Herbalife Weight Loss Stories

Before we get to the weight loss stories, we need to look at the methods and products that work, then understand why they work. Today we will look at Herbalife ShapeWorks.

This weight management program is the solution that helped me reach my ideal weight. I tried a lot of diets before finding one that worked.

My weight loss program worked so well I thought you might be interested in reading some more weight loss success stories.

First up, The Herbalife story.

For over 34 years Herbalife has helped millions of people around the world lose weight and improve their health. Based on the highest quality ingredients and cutting edge science Herbalife products make advanced herbal nutrition simple, safe and effective.

We have a lot of Weight Loss Stories to share

Herbalife products are pharmecutical grade.
  • Premier nutritional, weight management and personal care products combine the best of nature and science with great results.
  • Medical and science board that includes renowned physicians and award winning scientist. Dr. Iggnaro is a Nobel Prize winner for nutrition. And he still works in the health and wellness industry, with Herbalife.
  • Personalized nutrition programs that provide Life Solutions and address every life stage. Herbalife ShapeWorks programs are the core products of lifelong nutrition solutions by Herbalife.
  • Mark Hughes Cellular & Molecular Nutrition Laboratory (on the UCLA campus) advance the nutritional science field.
  • Over 26 million successful weight loss stories.

Why it Works - Cellular Nutrition

Cellular Nutrition is easy

Cells are the fundamental building blocks that make up the human body. They provide the energy we need to power everything we do, from thinking to growing. As we grow our body does one of three things with our cells.

First - we build new cells to replace the old ones. Second - we replenish or fortify our healthy cells. And, third we discard dead or dying cells. As we grow we could be losing more more cells than we can produce everyday.

That is why cellular nutrition is so important. Herbalife's products are based on three advanced technologies: food science, herbal science and micronutrient supplementation.

Herbalife's scientifically formulated products allow us to reduce our calorie intake while maintaining vitamin, mineral and nutrient levels essential to healthy weight loss.

Herbalife's nutrition products allow you to nourish your cells from the inside out. Scientifically formulated to target specific tissues, organs and/or body systems such as liver, heart, intestines, skin and brain. Cellular Nutrition is the core solution to healthy living and successful weight loss.

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Your Weight Loss Stories

Do you have a great weight loss story? Why not share it, your ideas may inspire someone. Your story just might help that someone who is struggling, or looking for the right solution. Let us know your weight loss story.

My Story! (title)

More Weight Loss Stories

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I finally enjoy my life and look forward to each day Not rated yet
I finally enjoy my life and look forward to each day. Before Herbalife I had suffered with obesity my entire life. I had tried so many different weight …

My Weight Loss with Herbalife. Not rated yet
My weight loss with Herbalife. Well I did weigh 246 lbs but now im 196 lbs and feel great! I lost a total of 50 pounds! I never thought I could but I did! …

These products have earned my loyalty for life! Not rated yet
The Herbalife ShapeWorks products have earned my loyalty for life! As a student living in a college dorm, I had a hard time finding the right foods and …

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Julie's Weight Loss Stories

Julie Before and After Herbalife ShapeWorks program.For Julie, the third try was the charm. Throughout her 30s and early 40s, she had twice been told about the nutritional and weight loss benefits of Herbalife products, but she was reluctant to give them a try. I was pretty negative, she says.

Even though I had no energy and felt terrible, I didn't think anything would help. Although a skeptic about weight loss, Julie's competitive streak came out when she was asked to join a weight loss challenge. She joined, lost 25 pounds, and won the contest - all with the help of Herbalife weight loss program.

I realized what my body had been missing! Long plagued by muscle and joint pain, Julie noticed that her weight loss coincided with renewed energy. Her lower weight reduced stress on her joints. Before, my diet had been almost all carbs, she says. I had no nutrition going into my body, which meant I was both overweight and malnourished.

With 41 pounds lost, Julie continues to drink a shake every day and sees especially amazing results from Active Fiber. No longer a skeptic, she talks to people about Herbalife whenever she can. Before I was functioning at around 25 percent of my capacity, she says. Now it feels like 100 percent. Thanks to Herbalife's weight loss programs.

I finally have my life back! Here's How Julie did it:

  • Get a jump start with the 21-Day Herbal Cleansing Program.
  • 2 shakes a day and herbal supplements 3 times a day, followed by 1 sensible meal.

  • Favorites: Wild Berry and Chocolate Formula 1 shakes, Activated Fiber

    Before: 171
    After: 130
    41 pounds lost

Scott's Weight Loss Stories

Scott Before and After Herbalife ShapeWorks Program.When the Hula Hoop got stuck around my middle, that was it. For Scott, the change came about when a friend put a Hula Hoop around him and he couldn't get it off. Scott knew that he had to lose a significant amount of weight.

I lost more than half my weight.

Prior to discovering Herbalife products, Scott could not walk a block or bend over to tie his shoes because the pressure of his weight would become unbearable. Many suggested he undergo surgery to reduce his size, but Scott was reluctant to go to such extreme measures. Instead, he turned to Herbalife products.

Having tried every potion and powder, Scott believed that Herbalife’s nutritional ShapeWorks program would bring the change he was looking for. And indeed it was. Scott's old cravings have subsided and now he craves healthier foods. Scott also improved his exercise routine and is now very active and very happy.*

How Scott Did It:

  • Drink the nutritional shakes, twice a day.
  • Eat six times a day to keep your metabolism up (in smaller portions).
  • Drank as much water as he could.
  • Try taking herbal enhancers for faster results (Total Control, Snack Defense, Cell Activator, etc.).
  • Follow the Herbalife Success Guide.

Before: 410
After: 200
210 pounds lost

Herbalife Success Guide

Scott and Julie's weight loss stories are great examples of why it is important to follow a weight loss program. They followed the Herbalife ShapeWorks program. You should not try to diet on your own. Without proper guidance and information you are just experimenting. Which usually results in yo-yo dieting, weight gain rebound and plenty of disappointment. Having the desire to lose weight is not enough to succeed.

Trying it on your own usually results in failure. Herbalife weight loss programs show you how to succeed!

Knowing and understanding how to reach your weight loss goals is much more important than any 'diet plan'. There are reasons that you gained all that weight in the first place. Herbalife teaches you how to recognize your personal needs and how to reach your weight loss goals. Now you can use the same guide that Scott and Julie and 26 million other successful Herbalife ShapeWorks users followed.

*The weight loss stories presented are applicable to the individuals and are not a guarantee nor are they typical.

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