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Step 1 become a Herbalife Distributor. Fill in the form below... Herbalife requires that you have a sponsor (mentor) to become a licensed distributor. We need to verify that you are qualified to be able to sponsor you into Herbalife. Don't worry your information is confidential and will not be shared with anyone else.

There is no obligation if you fill in this form. So, if you are only looking to inquire about the business opportunity fill in the comment section with your question.

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A HBLHerbs.com representative will contact you by email and phone for the express purpose of helping you qualify for the Herbalife Distributor business opportunity. Privacy policy

Write down these Herbalife Member application numbers (for future use)

They are needed on the Herbalife membership application!

  • 100715580 it is your sponsors Herbalife Member validation number. and second is, these 3 letters:

  • KOE are the first 3 letters of your sponsors last name.

Step 2: Click on this link below to fill in the online application. When done return to this page to begin your free training.

Herbalife Distributor Application
Online Member Application

You will need the Herbalife Member Kit to start your new business. Fill out the application then choose your starter kit with ShapeWorks weight loss products or with sample products. Choose your language English/Spanish.

Note: If you just ordered your member kit you do not need to do this again.

Hint: to see what's in the starter kit, click on the images.

Order the Herbalife Member Kit

Herbalife Member Kit contains everything you need to become an Herbalife distributor. Start your own home based business today.

Herbalife Member Kit

International Business Pack

Complete Product Details

The HMK includes Herbalife products (Formula 1 Nutritional Shake Mix 550g, Formula 2 Multivitamin Complex, Cell Activator®, Herbal Concentrate 50g, Liftoff and NouriFusion samples), a handy tote, an International Business Opportunity Manual, important product literature, applications, DVDs, and forms.

Our Price $##.##
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Mini Herbalife Member Kit

Mini Herblife Member Kit

Complete Product Details

The mini HMK of the start-up kit for new distributors includes the forms, applications and collateral you need including: Your First 72 Hours, Business Basics, Using & Retailing Your Products, Building Your Business and the Sales & Marketing Plan. It also includes a handy Herbalife tote and samples of a variety of Herbalife products. Plus DVDs.

Our Price $##.##
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Step 3: Go to the email address inbox that you entered in the form to get the instructions for your upcoming kickoff meeting. Then start your free training, read the following articles.

Who is Herbalife?

Herbal Nutrition is for Everyone!!Glad you asked. For over 29 years Herbalife Distributors have helped millions of people around the world lose weight and improve their health. Based on cutting edge science and the highest quality ingredients Herbalife products specialize in advanced herbal nutrition.

Herbalife products can only be purchased through an Independent Herbalife Member. This allows the average person to begin and develop their own small business tailored to their own lifestyle. You can work part time for extra money or create long term personal wealth.

Herbalife community is world wide, operating in over 74 countries around the world. Based in Los Angeles, California Herbalife International Inc. is publicly traded company listed on the NYSE as HLF. With revenue in excess of $3.2 billion annually Herbalife continues to be a leader in the health and wellness industry.

We have a lot to be proud of

Dr. Louis Ignarro - 1998 Nobel Prize Winner.

  • Nutrition and Science boards that includes renowned physicians and award winning scientists. One is a Nobel Prize winner for nutrition. And he continues to work in the health and wellness industry -- for Herbalife.
  • Premier nutritional, weight management and personal care products combine the best of nature and science. With a continuously growing product line Herbalife stays on top of new developments in nutrition, health and personal care.
  • Dr. David HeberOver 26 million weight loss customers in the U.S. alone,  Herbalife has earned it's reputation as the leader in weight loss nutrition industry.
  • Personalized nutrition programs that provide life solutions and address every life stage from kid's nutrition to healthy aging. Herbal nutrition solutions are for everyone, even those in perfect health can benefit.
  • Mark Hughes Cellular & Molecular Nutrition Laboratory (on the UCLA campus) advances the nutritional science field.
  • Testimonials from real people with great results. Here is one from a happy loser (weight loser that is).

Herbalife products have earned my loyalty for life!

These products have earned my loyalty for life.As a student living in a college dorm, I had a hard time finding the right foods and no problem finding junk food. My self-esteem hit an all-time low. I remember, when a boy I liked told me he wasn't interested because I was overweight, I knew it was time to lose weight.

"Now I know the importance of good nutrition."

I finally started to get it. I learned good eating habits, which really made my weight loss program easier. For example, even if I ran out of ShapeWorks products, I knew the right foods to eat and which ones to avoid.

Testimonial by: Raquel, Read full story.

Herbalife Member Home based Business Opportunity

Ultimate Wieght Loss Program

Herbalife - Mini Herbalife Member Kit (Starter Kit).Earn retail profit by helping other people get results with the Herbalife products. You also earn Royalties and Bonuses if you choose to build an organization of your own. This could be much better than finding a part time job. Fully explained in your Herbalife Member Kit. You will receive several training DVDs that explains the business plan in detail.

People helping people.We sell results not just products. To become successful you want to be passionate about Herbalife products and help people get results with them. To start your own weight loss program you get one month’s supply of products in your Herbalife Member Kit (a $121 value). Several DVDs showing you how to use the products, start your own business and how to duplicate your efforts.

Herbalife Success Guide.Build residual income as a Herbalife Supervisor possibly developing a large international business. In our team we use the latest state of the art online business building tools.

All the information you need to build your home based business will come inside your Herbalife Member Kit. Once you receive it take your time to go through all the information and then we start working together from there. I will able to answer your questions better if you have knowledge of the business ahead of time.

Get Started Today

Step 1: Fill in the contact form above to get started. Or if you have questions about this business opportunity. You will be taken to a new page containing access codes needed to apply for your business license. Write those numbers down for later use. They will be needed for step 2. Then come back to this page to continue. (details follow)

Step 2. Order your member kit or sign up online. When it arrives fill in the forms and mail them out immediately. You will get the necessary information to complete these forms on the "Become an Herbalife Member Thank You page." Or you can go directly to the online application and fill in your information there.

When your application is approved by Herbalife International you may begin selling product and building your own distributor team. If you are not approved you will have 30 days to return the Herbalife Member Kit for a full refund. No questions asked. The HMK must be unopened and complete.

Step 3: For you to get the best training it is advised that you read as much as you can before we contact you. Following the order form are some important articles about Herbalife and the online business opportunity. Please read these articles to help you decide if this is right for you. Okay let's get started. Fill in the Herbalife Member form

Customer Success Guide - Ebook explains nutrition concepts and theories behind the Herbalife weight loss programs. This is a must read especially if you want to lose weight.
Herbalife Training - Articles, forms and tips to grow your business.
First 72 Hours - How to jump start your new business in 5 easy steps.
Marketing Plan - How the business is structured top to bottom.

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