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Articles about herbal nutrition - Get information on herbal remedies and targeted nutrition. See what specific herbs and natural ingredients help improve your health.

New Category Healthy Aging - Learn which Herbalife products can help with aging. As we get older supplementing nutrition can have many health benefits.

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Herbalife Aging Process Tips Supplements Health - Herbalife Best Defense - product pageHere are some tips that you can use to slow the aging process and create a healthier lifestyle: A good digestive cleansing routine has many benefits such as: internal health, cellular activity and improved nutrient absorption.

Find out about which vitamins, minerals and natural ingredients that can help slow the aging process. Including aloe juice and herbs to that may help improve cellular repair and replacement.

Learn why Vitamins C and E and the mineral calcium are so important to a healthy lifestyle. Learn about simple changes you can make to your daily lifestyle that can increase your longevity.

Herbalife's Aloe juice, multivitamins, nutrient and calcium supplements can help you create a heathier lifestyle anf maybe live longer. Better nutrition can lead to a stronger immune system and a healthier lifestyle. Read Full Article

Natural Hemorrhoids Treatment Cures the Pain, Itching, Embarrassment - Cure Hemorrhoids Naturally

40% of The Adult Population Will Suffer From Hemorrhoids. Are You Making Any of These 3 Mistakes That Contribute to The Cause

Today, I wanted to alert you to something that will afflict 40% of the adult population (or more) at some point of their lives. It's called hemorrhoids or piles and it's basically any form of vein inflammation around the lower rectal regions. Read Full Article

Diabetes Control to Maintain Blood Sugar Levels Metabolism - Diabetes Control - Learn how to manage blood sugar levels.Diabetes, is a disease that causes the body to metabolize sugar poorly, which occurs when either the body attacks the cells producing insulin, the chemical that allows the metabolization of sugar in the body's cells known as (Type 1 diabetes).

Type 2 diabetes is where the body's cells ignore insulin. If your health provider confirmed that you are diabetic, it is best to start researching possible treatments and remedies before it's to late. Diabetes is not a simple disease that can be treated immediately. Many factors contribute to this disease and require many approaches to keep it in check.

Learn how to master diabetes Learn how to manage your diabetes in 90 days. Learn how to control, reduce the risk and even reverse this horrible disease. Read Diabetes Control

Get Ready, Get Set, Shovel Snow - Prepare to shovel snowHow to prepare to shovel snow. Woke up this morning to another 4" of the white stuff. It looks real pretty, except on my driveway and car. That'll be a lot of work to clear off. It will probably take me an hour to shovel it. So...I should get ready.

Keeping warm in the cold weather comes down to regulating your core body temperature. When you are nice and toasty all the fingers, toes, head and organs are happy. Keep everything at the right temperature and you won't have any problems. This means try not to sweat too much. Exercising in cold weather can be exillerating but can also be catastrophic if you lose control of your core body temp. You should always get set for exercising in cold weather.

Getting Fit In the New Year - New Years Resolution - weight loss ebook.Here are some of my favorite tips for getting fit in the new year. When it comes to exercising, eat a substantial meal full of protein, fat and carbohydrates about four hours prior to your workout. This will give you the energy you need to complete your exercise routine.

The closer you get to your workout start time, the fewer calories you should eat. This doesn’t however, mean you should exercise on a completely empty stomach. Proper nutrition goes a long way to getting fit.... Read Full Article

Nutrient Absorption and Weight Loss - Improve nutrient absorptionThere are ways to improve your nutrient absorption that do not require a surgeon to replace your colon, intestines, kidneys or liver. This is extremely important to dieters because you want to get more effect from the foods you do eat. Dieting isn't about eating less it's about burning more calories than you consume. So you want to get the most out of your food.

Nutrient absorption is effective in a weight loss program because you get more nutrition from your food. Internal cleansing improves nutrient absorption by removing toxins and waste from your digestive system. Improved cellular activity means you get more energy from less food. More energy from less food means you will burn more calories quicker and thus lose more weight. Read Full Article

Herbalife and Diabetes Ingredient Cross Reference Guide Health Benefits - Formula 1 Nutritional Shake Mix product description page.Herbalife and Diabetes. Cross reference charts correlate ingredient with condition and product and health benefits. Learn which Herbalife products are helpful with diabetes and hypoglycemia.

There are 2 leading reference manuals about the health benefits of Herbalife products that I am using to help compile this document. First the Herbalife Physician Reference Manual .

The other manual I have is the "Herbal Reference Guide" By: David Lee Miller (9th Edition, 2005). This manual directly cross references illness or condition with Herbalife product ingredients. There is another section that cross references ingredients with products. And a third section that describes the health benefits expected from ingredients. But no one section that cross references product, ingredient descriptions and illness or condition all in one place. Between these 2 books I will be able to correlate this information for you. Read Full Article

The Best Multivitamin Supplements Have Nutrients and Amino Acids - ShapeWorks Multivitamin Complex - with over 22 vitamins and minerals.The best Multivitamins - are used for supplementing the daily recommended value of essential nutrients not usually aquired by a healthy diet.

Essential nutrients (such as amino acids) are those that the body can not synthesize on its own, and must be consumed in the diet. There are 9 essential amino acids and 21 non-essential amino acids in the body.

The 9 essential amino acids must be synthesized in the body by a combination of other nutrients. Certain combinations of vitamins, minerals and herbs are used to help the body manufacture these essential amino acids and are usually included in the proper amounts in a the best multivitamins.

Water Benefits for Weight loss, Cellulite and Fluid Retention - Water helps you lose weightStudies show that a decrease in water intake may cause fat deposits to increase, while an increase iof water intake can actually reduce the fat deposits in the body.

Water benefits and weight loss. Find out why water is so important to metabolizing fat, and why not enough causes you to gain weight.

Vitamin and Mineral Facts - How To Improve Your Health - Facts on Vitamin A, B, C, E & K and minerals selenium and zinc that can improve your health. Learn why vitamins and minerals protect your body from disease and poor health.

By taking the right vitamins you can improve your health, prevent disease, slow the aging process and even improve your immune system. Studies show that taking a daily multivitamin can help with a specific health concerns such as heart disease.

Nutrition Label Facts Calories Vitamins Fat Cholesterol - How to properly read a nutrition label. Learn more about calories, vitamins, saturated fat, proteins, sugars and cholesterol. Get daily required amounts by the FDA. Review of nutrition labels explains what you need to know about the food you eat.

Fiber Facts Important for Digestive System Muscle Gain and Weight Loss - Fiber helps keep your digestive system regular, absorb less fat, build more muscle, eliminate toxins and promote weight loss add support nutrients. Bodybuilders and weight loss experts agree that fiber is essential to complete body health.

Eat Herbs Daily for Digestive Immune Heart Health and Energy - Eat Herbs Daily to improve your health. 5 reasons why herbal remedies are good for you. 1 - boost immune system. 2 - increased energy 3 - better digestion. 4 protect against cancer. 5 - prevent heart disease.

Glycemic Index Making Sense of Carbohydrates and Glycemic Load - Glycemic Index measures how fast the carbohydrates in a food turn into sugar in the body. Glycemic Load measures the amount of sugar a food actually releases in the body. Learn which foods have low, medium or high glycemin index and glycemic load. Read Full Article

Herbalife Physician Reference Manual | Doctors in Herbalife - Herbalife Physicians Reference ManualHerbalife Physician Reference Manual is intended for physicians and health care professionals as a guide to the science of nutrition behind Herbalife's products and programs.

The Herbalife Science Advisory Board has put together the Herbalife Physician Reference Manual to go in depth into the science of nutrition. This guide explains why Herbalife is the right choice for you and your patients weight management and nutrition needs.

Meal Planner Guides Herbalife ShapeWorks Weight Loss Program - Meal Planner GuideDaily Meal planner guides - helpful guides to Herbalife ShapeWorks weight loss programs to make healthy eating choices. Make daily meal plans based on the lean protein estimator.

Includes "Herbalife Success Guide" the definitive guide to successful weight loss. Learn all about cellular nutrition, the power of protein. trigger foods and more. Over ten chapters packed with information. Read Full Article

Aging Process Nutrition Does It Help - Does nutrition affect the aging process...You bet! Learn how to Slow down the aging process, lose weight, perfect your skin and promote a healthy lifestyle...Herbal Nutrition Solutions Work!

Advanced Joint Pain Relief from Arthritis - Joint Support - Glucosamine with herbsJoint pain can be caused by any number of things.

Osteoarthritis and Rheumatoid arthritis share the common symptoms of severe pain, loss of range of motion, and a diminished quality of life. It can be the result of overuse of the joint or an injury.

If your pain is caused by arthritis, you will want to search for an effective treatment. But, first you need to know the symptoms of arthritis are.

What you will find is that this painful, life altering condition can be found in any individual at any time of their lives. But, there are joint pain treatments that can be effective. Read Full Article

Vitamin D, Calcium and Osteoporosis Prevention - Read Full Article :-)Vitamin D (vit-D) is essential to calcium absorption and osteoprosis prevention. Many recent studies have concluded that older adults produce less vit-D from sunlight, due to a reduced ability to synthesize Vitamin D in the skin, lack of adequate sun exposure, and overuse of sunscreen during their lifetime. Especially in older people in northern climites, that get less sunshine during the day, in winter.

A vit-D deficiency can lead to a calcium deficiency which may lead to osteoporosis, a crippling bone disease. In the case of a nutrient deficiency dietary supplementation is often recommended. Several nutritional supplements contain significant amounts of Vitamin D and Calcium.

Following is a list of nutritional supplements with significant amounts of Calcium and Vitamin :-D

Herbal Solution Toothaches - Following are herbal solution for toothaches. An article about my experience with rattled teeth. When a tooth is sore it usually means the nerve inside has become aggravated. This can be due to stress, decay or infection. Stress and minor infections can be relieved with targeted nutrition solutions. Decay and other maladies will require a dentist.

For those that don't believe in drugs and high dentistry bills a herbal nutrition solution can be just what the doctor doesn't want you to know. 20 herbs and vitamins to help relieve pain, reduce infection and lower stress.

Protein Facts You Should Know - Soy beans - a leading source of quality proteinis an important component of every cell in the body. It is an organic compound, composed of 22 amino acids, otherwise known as the building blocks of life. Protein is stored in muscles and organs and the body utilizes it to build and repair tissues, as well as for the production of enzymes and hormones.

You can obtain healthy sources of protein without high levels of saturated fat. For example, soy beans, nuts and whole grains provide protein without much saturated fat and offer plenty of healthful fiber and micronutrients as well. Read Protein Facts

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Calcium an Essential Mineral for Your Body

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