Herbal Fat Burners for Kids

by Ana

Are herbal fat burners for kids good for 11 year old kids that are overweight?

My son will be 11 in 1 month. We went to a Doctor who said could help him lose weight. She recommended some herbal supplements and a herbal fat burner. Do you know if kids can take herbal fat burners?
Thank you! Ana

Herbalife Kids Nutrition pageAna, in a word NO it isn't safe for children to take a herbal fat burner. Herbalife the leader in herbal nutrition solutions says this:

We strongly believe that younger adolescents and children should be focused on eating healthfully and incorporating more physical activity into their daily routine to accomplish healthy weight management.

Herbalife recently introduced a new line of nutritional supplements just for kids. The Herbalife kids™ line includes great tasting shakes in 3 flavors, chewable multivitamins in sports shapes and fruit flavored liquid vitamin for toddlers and infants. So, I did some research for alternative herbal fat burners for kids.

Surprisingly, I didn't find one product specifically mentioned as a herbal fat burner for kids. I found many products that mention "herbs for kids" but all those products are for immune system protection or hypertension or as a remedy for mild illness.

Health care professionals recommend proper nutrition with vitamin supplementation plus a more active lifestyle to help kids lose weight.

MultiVites - chewable vitamins for active kids.Note: Multivitamins for adults are not intended for use by children. Make sure the vitamins you give your kids are specifically made for children.

The main problem with herbs for kids is a possible allergic reaction. Another issue is over-activity or hypertension. Many fat burners contain caffeine and other metabolism boosting herbs. Caffeine and fat burning herbs can make kids jittery even seriously ill if they are not used to them. Even many adults are allergic to caffeine.

3 delicious flavors - Chocolate, Vanilla and Strawberry.The problem many manufacturers of herbal products for kids face is safety. Most manufacturers or suppliers of herbs do not invest in the research to market their products for kids and be approved by reputable food safety authorities like the U.S.D.A. or the U.S. Food and Drug Administration.

Earlier, I mentioned one company that has researched kids nutrition that is reputable. That company is Herbalife. Herbalife recently introduced 3 new nutrition products made specifically for kids.

When it comes to kids nutrition, parents certainly have the best intentions. But many have busy lifestyles that don’t always allow enough time for grocery shopping, meal planning or cooking. Others may not be aware of the healthiest ingredients or cooking methods and may too often rely on fatty or starchy foods as the basis for meals. Coupled with the picky eating habits that seem to be so prevalent among kids, it’s no wonder that children are often not eating as well as they should.

Winning Strategies for Kids Nutrition

Getting kids to eat fruits and vegetables isn't always easy.Here are a few ways parents can help their children eat healthier.

Children are more inclined to eat healthy foods when they are offered frequently and regularly. Repeated exposure to vegetables, for example, is just one way to encourage your family members to try new foods.

It also helps to make foods visible and available. Try keeping a bowl of fresh fruit on the kitchen counter, or put crunchy, cut-up vegetables in the refrigerator. I like bananas.

Another approach for increasing intake of vegetables is by adding them to familiar foods. Cooked, pureed vegetables can be added to pasta sauce, for example, which boosts nutrition and reduces the overall calories in the dish. I like tomato.

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