Energy and Fitness

Energy and Fitness Herbalife's products can help you handle anything that comes your way. Whether you are a serious athlete or a weekend warrior strength and stamina are key to success.

Build and keep muscle mass with nutritious ingredients that boost energy levels, fight fatigue, promote health & fitness and improve mental alertness.

Inside Herbalife Energy and Fitness

10.5 oz/ 20 Servings
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H3O - Fitness drink rehydrates your body fast.Herbalife H3O Energy and Fitness Drink is scientifically formulated to quickly restore fluids, quench thirst, deliver lasting energy and protect your body. Two great tasting flavors. Lemonade and Orangeade H3O Fitness Drink

Available for distribution and sale in United States of America only.

Herbal Concentrate - Green Tea Mix with select botanicals.

1.8oz / 3.5oz. Tea Mix
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Herbal Concentrate is a delicious low calorie tea mix that can be savored throughout the day for a natural energy lift. HC includes green tea, thermogenic and antioxidant properties.  Making it ideal as an energy booster. Enjoy as a tasty and healthy alternative to energy drinks. Herbal Tea Concentrate.

Available for distribution and sale in United States of America only.

New flavors Tropical Fruit Force and Lemon Cola Kick

Box of 10 or Box of 30
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box of 30 $50.10 Our Price $47.97

LiftOff Energy Drink, Fizz, Focus, Fuel Good. Effervescent Energy and Fitness Drink does more than fight fatigue - LiftOff will improve your mental alertness! LiftOff Energy Drink

The products are available for distribution and sale in United States of America only.

Herbalife N-R-G Natures Raw Gaurana

Instant Tea (60g) or 60 tablets
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N-R-G Natures Raw Guarana Make it through your busy day with a burst of energy from N-R-G. Infused with guarana an ancient, Amazonian seed with properties similar to caffeine N-R-G boosts your energy naturally, while helping improve mental alertness. Natures Raw Guarana

The products and descriptions shown on this page are available for distribution and sale in United States of America only.

*These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.

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Herbalife Fizz Bomb LiftOff Hydrate Athletes Energy Drink - Herbalife Fizz Bomb gets its name from the effervescent action during mixing. Combines Herbalife LiftOff and Herbalife24 Hydrate energy drinks.

Herbalife Fizz Bomb - LiftOff + H24 Hydrate

Herbalife Fizz Bomb Energy Drink

Athletes performance booster combines vitamins, electrolytes and herbs for long lasting energy production and mental acuity. Proper hydration and sports nutrition are essential to peak performance. Ideal for athletes in any sport at any level.

Herbalife Fizz Bomb Energy Drink, a sports nutrition beverage ideal for preparing for physical activity or sporting events. Simply mix one tablet of LiftOff and one packet of Herbalife24 Hydrate with 12 oz. water. Let the fizzing begin as the effervescent action of the tablet mixes the beverage for you. Enjoy an energy boost for five hours... Read Full Article

Herbalife24 Hydrate for Rapid Rehydration. Electrolytes and Vitamins Quench Thirst. - Herbalife24 Hydrate quenches thirst.Herbalife24 Hydrate for rapid reydration. Electrolytes and vitamins provide thirst quenching in a tasty Tangerine Citrus flavor.

Convenient on the go packaging for rapid rehydartion anywhere. Just add a stick pack to 16oz. of water and enjoy.

Replenish electrolytes and vitamins to recover from or prevent dehydration. Ideal athletes that want to maintain hydration. Part of the Herbalife24 Sports Nutrition line.

Get Ready, Get Set, Shovel Snow - Prepare to shovel snowHow to prepare to shovel snow. Woke up this morning to another 4" of the white stuff. It looks real pretty, except on my driveway and car. That'll be a lot of work to clear off. It will probably take me an hour to shovel it. So...I should get ready.

Keeping warm in the cold weather comes down to regulating your core body temperature. When you are nice and toasty all the fingers, toes, head and organs are happy. Keep everything at the right temperature and you won't have any problems. This means try not to sweat too much. Exercising in cold weather can be exillerating but can also be catastrophic if you lose control of your core body temp. You should always get set for exercising in cold weather.

New Category Mens Health - New Section Mens health. Get ready men. These products may be helpful in boosting energy, stamina and physical performance. At least thats what she said...

Male Factor 1000 - Male Factor 1000Men want the ability to maintain peak performance whether in the office, at home or while working out. Male Factor 1000® includes an exclusive blend of herbs and nutrients.

This proprietary blend of Swissoats A-111 with nettle, ginseng, calcium and vitamin C helps with men's endurance and can enhance physical performance.*†

Panax and eleuthero ginsengs help the body deal with stress, and promote vitality and stamina.

Is Water Enough to Rehydrate Yourself? - Here it is the long weekend and it's going to be a scorcher. Expected high temp here in Detroit is 92degF. Definitely hot enough to fry eggs on the sidewalk. And no rain in sight, so it is going to be really dry as well.

I suppose it goes without saying that you can get pretty dehydrated pretty fast in weather like this. If you go outside you will want to take with you (or have access to) lots of drinking water. But is that enough?

Energy Drink Fight Fatique - Exclusive energy blend of taurine, guarana, caffeine, Panax Ginseng and Ginkgo Biloba. Liftoff contains more than 100% of your daily supply of antioxidant Vitamin C and more than 100% of your Vitamins B6 and B12 for enhanced energy production.

Herbal Concentrate Small Green Tea Mix - Herbal Concentrate - Refreshing and exhilarating Green Tea MixHerbal Concentrate includes the health benefits of green tea and select herbs.

This delicious low-calorie tea-mix can be savored throughout the day for a natural energy lift. It includes the thermogenic and antioxidant properties of green tea, making it ideal as part of a nutritious weight-loss program.

Enjoy daily as a tasty and healthy alternative to coffee and sodas.

Herbalife Herbal Concentrate Packets Green Tea Mix Energy Booster for Weight Loss - Herbalife Herbal Concentrate Packets includes the health benefits, antioxidant and thermogenic properties of green tea and select herbs. An excellent weight loss tool because of its energy boosting properties.

Herbalife LiftOff Energy Drink Fights Fatigue Mental Performance - LiftOff a new kind of energy drink.LiftOff Energy Drink by Herbalife does more than fight fatigue, it gives your body a boost and focus for mental performance.

Exclusive energy blend of taurine, guarana, caffeine, Panax Ginseng and Ginkgo Biloba. Only LiftOff has beneficial levels of Ginseng and Ginko Biloba for improved mental performance

Liftoff contains more than 100% of your daily supply of antioxidant Vitamin C and more than 100% of your Vitamins B6 and B12 for enhanced energy production. Read Full Article

Herbalife Protein Drink Mix Low Carb Energy Drink with Muscle - Protein Drink MixHerbalife Protein Drink Mix a metabolism boosting beverage is loaded with vitamins, minerals and nutrient. High protein low carb energy drink is ideal mid-morning or mid-afternoon as a hunger busting snack. Ideal before and after workouts.

Enjoy as a high protein energy drink with a meal to supplement your daily intake of nutrients and protein. Read Full Article

Gain Weight Build Muscle Properly Why Protein is Important - Herbalife24 Prolong for use during exerciseSuccessfully Gain weight and build muscle. Find out why proper nutrition is important to body builders and atheletes.

If all the extra calories you may be consuming to gain weight just goes to your waist, you may be consuming the wrong foods. As one famous body builder says "feed the muscle, burn the fat". Read Full Article

Herbalife Protein Beverage Mix Energy Booster Satisfies Hunger - Protein Beverage Mix PacketsProtein Beverage Packets - A cool tangy protein packed, energy boosting sports drink. Instead of a soda get a natural lift from a delicious low carb beverage that will satisfy hunger.

Power-up your system with this delicious and nutritious low carb beverage mix. Bursting with fruit flavor, each serving includes 15 grams of protein and only 70 calories! Keep a packet with you, at work, at the gym, or anytime you’re on the go, to enjoy instant refreshment and help control hunger. Read Full Article

Green Tea Health Benefits and Weight Loss Facts - Green tea has a concentration of antioxidants that help prevent against cancer, promote weight loss and have many health benefits.

As an ancient Chinese herb Green Tea (GT) is used for many health issues. Most noted is GT's high antioxidant concentration. Which makes it ideal as a health inspiring herb. Read Full Article

Herbalife Natures Raw Guarana N-R-G Tea Energy Mental Alertness - Herbalife N-R-G Natures Raw GauranaHerbalife N-R-G Natures Raw Guarana gives you a burst of energy. Get a natural pick me up and increased mental alertness.

Delicious tea mix or 60 tablet bottle for a mid day pick me up that lasts for hours. Excellent for business people, athletes and keeping up with the kids.

Guarana is the main ingredient in many energy drinks on the market today. N-R-G is a cost effective and reliable alternative to high priced sports drinks. Read Full Article

Herbalife LiftOff Energy Drink Vitamins for a Body and Mind Boost - LiftOff Energy Drink Fizz, Focus, Fuel Good!Herbalife LiftOff energy drink - Fizz, focus, Fuel Good. Packed with vitamins and nutrients for improved energy and memory. A proprietary herbal blend that enhances mental performance and fights fatigue. Ideal for whenever your engine is running on empty. Try all four refreshing flavors, Ignite-Me Orange, Lemon-Lime Blast, Tropical Fruit Force or Lemon Cola Kick

More than 100% recommended daily value of vitamins B6, B12 and C. Clinically proven amounts of Panax Ginseng and Ginkgo biloba to support mental clarity. Read Full Article

H3O Fitness Drink Electrolytes Hydration Thirst Quencher - H3O Fitness drink rehydrate with electrolytesHerbalife H3O Fitness Drink quenches thirst and replaces lost electrolytes. The next generation of hydration, essential electrolytes and carbohydrates protects, energizes and hydrates the body.

Optimum hydration is important to physical performance. Electrolytes supply muscles with nutrients especially during physical activity. H3O delivers. Read Full Article

Herbalife Muscle Strength and Recovery Protein Drink Mix - Muscle Strength and Recovery protein drink mix by Herbalife is a performance enhancing formula with 30 grams of high quality soy, whey and egg white protein in each serving.

Herbalife Herbal Concentrate Tea Mix Green Tea Energy Booster - Herbal Concentrate Green tea mixHerbal Concentrate Green tea and select herbs by Herbalife has many health benefits and boosts energy in a delicious low calorie tea mix.

Key benefits include promote weight loss, boost energy, reduce the risk of heart attack, help prevent against cancer, protect your teeth and gums and offer relief from arthritis. Read Full Article

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