounds and love the way I feel. I have so much energy I love this product and will recomend it to anyone!
Janet, that is wonderful, and very helpful too. I sometimes get questions about whether or not it is safe to breastfeed your baby while on Herbalife products.

There is some controversy on this issue. Of course the doctors at Herbalife say it is important to read the nutrition label before using any weight loss product.

For the most part the products are safe. However Herbalife does put warnings on some of their products. For instance the Total Control dietary supplement has this warning.

"Caution: This product is not recommended for use by children, pregnant or lactating women." And goes on to say that each tablet contains 84mg of caffeine. Caffeine sensitive people may experience temporary symptoms.

The shake mix on the other hand has no such warning and does not contain any caffeine.

Kid's Nutritional Shake MixIf you (or anyone else) needs information about a product please look for the "view product label" links on the website. I try to include these on all product pages.

Herbalife even has products specifically for infants and kids. You can see those here. Kids Nutrition".

The Herbalifekids? line includes great tasting shakes in 3 flavors,chewable multivitamins in sports shapes and fruit flavored liquid vitamin for toddlers and infants.

costumer complaint
by: victor

Tim pls need your help on this, is quite urgent. Thanks for the good work, any ways u are a legend.

How can I stop craving bad junk food and sweets. I have a sweet tooth and now a days when I drink shake, I got gastric probs. I got mostly headache before I was having shake morning and night.

I have acidity and gastric probs too. I'm taking pills also...so many 6tab a time thrise a day. Are they safe? I'm talking about herbalife tablets...pls suggest me..coz now a days I m gaining weight very fast.

I m forty years old and I want t lose twelve kg...pls help me and suggest me...I have joined gym last week and going one hr walk also frm last few days..bt nothing is changed...I can't control my sweet tooth.... Pls reply
Victor, a lot of questions to answer and thanks for the kind words. I decided to address the one about craving junk food on a separate page. Look at "Stop Craving Junk Food for my reply.

You do seem to be taking a lot of pills. Are you refering to anti-acid pills? Or Herbalife dietary supplements (tablets). If you are refering too Herbalife tablets then 6 tabs thrice a day is too many. Without knowing what your taking I can't make an accurte assesment of what you can eliminate or continue with.

Herbal Aloe ConcentrateIf you are referring to anti-acid pills then there is something better. Do you know about the aloe plant and how well its juice works for external skin problems. Aloe juice is great for burns, scrapes, irritations and inflammation. Well it works just as good internally.

To help rebuild and repair your cells internally try Herbal Aloe Concentrate. HAC supports internal cleansing and digestive health.

Herbal Aloe Concentrate (or drink) is an ideal replacement for sodas and other carconated beverages. Simply mix 3 capfuls in 8oz. of water and enjoy. The lemon twist gives it a tangy flavor. Or mix it with other juices and beverages. For faster results drink 3 -8oz glasses a day.

Victor I understand your concern with not losing weight while on the Herbalife products. But an out of control sweet tooth is counteracting desired effects of the shakes.

I have been there done that and it is no fun. It wasn't until I got a hold of my snacking habits that things changed. Go ahead and read what I replied here.. Stop Craving Junk Food

Typical Weight loss?
by: Mngirrl90

I have a question or a few of them....What is the typical weight loss per a week for a female? Are there any side effects I need to worry about? If I follow the program (two meal replacements and a healthy dinner a day...)religiously,how long will it be until I see results?
Mngirll90, typical weight loss is kind or arbitrary. Your current weight and level of obesity are big factors in average weight loss. A safe weight loss is between 3-5 pounds per week.

However some people who carry a lot of excess fluids may experience 10-15 pounds of weight loss per week. Depending on how much of the extra weight is in fat as opposed to fluid retention.

So let's say your desire is to safely lose 50 pounds. Safely means losing enough to be healthy but not so slowly that it takes forever. At 3-5 pounds per week it should take between 10-16 weeks.

As I said earlier if you are shedding a lot of water weight along with burning fat you may experience up to 10 pounds per week. However as you discard the water weight you see lower results in the future because you have less water to shed.

Fortunately most people do not experience any side effects from losing weight. However a lot of complications can develop from losing weight too fast.

ShapeWorks Multivitamin Complex - with over 22 vitamins and minerals.Malnutrition is something to worry about while dieting. The Herbalife ShapeWorks programs recommend that you supplement with herbal enhancers and vitamins to ensure you are getting proper nutrition.

Along with the 2 shakes and one healthy meal you should add the Multivitamins and the Cell Activator. These two supplements can ensure that you are getting enough nutrition. The Cell Activator will help increase your nutrient absorption from food.

Please read below about other side effects you may experience during a weight loss program

It is very good for me
by: selvakumar

I am taking the herbalife products for past five days ie, deep cleansing period.
Now I have fever due to consuming this product.
how please reply me sir.
My email id. is (removed by moderator)

S, that is actually not an uncommon reaction to body cleansing. It is not the products that are causing your discomfort but the waste you are cleaning out. The products are working as intended.

It takes as long as 2 weeks to clean out the toxins and pollutants that have accumulated over the years. During this period your body is going through what is called cellular retracing.

To repair, rebuild or remove unhealthy cells they must first be purged of toxins and pollutants. When this happens the toxins are released back into the blood stream to be removed by the Kidneys and Liver.

Unfortunately as the blood circulates the toxins in it can cause such discomforts as fever, headaches even rashes. This is a sign that your body is expelling the pollutants and toxins. It actually is the desired result of deep cleaning.

The good news is that once the system is fully cleaned out you will feel much better than before you started.

To get a better understanding of what is happening please read this article: Body Cleansing


by: Anonymous

Just read a Products alert warning from 5/18/08 on Fraud Discovery Institute - that states that Herbalife products contain high amounts of lead. Is this true, when I look at the ingredients I see no lead, unless they are calling it something else. Could you please clarify?
That is not true. Here is part of the press release.

Title: Herbalife Says No Lead Issue
Date: 6/8/2008 2:34:01 PM

LOS ANGELES, Jun 08, 2008 (BUSINESS WIRE) -- Testing conducted at a leading independent laboratory has confirmed that Herbalife products do not contain levels of lead that would require labeling under California Proposition 65 disclosure requirement. The company added to its ongoing compliance program by conducting extensive retesting of multiple product batches at the prestigious independent laboratories Covance (for U.S.) and Eurofins (for EU) before responding to recent allegations.
There was never any health or safety issue with Herbalife products. Inaccurate and misleading information released by a group that calls itself an independent fraud-discovery organization led to sensational media and online news coverage. The group's founder Barry Minkow admits profiting from "puts" on Herbalife stock. Read full posts

To put on weight
by: Prasad

My apologies to Prasad. His question and my answer were removed accidentally. So I will try to recreate the question for him. Prasad, help me out if I get it wrong.
Prasad indicated that he was underweight and had been recommended by a friend to try Herbalife Formula 1 nutritional shake mix to help him gain weight.
ShapeWorks Nutritional Shake Mix.Absolutely it will. When combined with a regular diet, F1 will give you the nutrition you need to gain weight.

The premise for losing weight is to get the nutrition you need to lose weight healthily. Usually that means replacing meals with F1. So you can get the nutrition you need while reducing your caloric intake.

The corollary to that would be to increase the nutrition you need to gain weight. Ideally you would want to convert that extra nutrition into muscles. Just adding calories could result in just adding fat.

So, a regular diet plus F1 nutritional shake mix plus moderate exercise should build up your muscle mass. Typically this would call for 3 nutritional shakes a day along with regular meals.

To learn more read this article; Gain Weight

does F1 accelerate cancer cells
by: victor

Hello tim, need the answer to this asap pls. A friend of mine is using F1 and 2,she just got back from home (Italy) to tell me her doctor said F1 accelerates cancer cells. I know this is so unreal but I need a proof to show her that F1 is actually food and safe for every 1.
Hello Victor, that is one of the most absurd things I have heard regarding F1 (nutritional shake mix). Certainly it would not be on the market world-wide if there was any indication what so ever that it even close to being true.

Actually just the opposite is true. F1 and F2 encourages the repair and growth of healthy cells, while promoting elimination of unhealthy cells. This is called retracing.

If anything F1 would fight cancer. F1 Nutritional Shake Mix contains many cancer fighting herbs and antioxidants including:
  • Ascorbic acid - Vitamin C fights cancer
  • Aminogen - protease enzymes
  • Calcium Pantothenate - Builds antibodies
  • Hawthorn Berry - Laboratory studies show a strong indication of helpfulness with leukemia, throat cancer and lupus.
  • Vitamin A, B6, B12 E - necessary for health and well being

I could go on but my response space is limited. Suffice it to say that F1 and F2 Multivitamins have more cancer fighting ingredients than many doctors would not like their patients to know about.

Cancer can be the result of a nutrient deficiency. When the immune system isn't strong enough to fight off cancer cells they can multiply into tumors.

Obviously getting proper nutrition and improving your immune system will go a long way in preventing cancer. Formula 1 and F2 are designed to improve your nutrition and a side effect of that is a stronger immune system.

Warning: before you believe anything your doctor tells you make sure they are qualified. That means they need to have an education in the science of nutrition. Even oncologist (cancer specialists) may not know what nutritional products are good for you and how they can help.

Strong Urine smell
by: Anonymous

Have you had any comments about strong/strange urine smell? I have been on the Core products for 3 weeks and am now experiencing this. Should I be alarmed?
No, do not be alarmed. This is one of the least worrisome side effects. It is an indication that your body is cleaning itself. Strong urine smell indicates that your kidneys are working good.

One of the keys to weight loss is getting your circulatory system clean and functioning at optimum efficiency. This is done through the actions of the kidneys and liver.

The strong smell is fine don't worry.

Hope this helps


by: Anonymous

I have been using Herbalife for approximately two weeks - On week two, I broke out in hives from head to toe. I have no known allergies to soy or shellfish. Could this be an allergic reaction to Herbalife?
Probably not here is an excerpt from Dr. Stanley Bass: A better nutritional program is introduction of foods of higher quality in place of lower quality ones. The quality of a nutritional program is also improved by omitting toxic substances such as coffee, tea, chocolate, tobacco, salt, pepper, etc. Remarkable things begin to happen to the body as well as the mind. When the quality of the food coming into the body is of higher quality than the tissues, which the body is made of, the body begins to discard the lower grade materials and tissues to make room for the superior, which it uses to make the newer and healthier tissues.

When the use of a toxin is suddenly stopped, headaches, nausea and skin irritations are common. This is due to the discard by the body of toxins which are transported by the bloodstream during it's many bodily rounds. Before noxious
agents reach their final destinations, these irritants register in our consciousness as pain - headaches (sometimes skin irritations). Usually, within three days, the symptoms vanish and we feel stronger due to the recuperation that follows.

The toxins being discarded are saving you from much more serious diseases which will result if you keep them in your body too much longer. Possibility: hepatitis, kidney disorders, blood disease, heart disease, arthritis, nerve degeneration, or even cancer. Be happy that you are "paying your bills" now in an easy payment plan.

Hope this helps


Read full article Customer Care Packet

Small doubt
by: Anonymous

Hi,I am using this product from last 2 weeks and I lost 2 Kgs without exercise. Could you pls tell do I suffer with any side effects after stoping this product. Pls help me I am really in confusion


Keerthi, the simple answer is no you won't suffer side effects from discontinuing use of any Herbalife products.

The Herbalife products are intended to improve your quality of nutrition. The ideal side effects are improved lifestyle through proper nutrition. Discontinuing the product may lead to a resumption of whatever nutrition solution you were trying to correct.

For instance let's say you went on a ShapeWorks diet to lose weight. Your goal was to lose say 30 pounds. When you reached that goal you discontinued the diet and resumed a regular diet.

If you then gained all that weight back it would be a result on improper nutrition not a failure of the Herbalife diet.

Another example; let's say you were using the Herbal Tea Concentrate to give yourself an energy boost in the afternoon. When you ran out of the product you again had afternoon fatigue. That could be considered a side effect of discontinuing the Herbalife product. But that isn't the fault of discontinuing the product rather due to a discontinuation of an energy booster in general.

Congratulations on your 2kg weight loss, that is great! :-)

Hope this helps


problem of low blood pressure
by: Anonymous

Hi, from india. I was using f1 and f3 two months back and I reduced my weight to a good extent. Going through your reviews I found I too got the same side effects like diarrhea and headache problem but my friend from whom I had taken to use explained me this is not to worry as it is why it happens. But I even started getting problems of low blood pressure and when I visited doc confirmed me i was having low blood pressure. So I stopped using it. Is this due to using of this products. pls. explain me. I heard the same low bp problem from one more my friend. I want to start it again. so pls help me.
Anonymous, I wonder if your friends and your doc have proper training in nutrition science. Do they? If not, then they don't know what they are saying.

However, Herbalife is very good at putting warnings and cautions on their product labels. So I looked on the labels for F1 and F3. The F3 label has no such notice on it. The F1 label says this:

"Before using this product, or beginning any weight loss program it is advisable to consult with a physician. This is especially important for individuals with chronic kidney problems or insulin-dependant diabetes."

No where in my research have I seen anything on Herbalife products being related to low blood pressure, except for the Heart Health products that are intended to help.

Note: The F1 label does have the "Heart Smart" logo on it. This logo is awarded by the Americam Medical Association (I think) for products that can help with heart health. That alone should tell you that it is an excellent product.

Hope this helps

by: Anonymous

Hi,I have been taking f1, cell-u-loss, cell activator, F2 multivitamin, Total Control and herbal concentrate. For the past 2 days I feel dizzy, headache, colds and nausea, I read that total control has caffeine so in the mean time I stop total control and herbal concentrate. Will I still lose weight taking only these products?
Surprisingly your symptoms are common to new dieters. It may not be the caffeine at all that is causing this reaction. But if you are not a regular caffeine drinker you may experience symptoms like the jitters or headache from the caffeine.

Caffeine is a stimulant and wouldn't cause cold like symptoms. Losing weight tends to detoxify the body. Which can result in cold like symptoms. This is actually a good sign because it means your body is cleaning out junk that accumulates over time.

The good news is that these symptoms are temporary. Once you are detoxified you should feel even better than before. Usually this process takes about a week or two. The great news is that your immune system will be much stronger as a result.

My suggestion is to give the Total Control (TC) and the Herbal Tea Concentrate (HTC) a rest until you feel better. Then in a week or two resume usage.

Total Control - Product Page.On the other hand Total Control is my favorite fat burning herbal enhancer. TC and Herbal Tea Concentrate contain green tea, which is well known for it's weight loss enhancing properties.

The typical reaction to Total Control and Herbal Tea Concentrate is a boosted metabolism. Which in turn stokes up your fat burning furnace. For enhanced fat burning you want to keep your metabolism up. Small doses of caffeine can do this. The amount of caffeine in TC and HTC is equal to about one cup of coffee.

Yes, you should lose weight if you stick to your program. But you could lose the weight faster with TC and HTC.

Hope this helps


Do you mean mixing all of it
by: Anonymous

Hello Tim, Victor here, I am interested on this post (Right way to take herbalife to gain muscle.) She said she is on F1,2,3 plus other enhancers right? You said to take 15g of protein before and after work out and recommended the 'bulk muscle drink'.

Are you saying she should swap the formulas for the bulk protein drink or she should use them all together? Won't the protein in take be too much? Or could the formulas do the job alone.

For me I have lost the weight I needed and my muscles have grown by using F1,2,3. Now I am trying to get ripped, but I dont think the formulas are up for the job as I remain the same. What's your say on this?
Victor, thanks for asking. Here's what happens when you workout. The muscles in your body burn energy or calories. The two main sources of this energy are the muscle tissue itself and the stored energy in fat.

Muscle is made up mostly of protein. When you do strenuous exercise you are burning the protein in your muscles. Working out will burn more protein than moderate exercise which tends to burn more fat.

To gain muscle mass you want to feed your muscles to build them up. By consuming 15g or more of protein before you work out gives your muscles the energy they need to burn calories. By consuming 15g of protein after you work out gives your muscles the building material they need to grow.

Therefore, when you want to get ripped you want to feed the muscle and burn the fat.

Burn The Fat, Feed The Muscle e-bookIf you don't feed the muscle and work out you could burn the muscles off your body instead of the fat.

The Muscle protein drink by Herbalife has 31g of protein per serving. Obviously this high concetration is intended for people who want to gain muscle mass. Whereas the formulas 1,2,3 at a lower concentration are intended to give you the energy you need to burn fat.

To build muscle you need to consume more protein than if you just want to lose weight. To answer your question. No, she should not swap the formulas 1,2,3 for the 'Muscle' drink. But rather she may want to add the extra protein to feed the muscle. And use the formulas to burn the fat.

For the passionate body building enthusiast I recommend the 'Muscle Drink' in addition to the formulas 1,2,3. For the regular dieter that wants to replace fat with muscles, I recomend the protein snacks and beverages in addition to the formulas 1,2,3.

Hope this helps


Right way to take herbalife to Gain muscle?
by: Anonymous

I am a 32 y/o female who wants to build muscle mass while losing weight. How do I properly take Herbalife to do this? I have the F1 shake mix, protein powder, Cell-U-Loss, Herbal Aloe Drink, and Multivitamins. I plan on beginning to work out soon. Am I missing anything?
When proper nutrition and moderate exercise are combined you should see your weight go up in the right places, and your fatty areas decrease.

To gain muscle mass and keep it you should consume 15 grams of protein before and after working out.

Herbalife has several products that are high in protein content that are excellent for muscle building.

Protein beverage mix- low carb health snackProtein Beverage Mix - 7 Packets/box Energize yourself with a cool, tangy, energy boosting beverage. Contains 15g of protein per serving.

Herbalife high protein, low carb protein drink packets.Protein Drink Mix - 14 Packets/box 15 grams of hunger satisfying protein, stimulates energy production throughout the day. Includes up to 20 essential vitamins and minerals for an overall good health snack.

Protein Energy Bars, the perfect protein snack.Protein Energy Bars - 14 bars/box A satisfying and delicious addition to any weight loss program. Each bar is packed with protein, vitamins, minerals and nutrition to give you an energy boost.

Hope this helps


Can you lose weight with the product without exercising?
by: victor

Me and my wife have been on f1,2,and 3.it has worked out for me that I lost 2 trouser sizes in 2 months and shaped up well in muscles cause I go to gym regularly.

My wife has not seen any result what so ever but she is not active either. Does her not exercising has any thing to do with her not losing weight?
She was size 10 when we got married 2 years ago now she is 16 despite all my effort to make her go to gym with me but all to avail. Pls what can you advice cause this is causing problems in our marriage. Thanks
Victor I am not a marriage counselor but my advice would be to stop pressuring your wife to start working out.

The Herbalife weight loss programs do recommend that you do moderate exercise along with the products to lose weight.

Personally I don't exercise that much myself. So going to the gym is not my first choice either. However before Herbalife I drove my car everywhere I needed to go, even if it was only down the street.

Did you know that even simple walking is considered moderate exercise. For me I decided that if I could walk somewhere I would. And then the pounds started to fall off fast. Now I walk everywhere I can, and have kept the weight off.

Total Control - Revolutionary herbal supplement controls appetite so you can burn fat.The idea is to boost your metabolism and use fat as a fuel source. By going to the gym you are getting your metabolism going. But you don't have too boost your metabolism by working out regularly. There are other ways, even herbal supplements.

You may want to consider adding a metabolism booster to your wife's weight loss plan. My choice was Total Control

One good way to get your fat burning furnace going is to change your metabolic rate. When your body gets accustomed to being at rest it doesn't use fat as a fuel source. For me the extra energy I got from Total Control was the trick to get my fat burning furnace up to temp.

Hope this helps


concern for my health
by: Anonymous

I was taking the Herbalife shake mix and the Herbal Concentrate Tea. I did a research on Herbalife products and saw that theres actually people who have died from taking Herbalife and I'm really concerned about my health. Can you please give me an advice on what I should do?
Whoa, that is a pretty strong claim you've made there. I to have heard these claims and find that most of them are unfounded.

There is also research that proves Herbalife products have helped extend life. I would love to direct you to the Herbalife official medical pages but those pages are only available to Herbalife distributors. So I am not allowed to publish the links.

If you have health issues related to obesity before you start a weight loss program you should consult a physician first.

Herbalife products carry this recommendation on their weight loss products. If you are in generally good health, just overweight, then you most likely would not have any problems.

Most people are not allergic to food, but some are allergic to certain types of food. For example, some people are allergic to fish. Some Herbalife (and other manufacturers) products do contain fish oil.

Herbal Concentrate - Green Tea Mix with select botanicals.Certain products have Cautions written right on the label. The Herbal Concentrate Tea for example has this:

Notice Anyone, especially children, pregnant or lactating women, should consult a physician before considering any weight control program.

On this website I have tried to include the product labels for each product where possible.

Here is the product label for Herbal Concentrate Tea. View Product Label (PDF)

Hope this helps


First Day experience
by: Cuckoo

Thanks for your reply. Yesterday was my first day of herbalife. I have started takeing Formula 1 only in breakfast, Cell Activator and Afresh 3 times a day. I took proper lunch and a very light dinner. Is this ok to reduce 10 kgs in 2 months? Is this a healthy plan? Because today i am feeling bit strange. My head is feeling heavy. Should I continue this?
Cuckoo, yes that should work provided you couple it with moderate exercise. It is important that you keep your metabolism up. The Afresh will help but you still need to burn calories for it to be effective.

In your case because you are only having one shake a day you will want to have other means of getting your daily nutrition requirements.

Herbalife Meal Planner Success Guide
Meaning well balanced meals. You need to have the proper amount of protein and carbohydrates along with essential nutrients to get the fat burning furnace going and keep you feeling full.

The nutritional shake mix does this for you. By only having one shake you need to do this with the foods you eat. So my recommendation is to plan your meals carefully.

Try this guide to help you do that. Herbalife Success Guide

Hope this helps


allergies ?
by: rainsford

Hi, I started taking Herbalife last week, within 2 days my ears end nose blocked up, my head feels very fuzzy... like a bad sinus infection, a couple of months ago I did the same thing with the same results. Can anyone help? I spent a fortune on buying the stuff.


Satire, yes you may have an allergic reaction. But you may not. Without seeing a medical professional it is indeterminable to know for sure.

Or, like many people you may be experiencing early symptoms of healthy nutrition. Here's what happens as we go through life we ingest or breathe in toxins and pollutants. These accumulate in fat cells and are isolated by those cells.

As we begin the burn those fat cells those toxins and pollutants are reintroduced to the blood stream. As the toxins and pollutants circulate through your body they can adversely affect certain bodily functions.

The sinuses are especially susceptible because they are soft tissue and can be sensitive. Other symptoms may be headaches, diarrhea and skin irritations. These are all areas where toxins and pollutants are expelled from the body.

These symptoms should clear up in a short time (1-3 weeks). If the symptoms get worse discontinue using the product and consult a medical professional.

In the mean time try cutting your weight loss plan in half for a few days. If you are experiencing an allergic reaction you will know it. If not the symptoms should subside.

When you start feeling normal again resume your weight loss plan. You should feel much better once the toxins and pollutants are cleaned out. Then you can really start burning fat.

Be aware that one of the benefits of Herbalife is a stronger immune system. Your reactions could be a result of a reduced immune system capacity. This should also improve over time.

Hope this helps


Hair Breakage
by: Anonymous

My hair is breaking - does this have anything to do with the products that I am taking?

No, definitely not. Okay maybe. Heres the deal. Since you didn't tell us which products you are taking I have to assume that you are referring to Herbalife's Formula 1 shake mix.

The F1 shake mix is a high protein meal replacement. Hair is made up mostly of protein so it is affected.

The concept behind Herbalife products is cellular nutrition. That means to improve health and lose weight you need to rebuild, repair or replace dead or damaged cells. This includes your hair.

In the beginning of a weight loss program your body will target the worst of these damaged cells. That means hair because it is usually the oldest of your cells.

So, do not worry this is a sign that your body is healing from the inside. You notice it first with your hair because it is so apparent. It also means the your body is repairing or replacing cells on the inside too. It is just not as apparent.

In the long run you should have much healthier hair than when you started. Other affected areas will be skin and nails. At first you may experience hair breakage, blotchy skin or other irritations. But this is because the damaged cell are being repaired or replaced.

Hope this helps


Herbalife and Ephedrine
by: Anonymous

Hi, is this product safe to use? Does the FDA approve? I heard some of your (Herbalife) product contain ephedrine. Please do post the cons of this product as well.

I come across many side effects like increased heart rate and many cases which was filed against Herbalife. Can you elaborate on the current status going on in this product?

The FDA banned the sale of Ephedra based products on April 12, 1994.

Herbalife has long ago discontinued using Ephedra in any of it's products in the U.S. However, other countries do not always follow the F.D.A. regulations and often allow products containing Ephedra to be marketed.

Ephedra (ephedrine is a derivative) is big business in China (exported $13M in 2007). And while Herbalife did use Ephedra prior to 1994 it is still wrongfully associated with other products that do contain Ephedra or it's derivatives.

Herbalife was targeted by law suits a long time ago, and is still hearing about it.

Think about this if you will. Herbalife is a multi-million dollar company who has the assets to pay off if a law suit if it is ruled in favor of the prosecutor.

Therefore litigators targeted Herbalife, not the farmer or the exporter who produced it in the first place. Unfortunately, this kind of fear mongering still goes on as a tactic used by competitors to try and sell their own products.

The best advice I can give you is to make sure you know what is in the supplements you buy. Herbalife includes nutrition labels on all their products making it easy for the consumer to judge (others don't).

Do not confuse Herbalife products with less than honest manufacturers that make unfounded claims.

To learn more about Ephedra see Ephedrine in Wikipedia

Hope this helps


How to improve metabolism
by: cuckoo

I want to start herbalife but I don't want to skip my meals. I eat too less but as I have very bad metabolism, I put on weight very easily. So I was planning to take Cell Activator, Cell-u-loss and afresh (energy drink) 3 times a day. I want to reduce 8-10 kgs in 2 months. Is this ok? if not, suggest me something.
Cuckoo, yes that should work provided that your meals are well balanced. Meaning you also get the nutrition you need.

The principle of the Formula 1 shake mix is to replace meals, not skip them.

The F1 is packed full of nutrition. The idea is to get the proper nutrition without having to consume a lot of calories. Because F1 has a lot of soy protein in it you should feel full.

This helps curb your appetite. But in between meals can be a challenge for light eaters. But it is okay to snack between meals and still lose weight. High protein snacks work best. Also fruits and vegetables make for excellent snacks.

So, will your suggested combination work? Yes, it will if you get the proper nutrition to go along with it. One way to ensure you are getting the proper nutrition would be to add the Formula 2 Multivitamin Complex.

Without proper nutrition your body may go into starvation mode and begin storing fat for future fuel. Your body does this to prevent starvation. With proper nutrition the body can start burning fat for fuel.

The Afresh energy drink will boost your metabolism to help you to burn fat.

For excess fluid control.A note on the Cell-U-Loss: C-U-L is designed to reduce cellulite and the appearance of wrinkles. It is intended to help with reduction of water weight.

Yes 8-10kgs of weight loss in 2 months is a safe weight loss plan. Get proper nutrition, drink lots of water and burn fat. Do this consistently and you will lose weight.

Hope this helps


clarification (tingly skin)
by: Anitha

Hi, I started getting prickle (small sharp-pointed tip) like thing in my face. Especially on nose, chin and in some areas of cheeks. I previously don't have this and this sensation. It makes my skin rough in those areas!

I didn't change soap or try anything new, except Herbalife (weight loss program). So is this because of being in weight loss program? Please tell me what can be done.

Regards, Anitha

Tingly skin is a symptom of losing weight. Any weight loss program can result in side effects, like sensitive skin.

Here's what happens. As you gain weight your body can store toxins and pollutants. These come from the environment like, smoke, air pollution, pet dander, and some processed foods.

Toxins provide an impetus to form fat molecules. Normally toxins and pollutants are cleaned out by the liver and kidneys. But when they are isolated in fat they can stay with you until you melt them away.

As you start to lose weight you will burn fat molecules. The toxins inside are then released back into the blood stream which can result in many different side effects like skin irritation, headaches and even diarrhea.

It takes about 2 weeks for the body to purge your blood stream. In the mean time the toxins can manifest themselves in different ways mentioned above.

The skin also eliminates toxins which is what may be causing your tingly sensations. Herbalife works on the principle of repairing, rejuevenating or replacing old or dying cells, and means that the skin will be affected.

The good news is that this is only a temporary condition. Once the cells are healthy again the tinglyness will disipate, and your skin will look better than before. This is a good sign. It means your skin is being rejuevenated.

What To Do About Tingly Skin

NouriFusion Skin Care System.Give your skin the nutrition it needs to repair itself. You could improve the process with skin care products like multivitamin cleanser, toner and moisturizer.

By keeping your skin healthy from the outside means that it will improve much quicker.

I too experienced the tingly sensation in my face when I first started losing weight. I found that certain Herbalife outer nutrition products really helped.

Here is a list of the Herbalife skin care products I used.

Nourifusion Skin Care Line
Multivitamin Dry Skin Care Kit
Radiant C Daily Facial Scrub
Skin Activator

Re: Clarification About Cell Activator
by: Anitha

hey, thanks for your reply :)

I started Herbalife with F1, protein mix and energy drink, for my breakfast as well as for my dinner. For lunch am taking good food with salads, rice and sprouts. I feel good now!

Am taking this for the past 1 week and I haven't check my weight now.

So tell me whether taking this will work (without CA or any tablets)??

And also I wish to reduce only 10 kgs max from what am weighing now. So if I achieve the results in 1 or 2 months, shall I stop the course and start maintaining my weight with normal diet food (without Herbalife)? Or can you give me your advise on how to proceed.

It is really difficult for me to do this meal replacement for years!!!

FYI, am taking some tablets for vitamin E and B12 as advised by my Dr, for my health.


Anitha, yes that should work fine. Especially with the edition of Vitamin E. Supplementing with vitamins is key to any successful weight loss program.

ShapeWorks recommends the F2 Multivitamin Complex. Which is recommended to ensure you get all the vitamins and minerals you need.

One serious side effect some dieters face is a nutrient deficiency. Many dieter assume that by just reducing calories they will lose weight. But doing this can lead to a vitamin deficiency because you are not consuming all the nutrients you need.

Herbal Concentrate - Green Tea Mix with select botanicals.More than likely you are getting enough vitamins from the combination of the energy drink + F1 shakes + balanced meals. And since you are supplementing with the energy drink (which is packed with vitamins) you probably won't have any vitamin deficiency issues.

Once you reach your ideal weight you should modify your program to weight maintenance. For weight maintenance you should have 1 shake for breakfast and take the multivitamins. And resume a regular diet. The energy drink is optional.

However after reaching my ideal weight I found that I fell in love with the energy drinks. My favorite is the Herbal Tea Concentrate. Which I have almost every day.

Hope this helps


Will consuming herbalife led to hairfall?
by: Anonymous

I started drinking F1 for about 15 days ago and I noticed a large increase in no. of hair falling.
Is that a possible side effect of herbalife shapeworks, F1?

Anonymous, it is most unlikely that the F1 is causing hair loss. Actually just the opposite should be true. Here's why:

Hair in made up mostly of protein. When you go on a high protein diet which the Formula 1 (shake mix) is, you should see less hair loss and faster hair growth. I certainly did!

The F1 has been shown to improve skin, hair and nail growth. So, if you experience hair loss in the early stages of your weight loss program don't worry too much about it. It should grow back with a vengeance. Mine did :)

Hope this helps


Clarification About Cell Activator
by: Anitha

Hi this is Anitha, I started with this Herbalife cleansing program some 3 days back. And of course I started losing weight. I planned to take F1 shake mix, protein powder, Afresh (energy Drink) and Cell Activator.

When I came across internet I found CELL ACTIVATOR is 'not good for health' as it is found to produce increased white blood cells. So, I decided not to take it. Now, I wish to take a course with F1 shake mix, protein powder and Afresh, twice a day!

Please answer these questions:
1. Will this work? - Yes, it did for me and millions of others.
2. What will be the side effects of this? - you should safely lose 3-5 pounds (1-2kg) per week.
3. How much weight loss I can expect for a month? 12-20 pounds/month or (5-9kg) is safe. Look for inch loss as well.
4. How long should I continue this course? - Until you reach your ideal weight.
5. Shall I stop this course once I started maintaining with my ideal weight? (Maybe after a year) - Maybe, you will probably want to modify it.

Improves nutrient absorptionAnitha, in all my time as a distributor I have never heard that Cell Activator is 'not good for health' for any reason.

Did you know? Herbalife thoroughly tests every one of their products, before they release it. That Herbalife has a science and nutrition center on the University of California at Los Angeles (UCLA) for just that purpose? They do!

It is also true that Herbalife employs some of the best doctors in the world to. Two that I know of are rated in the top 100 doctors in the U.S.A.

While the U.S. Food and Drug Administration does not regulate dietary supplements they do crack down on products that are deemed even remotely unsafe. Cell Activator has never been in question.

Cell Activator has been a mainstay of the Herbalife ShapeWorks programs for decades, (not just years). It comes as a surprise (to me) that there might be scientific data out there that could prove CA is suddenly 'not good for health' as you put it.

On the contrary I think Cell Activator could be Herbalife's healthiest product. CA supports the body's absorption of micronutrients and promotes cellular energy production. Learn more about nutrient absorption and weight loss.

Hope this helps


Herbalife side effects (after weight loss)
by: Anonymous

Hi there, I was wondering about the possible effects after discontinuing Herbalife (weight loss program). Seeing as how the diet plan runs on roughly 1000 calories a day, wouldn't it decrease the body's metabolism rate? Is it safe to assume that by returning to the normal 3 meals a day would cause the body to store more fat than usual? Thanks for your time.

Anonymous, the Herbalife ShapeWorks programs are actually based on the science of nutrition. Not on a calorie restricted diet as you suggest.

While it is true that you should burn more calories than you consume to lose weight, it is not advisable to restrict the number of calories you consume.

The idea is to boost your metabolism and burn fat for fuel while satisfying hunger. By restricting calories you run the risk of sending your body into starvation mode. In that case your body stores energy in the form of fat to prevent starvation.

So the trick is to give your body the nutrition it needs while stoking up your fat burning furnace.

What to do when you reach your ideal weight? The Herbalife ShapeWorks programs recommend that you continue to consume at least 1 shake and the vitamins every day, along with a regular diet. This will ensure that you get the proper nutrition to maintain your ideal weight.

However, one of the biggest aspects of ShapeWorks is to teach you how to get proper nutrition. After you reach your ideal weight it is hoped that you have learned how to control your diet to keep the weight off.

For more on this check out this free ebook, Herbalife Success Guide

So, no it is not safe to assume that you will start storing fat again after you reach your ideal weight. Actually it is safe to assume just the opposite, that you will lose the weight permanently.

Hope this helps


Success Story
by: Lucy

Hi, I just wanted to share how happy I am with Herbalife. I started 3 months ago on the Herbalife products and lost almost all the weight I wanted to lose.

I use the shakes, the cell activator, the tea and cell u loss. As I read some of the comments here I too experienced headaches for the first two or three days. I almost stopped but my friend who had been on the product for a while told me to hang on that the headaches were my body going through detox.

Well she was right, now I am the happiest woman. I feel great, have more energy, and went down 2 dress sizes.

Everyone should get off of the couch and get into Herbalife. You will feel so light and alert, and most important you will feel that you did something positive and you have yourself to prove it. ;-)

Thanks Herbalife.


Thank you Lucy. Now that's what I call a desirable side effect.


side effects of herbalife
by: Anonymous

I have been using herbalife product for 7 weeks.I have lost 3 kg. I am taking F1 shake as breakfast ,herbal tea concentrate, total control and cell-u-loss. Recently my skin has become very itchy and dry. I am very much worried. Is it due to Herbalife products?

No, definitely not. Skin irritation, dryness and itching can be associated with losing weight. Your skin being the largest organ in the human body has the most cells to repair.

This is an indication that the products are working. Your skin is also a good place to discharge toxins as well. Part of losing weight permanently is detoxing your body.

Herbal Aloe Everyday Soothing Gel - relief for minor skin irritations, cuts, burns and abrasions.If you are enhancing your weight loss through exercise you may experience some sweating. The sweating will release pollutants and toxins that can irritate the skin.

The best course of action in my opinion would be relieve the symptoms with Herbal Aloe Soothing Gel.

Applying Aloe Vera to your skin has 2 key benefits. First it should relieve the itching and dryness. A second it helps the skin heal. Aloe is known to contain about 27 beneficial vitamins and nutrients.

If you were experiencing an allergic reaction it would most likely have manifested within the first week of taking the products.

The dryness and itching should clear up once your body has rejuvenated enough skin cells. But this is no reason to discontinue your weight loss program. In fact like most side effects to weight loss this one should clear up on it's own.

Hope this helps


Total Control
by: Anonymous

I've been getting terrible migraines the last few days about 1-2 hours after taking Total Control. Is this a typical side effect? Anyone else getting these? It's the only "change" that I can attribute the migraines to and am probably going to stop taking it as a result.


No, not really. At least not directly because of the Total Control. However migraines and headaches in general are a side effect of losing weight.

Here's what happens. Through out our lives we are subjected to toxins and pollutants in the environment. It comes in the air we breathe and some processed foods we eat. Over time these toxins and pollutants accumulate in our cells.

One defense mechanism we have is to isolate them in the form of fat. Much like a rain drop needs a dust particle to form, toxins and pollutants are an impetus for generating fat molecules.

When you start burning fat these cells break down and release the toxins and pollutants back into our blood stream. But this is a good thing. It means that your body is repairing or replacing the fat cells with healthy ones.

The downside is that these toxins and pollutants still need to be purged by the body. This is done through cleansing the blood stream. Which is a function of the liver and kidneys.

In the meantime before being purged these to toxins and pollutants can result in some ill side effects like migraines, headaches, vomiting, listlessness and even sleeping disorders.

Fortunately, the body does eventually purge the toxins and pollutants, and you feel much better, even better than before you started your weight loss program. This process can take 2 to 3 weeks to cycle through.

Total (Appetite) Control.So, what should you do? Before we go there let's look at the Total Control to see if this a root cause of your migraines. TC is a fat burner enhancer and contains green tea. Green tea has thermogenic properties.

Thermogenic means a property that raises the energy levels in your cells and thus raises your metabolism. Which in turn helps you to burn fat as a fuel source. So it seems like the Total Control is doing it's job.

Should you stop taking TC? For now, yes that is probably a good idea. But only to give yourself more comfort. If you are on a regular ShapeWorks weight
loss program
continue to do that. Wait for a couple of weeks and resume taking the Total Control. By then you will have purged out the toxins and pollutants.

Hope this helps


I'm just 25 y/o and 2 months ago I gave birth to baby.
by: Anonymous

Hi, I would like to know if the Herbalife diet program is good for my baby while breastfeeding? Can I start diet a program during breast feeding? reply me please...I am so confused about that.


I strongly recommends that you consult your physician before starting any weight loss program, especially if you are pregnant, nursing or may become pregnant. But yes you can start a weight loss program at any time. Two things you should be concerned about during breastfeeding are rapid weight loss and stimulants. These conditions may cause a decrease in supply or not be healthy for your baby.

It is better to lose weight gradually. Rapid weight loss can release too many toxins into your blood stream and thus into your milk. Also rapid weight loss may decrease your supply of milk. As you are burning the fat too rapidly to be converted to food for your baby. So, you really don't want to lose weight too quickly. Consensus I have read recommends 1 to 2 pounds (3/4kg) per week for breastfeeding mothers is appropriate.

Herbalife F2 - Multivitamins support cellular nutrition!
This rate of weight loss is slower than average of 3-5 pounds (1-1/2 to 2kgs) per week, typical with the Herbalife weight loss programs. However the typical Herbalife weight loss plan includes stimulants to boost metabolism and encourage faster weight loss. The downside is passing the stimulants on to your milk and to your baby. So avoid the stimulants i.e "Total Control", and the "Herbal Tea," which contain caffeine.

Herbalife products do come with nutrition labels including any medicinal warnings. If there is a warning about women who are pregnant, nursing or may become pregnant it is listed on the label. These warnings are not present on the core products, Herbalife nutritional shakes, Protein Powder and Multivitamins. But are present on some other products.

You do want to be your healtheist for your baby and that means proper nutrition and exercise. For a couple of decades, mothers have been using the Herbalife core products during breastfeeding to lose weight and improve their nutrition.

Another widely used product for after pregnancy weight loss is Cell-U-Loss. Cell-U-Loss helps reduce water retension and the appearence of cellulite.

Hope this helps


quick weight loss
by: Anonymous

Hi, I had put on weight after my delivery, is this product safe for women who would like to have quick weight loss?

I have been using these products for 4 weeks. I am taking milk shake, protein powder and Afresh (energy drink). Should I have anything else for quick weight loss? I have a thyroid problem also.


In a word, yes, the products you have selected are safe for women. You can always consider taking additional supplements to augment your weight loss. People gain weight in different ways. The Herbalife weight loss programs use a targeted nutrition approach address different aspects of weight gain.

All Herbalife weight loss programs typically include the F2 Multivitamins. The herbal blend of minerals, vitamins and vegetable extracts help provide the nourishment your cells need to rebuild themselves.

Many women tend to build up cellulite during pregnancy and retain excess water. Cell-U-Loss will help reduce water retention and the appearence of cellulite.

Both the F2 multivitamin and Cell-U-Loss contain ingredients that may be helpful for a thyroid condition. Specifically iodine (in F2) which helps regulate the thyroid. And kelp (in C-U-L) which is a seaweed that has many vitamins, minerals and trace elements, especially iron.

Hope this helps


Using Herbalife Products for 11 weeks
by: Anonymous

I have been using Herbalife for 11 weeks. In the first 5 weeks I used F1 shake mix, F2 Multivitamins, F3 protein powder and Cell Activator. After 6 weeks I stopped using F2, F3 and the Cell Activator.

Hi, I am VIJAY. I lost 11.4Kgs in 11 weeks. Now I feel so much more comfortable by using Herbalife products. From week 6 onward I am using F1 (shake mix) only. I am so happy that I lost my weight in such a short period of time.

This morning I am jogging 4Kms. Now, I can easily run 4Kms without stopping. I can't believe myself. :-)

Last month on Dec 6, I commented on this site. I feel happy when you replied to me.

Please tell me without using F2 (multivitamins), F3 (protein powder) and Cell Activator, will any problems arise? PLZ REPLY ME AS SOON AS POSSIBLE


Vijay, first of all congratulations on your successful weight loss.
ShapeWorks Advanced Weight Loss Program with extra herbal enhancers. For a better looking you!

The Herbalife ShapeWorks weight loss programs are designed to get your fat burning furnace into high gear. Once you get that going you should burn fat at a good rate.

After you lose the weight there is no need to fuel that furnace so hot. You still need to exercise and watch your diet to keep the weight off.

To maintain your current weight I recommend one F1 shake per day and continue to take the F2 Multivitamins.

Now that you have increased your nutrient absorption from the Cell Activator, you can expect the effects to last a long time. So you don't really need to continue using the Cell Acticator.

Same for the F3 protein powder. Now that you have lost the extra weight you no longer need the extra protein. Unless you are trying to build muscle mass. Protein is necessary for building muscles.

So, unless you return to the practices that caused you to gain weight in the first place you should be able to maintain your ideal weight without any problems.

So, no problems should arise from cutting back on your weight loss products. But for a healthy lifestyle you should continue taking the F2 Multivitamins.

Hope this helps


Trying Weight Loss without consuming tablets
by: Anonymous

Hi, I started using Herbalife products to lose weight. I'm taking 1 Shake mix drink along with soy Protein powder in place of breakfast and another in place of dinner.
And good lunch.
A fresh drink in morning and evening.
Not consuming any tablets at the moment.
Does my current diet help to reduce weight?
Thanks to let me know.
Anonymous, yes you should lose weight on that diet.

The basic premise of ShapeWorks weight loss program is to get the nutrition you need while you burn fat. I say burn fat because that is what you want your body to use as fuel.

The best way to do that is to supply your cells with the nutrients they need to rebuild themselves, while burning fat molecules. The shake mix does that, but only to a certain extent.

You need to give your body proper nutrition to get your fat burning furnace in high gear. Without proper nutrition this process takes much longer.

Because of this the ShapeWorks weight loss program typically includes the Multivitamin Complex and Cell Activator (CA).

The Cell Activator helps increase cellular activity, thereby encouraging the cells to repair and rebuild themselves faster. CA is intended to improve nutrient absorption. Which makes the shakes more effective.

The Multivitamins supply additional vitamins and minerals needed to meet daily requirements. This gives your cells the extra nutrients they need to start the rebuilding process.

So, if you really would prefer to lose weight faster (and safer) you should supplement with CA and F2 Multivitamins at least. Otherwise, your diet may drag on longer than expected.

Also, you might consider trying some energy boosters, like the Herbal Tea Concentrate (HTC). HTC contains green tea and black tea. The green tea has many known weight loss properties. Most of all though is it's ability to raise your metabolic rate, thereby boosting your energy levels. Which in turn charges up the fat burning furnace.

So, yes your diet should help you to lose weight, but not as effectively without additional supplements.

Hope this helps




Vijay, am glad to hear of your success with the Herbalife products. 6Kgs is about 13.2 pounds, so that is an excellent weight loss ratio. Or about 1.2Kg per week. You're doing great!!!

Remember this, you didn't gain the extra weight in a short period of time. And you won't lose it all in a short period of time. Extra weight is gained slowly over a period of time. And losing weight should also be done slowly over a period of time.

Problems can arise if you try to lose weight to fast. For instance you can become nutrient deficient in some areas which can lead to ill side effects. That is why it is so important to take multivitamins during any weight loss program. Without the proper nutrition no diet will work. Try to maintain a weight loss of 3-5 pounds (1.2 to 2.1 Kgs) per week and you should experience the desired side effects of better health, energy and improved stamina.

The main principle behind the Herbalife weight loss program is repair, rebuild and nourish your cells as you lose weight. That is what the Cell Activator is for. Herbalife is based around the science of cellular nutrition.

The idea behind the Formula 1 shake mix it to provide you with the fuel you need to maintain a healthy lifestyle with just the right balance of protein, carbohydrates and nutrients.

After 5 weeks you should begin to notice the desired side effects. In your case you have seen weight loss, a comfortable feeling and more energy. I don't mean to discredit your relative but what better side effects could you ask for.

Also keep in mind that Herbalife is a leader in the science of nutrition. Herbalife's scientific accomplishments are well known here in the U.S. and abroad. It is unfair to associate one particular brand name with one's personal opinion or experience with poorer quality products. When someone says you could experience side effects with Herbalife keep in mind that the intended side effects are weight loss, healthy nutrition and better well being.

When I started Herbalife I began to research the desired effets of the products. When someone told me their may be side effects I replied "I hope so."

Hope this helps


liver disease
by: Anonymous


I have started to use Herbalife for about 2 weeks now, I am not fat or overweight. I had three kids and never lost that baby fat, so I decided to try Herbalife. I have never used anything else before in my life. I have no problems so far, I think I lost 2 pounds already and I was wondering if this has a any effect on the liver. I have HEP B and I was wondering if this product is bad for me. Please let me know.

thank you.
Dear anonymous, you should always consult a medical professional for medicinal advice. However, my research indicates that many ingredients in Herbalife products may be helpful for liver health. Including Vitamins A, C and E, Calcium, Green Tea, Garlic, soy and whey protein among others.

Losing weight and getting proper nutrition goes a long way toward overall health. As you begin to rebuild the cells in your body it will release toxins and pollutants which need to be cleaned out. The liver and kidneys do this for you. Once these are cleaned out your liver and kidneys should actually function better.

During this cleaning phase you may feel bad but that is not from the nutrition but rather from the purging of toxins and pollutants.

Herbalife products that may help with liver function are the Nutritional Shake Mix, Multivitamins, XtraCal, Mega Garlic Plus, Ocular Defense Formula and Total Control.

Hope this helps


herbalife 1st day of use...
by: J

I just started today, I'm also a distributor, this morning I had a nutritional shake, then a tablet of total control, then I had 2 bare hot dogs cause well, thats what I had available at the moment. Then I drank the (protein) beverage mix, then a tablet (Total Control), then I had rice, beans and grilled chicken with onions (dont ask me about the onions I dont know why I did that), then I took the last tablet which I downed with some cheap cherry soda.

After a bit... I felt stomach sickness, little bit of dizziness, just a tiny bit but... this is the weird part. My right arm. feels like it has rust in its veins, like a crampy feeling? Like if its going to stay stuck on a certain position when I open and close my hand or I'm going to grab something.

Is this sign of a heart problems? thx, and I would like to know if you ever heard about symptom like this before, I know I'm 5'5 and like 200 -210 lbs, and never dieted. thx

Don't get me wrong now, the products are great and filled me with energy. att.j


J. I am not a doctor so you might want to consult a medical professional if your symptoms persist.

I don't think the supplements had anything to do with your symptoms. However, I did experience similar symptoms before. My right arm tightened up and felt numb for a while.

My doctor said it was caused by a pinched nerve in my spine. She said the increased activity may have had me moving directions that I wasn't used to. But she said the supplements had nothing to do with it.

In a few days my arm was back to normal and I never felt better.

Hope this helps


by: Anonymous

Diarrhea and headaches are two of the many side effects of the DETOXIFICATION. Not only with Herbalife, but (any weight loss program) if you try to get rid of your toxins and fats these are the side effects you will get. So Herbalife is a good way of detoxifying your body. And these effects are seen only in the first 3-7 days max., after this you will start to feel 10 years younger.

by: Anonymous

hi ,yesterday was the first time i tried the herbalife weight lost product and it was horrible, i am still sick till now my stomack is hurting and i have diareah and that not all i have no more energy i feel so weak my heart is beting like crazy (palpitation) guys be carful is not a good product......

Dear Anonymous, thank you for your comment. I wish I could apologize for your discomfiture. But I think congratulations may be in order instead. Read on to see why...

A little story.

My friend asked me to try a sample of the Herbalife nutritional shake mix. And I gladly accommodated him. He read the label and commented that he had never tried dieting before, and was getting very concerned about his growing weight problem.

Well, the next day he was sick to his stomach, had diarrhea and was more than a little upset. "Why didn't you tell me this might happen," he complained.

"Because, I didn't know," I replied. Since then I learned about some issues that new dieters face.

My friend said his doctor told him to start losing weight and that he was at risk of weight related complications. Meaning diabetes and heart condition, kidney failure and liver disease.

Well long story short, my friend had accumulated many years worth of toxins and waste in his body from poor dieting and the environment. That his initial reaction to the shake mix was a shock to his system, and subsided as he continued to diet.

I have come to learn that these conditions are not very common but do happen to some. Typically they are the result of a poor digestive system that suddenly starts disposing of toxins and waste, that have accumulated over the years. It is usually these toxins and the waste that are the culprit of stomach aches, diarrhea or nausea not the dietary supplement.

Here's what happens. When the body ingests toxins or free radicals it can surround them with fat molecules and store them instead of being filtered out through the kidneys and liver.

When the body begins burning these fat molecules the toxins and waste are released into the blood stream for disposal. They circulate through the body until being filtered out by the kidneys and liver. Which may result in an upset stomach, or other discomfiture like nausea, diarrhea and weakness. It usually passes in a day or two.

Anonymous, you may want to consider a detox program to cleanse your system before starting a serious weight loss program. But keep in mind that having nausea, diarrhea and stomach issues may be a result of the release of toxins and waste.

These symptoms can be a good sign. It means your body is on the road to better health. As you continue your cleanse your system and lose weight you should experience the desired results and feel less discomfiture.

So congratulations on your decision to start losing weight. Don't give up on Herbalife just because you experience weight loss related symptoms. It may be a just what you need.

Hope this helps


What if person see some side effects after using herballife products
by: Ankush

Thank you for all this information. I am from India and joined herbal life as a supervisor recently. But still i have some confusion about the products. I spoke to one of my friends yesterday about Herbalife, his immediate reaction was don't do it. Because his dad used to do it 5 years ago. As per my friend one his relatives died after using herbal life products. I am not sure what should i do now, what if someone dies and get side effects after using herbal life products. Who will be responsible, please help me.

Ankush, raises a valid point here. He makes it seem as though Herbalife is to blame for the passing of a relative of a friend. More than likely this is not the case. Each product must meet the US Food and Drug Administrations guidelines before approval for release to market.

As I said above Herbalife has a science and advisory board for just this purpose. Rest assured that each product is thoroughly tested for safeness and effectiveness before release to the market.

The same procedures are used for each and every country that Herbalife is active in. Meaning the products must be approved by that countries equivalent to the USFDA before they can be sold.

Herbalife goes much further than any other nutritional supplement company to ensure it's products are safe.

Unfortunately, pre-existing medical conditions in individuals may interact with certain ingredients in ANY dietary supplement.

Herbalife is one of the few weight loss companies to add warning labels to their products if necessary. Here is the label on the Formula 1 nutritional shake mix.

Notice: Before using this product or any weight-control program it is advisable to consult a physician. This is especially important for people with chronic kidney problems or insulin dependent diabetes. A healthy weight loss program should include modest calorie intake, balanced diet and regular physical activity.

Ankush, be very wary of detractors of who claim that Herbalife is directly responsible for the death or illness of a loved one. These claims may not be accurate or represent the true facts.

Herbalife is very concerned about such claims and will support you in the event of any legal action.

In the mean time it is always a good idea to inform your clients that there may be side effects due to pre-existing medical conditions. I always do.

Most people will want to know what to expect before they begin a weight loss program. This is a good time to advise them of the warning notices if any of the products in question.

To learn more about the 'warning notices' on the Herbalife products go to http://MyHerbalife.com and look for the product labels.
Hope this helps


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