Herbalife and Breastfeeding

by nakeisha

Kindermins - vitamins for infant 6 months to 3 y/oHerbalife and breastfeeding. Could I use Herbalife when I am breast feeding?


Nakeisha, I would love to say yes you can. But the truth is some of the Herbalife products are not recommended for women who are pregnant, lactating or may become pregnant.

On the other hand I have read many testimonials from doctors and users alike proclaiming the benefits of the Nutritional Shake Mix during nursing.

Kindermins - vitamins for infant 6 months to 3 y/oThe idea is that you pass a long the healthy nutrition to your infant. Herbalife does have products specifically for kids nutrition, including infants 6 mos up to 18 y/o. See Kids Nutrition

The good news is that any warnings or cautions are printed on the nutrition label. The Nutritional shake mix carries no such warning. However the "Total Control" product does advise against using it for women who are nursing.

As with any over the counter dietary supplement you should always read the nutrition label before consuming the product. This helps you make an informed decision whether the product may help you or not.

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Having Herbalife products when breastfeeding
by: Anonymous

Hi, I'm breastfeeding my 8 month old baby, I wanted to know if the diet I was on before pregnancy if i could continue. The diet included shakes, protein powder, fibre and herbs, multivitamin, fiberbond and the beverage!
Anonymous, your diet sounds good for you but a little over the top for the baby. I don't know which beverage you are referring to but if it contains caffeine then don't use it.

Fiber is indigestible in humans. Which means it passes through the digestive system without being broken down. This is good for you but will have no effect for your baby. Fiber also absorbs fat as it goes through so it will help you lose weight.

The Multivitamins do carry an overdose warning on the label with a recommendation to keep it away from children. Either avoid these or cut portion size in half.

The shakes and protein powder have been recommended by other breastfeeding moms, but Herbalife Inc. wants for me not to do that for legal purposes.

Hope this helps


Hello can I use Herbalife ?????
by: snv

I delivered baby girl 2 months and 1week ago. I was 55 kg b4 pregnancy and now I am 86 kg am breast feeding properly 24/7. I am doing lite exercise and walking for somedays. But am not a single kg less. Can I use Herbalife? Which product is safe? Pls help me. I really want to get back to my prepregnancy jeans.... N how i can contact u.....
SNV, thanks for asking. There are many Herbalife products that may help you lose weight to get back to your pre-pregnancy jeans. But there are also some products to avoid. Particularly these ones, Total Control, Herbal Tea, Afresh, Snack Defense.

The best way to decide if a product is safe for you is to show the labels to your doctor and ask him/her if the ingredients are safe for you. On this website I have included nutrition labels for products where ever I could. You can open these files and save, email or print them.

Here is a list of products you may be interested in.

Weight Loss Programs
Nutritional Shake Mix
Personalized Protein Powder
Cell Activator
Protein Snacks

I can be contacted through this Contact us form.

Hope this helps


by: Anonymous

I want to know if is safe to use Herbalife while I'm breastfeeding my 3 month 1/2 baby ... I got a story about Herbalife. I was using Herbalife for a year and i'm happy with the results I lost over 50 pounds.
Anonymous, congratulation on your 50 pound weight loss and new baby.

Some ladies have expressed that using Herbalife is great for breastfed babies. BUT Herbalife wants me to tell people to consult a doctor first.

I can tell you that you should stay away from the products containing caffeine. E.g Total Control, Herbal Tea, Afresh and LiftOff.

All the products have nutrition labels on them. If there is a warning it will be on there. If you have any known allergies you should read the labels before you use any products to see if there are any ingredients you are allergic to.

Hope this helps


nursing and trying herbalife from aloe,tea and shake
by: Anonymous

I have a 4 month baby and nursing, I was wondering if its okay to do the Aloe concentrated drink, tea, and shake twice a day without interrupting my babies natural way of growing or any bad side effects she can have?
Anonymous, thanks for asking. The aloe drink and shakes should be okay. The tea however contains caffeine and should be avoided. As caffeine is not good for infants.

Keep in mind the nutrition you take is passed in to your baby. The protein shakes should improve your baby's uptake of protein. Be ware though that some infants can be unaccustomed to high amounts of protein at first. So take it slow to start and watch to see if your baby is responding well.

As always you should consult your doctor when starting any weight loss program.

Hope this helps


adding protein powder to breastmilk
by: ARC

Hi i was advised by a Herbalife distributor to add protein powder to my breastmilk. That would make my baby more full n he will sleep longer during the night. As opposed to now that he wakes up 2-3 times a night. He is 7 months n 2 weeks old.
ARC that sounds like a good tip. But, do not add a lot. Maybe a teaspoon for every 8oz. would be enough I think. You do not want to overdue it as too much protein could give your baby gas or diarrhea.


by: Crystel

How can I get in contact with you? I'm pregnant with my second and I'm considering using Herbalife here's my email ---deleted---

Crystel you can contact me through my contact page.



P.S. I deleted your email address to protect your privacy.

Breastfeeding and Herbalife
by: Krista Simpson

I am a mother of a 13 month old and a 2 month old and I used all of the Herbalife products except for the tea and total control threw my pregnancy and now breastfeeding my 2nd son.

My 1st pregnancy I was not on Herbalife and this was 10000 times better for me and my baby once he arrived he had one of the healthiest cords my doctor has ever seen where my 1st did not and he was big and healthy not gobby fat or skinny.

Without herbalife I dryed up soon after my 1st son was born because I was not getting the nutrition we both needed to make us healthy so I couldn't breastfeed and I am still breastfeeding this 1 with plenty of milk for him while I lose weight also!!!

There is healthy ways to lose weight while breastfeeding and HERBALIFE is the best way I have came across I also am a distributor and have lost 50lbs in 2 months while my baby is growing like a weed!!

I LOVE HERBALIFE and wouldn't recommend anything I don't use or use on my children!!
Krista what a wonderful story. Thank you for sharing


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